Mixed Mills messages.. and a surprise?

The Evening Post run with Billy’s comments around the difficulties in securing a deal for Doncaster Rovers defender Matthew Mills.  It’s clear they value their asset very highly – certainly higher than Forest are prepared to pay for his services.  However, it appears that it could be a smoke and mirrors kind of exercise from the wily Scot.

But then we have had a fairly confident statement from Vital Forest, who’ve been pretty good on the transfer rumour front this season, and now LTLF appear to have got wind of a press conference in around an hour’s time as I type – so not long to wait for news, I suppose, at least!  It is thought this relates to Matthew Mills, although LTLF add a scintillating additional snippet in their piece.

I’ve heard rumours from so many places this season, and can’t rightly remember where I first heard whispers of a high profile signing that will have more wow-factor than the others.  But I had heard it, and now it’s resurfaced, purportedly direct from the City Ground.  Whether that’s linked to the press conference or not is unclear – but well, it’s quite exciting nonetheless!

As ever, folks, keep your eyes on the news feeds this morning to see what – if anything – transpires!

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  1. Looks as if I’m not the only 1 to pick this news up today…

  2. Billy said a deal with mills would be far off!
    When are you going to get it into your heads that a deal wont happen and that forest are looking elsewhere!

  3. Hence the headline ‘mixed messages’ and comments about what Billy said.

    You seem very sure of yourself, which I never claimed I was, we’ll see in about half an hour I guess!

  4. Vital forest have lied so much about transfer going on in and around the city ground,First of all they came out with danny fox had signed for forest,and then we get all this ‘Forest land mills’And nothing come’s from it!
    Yeh these lot are really reliable

  5. Matt…they never said Fox had signed – they just said we were in for him which we were, but he chose Celtic. They announced we had got Mills, which may well be true yet – we’ll just have to wait and see. They’ve also called the other nine signings before they happened. How that translates to “lied so much” I’m not sure.

  6. Ho hum, no need to get your knickers in a twist! We’re looking good, we need a defender, we’ll probably get one, and maybe it’ll be Mills, maybe someone else? £5 on Dawson coming back, statement of intent 😉

  7. Dawson, Interesting. I’d love it if he did.

  8. http://www.forest.vitalfootball.co.uk/article.asp?a=162333

    Jonathan yes they did say we had more or less signed fox!

  9. LTLF suggest the surprise signing is a midfielder, what with him also being injured, kinda rules out Dawson.

    Matt – more or less doesn’t mean it’s happened. It was confirmed Forest were interested and were bidding, so what they said wasn’t at all inaccurate.

    And they have been accurate in matters excluding Fox too.

  10. It was literally a stab in the dark, but I say we start the rumours here and try and get it in the papers for tomorrow.

    Can you have too many offensive players? We’ve now got more (good) midfielders and strikers than I can remember in a very long time. Hmmm, 5p on Beckham? 😀

  11. Tina Beckham of St Ann’s????????

  12. quickly… is their a Press confrence taking place at the moment or not????

    It’s killing me…. (not literaly!!)

  13. have we all got nothing better to do (NO) than sit on web sites waiting for this bloody announcement which is late as usual
    somethings going on as Billy did not seem to appear until the second half last night

  14. Did read a couple of rumours about other players possibly coming in:

    Laryea Kingston – Ghanaian Int Midfielder from Hearts, do we need another attacker?

    Martin Albrechtson – CB from Sheep

    If the Albrechtson rumour is true, I’d be delighted, he is a classy International defender, and BD obviously know his abilities from his time there.

    Premiership International player coming to Forest? Absolutley no idea!
    The Mills one could run and run..

  15. beston red – the question still is unanswered is there or is there not a press conference?? & yes, when news like this breaks what do we do (for those who got access to a computer!!)

  16. Was BD not just sitting in the stands so he could get a better idea of how the players were shaping up as a team , leaving Ned to deal with on-pitch details until late in the game when he probably felt his touchside influence was needed to avoid letting the game slip away?

    Don’t know as wasn’t there, but seems more likely then him not being present at all for our second to last game before big kick off

  17. I heard that Billy was feeling a little squiffy. He’d flown out to LA Mon/Tues and hadn’t coped well with the airplane food and jetlag. He came out for the second half to put a brave face on things.

  18. da di da di da…. does anyone know if there is or is not a press confrence taking place right now….

  19. If he was in LA, then a logical assumption could be that he was there organising a transfer. Which if you coincide with the only PL teams playing in America at the moment leaves you with a player from either Chelsea or Everton.

    Everton can’t really spare anyone as usual, and having had a look at Chelsea, we’re never going to get anyone from their first team squad, so an International from their reserves can only mean possibly an U-21 such as Michael Woods? He is a midfielder!

    Sorry got a little too much time on my hands at the moment!

    Yiannaki – There is nowhere online stating a press conference is taking place, and Sky Sports News are hardly in a rush to get a live feed from the CG. We ain’t the Big 4 unfortunately, it seems that is all Murdoch is interested in

  20. It was meant to be a joke link to Beckham, you need to use the time on your hands a bit more cleverly. Good reserve-finding exercise though, I’m impressed.

  21. TimNE- I know what you’re saying I am appalled with myself! lol! Should have picked up on it though, damn my brain in the morning!

  22. So much for a press conference! 🙂

  23. nffc, pretty much agree, it 13.53 (11.53 UK time) & the official website has an article on the Dexter pull out @ the last min…

  24. Erm, is anyone any the wiser on this press conference – who said it was happening?! Could it be the English weather that is holding it up, or the start of the Third Ashes test???

  25. Oh hold on, what’s this — Chris Fairclough & Darren Robinson added to BD coaching team.

  26. Official site btw

  27. Billy says Chris Fairclough is a wonderfull human being, is that so?

    Don’t like to be picky but didn’t he break his leg (or something) whilst with us, spent all season recovering at our expense then put in a transfer request and buggered off to Spurs without playing for us again
    I must be getting ‘narky’ about so called signings and press conferences

  28. News out at Teamtalk (Donny website)… what are Vital Forest playing at…!


  29. That’s just a re-hash of the quotes Billy gave to the Evening Post yesterday at the kit launch.

    We shall see. I can only imagine the player is well and truly unsettled now…

  30. Stoke highlights!WATCH IN HQ! Since forest world has clamped down on the nifty download button iv had to start screen recording! Better than nothing though!

  31. Awesome Matt, thanks!

    Well Kitson clearly wasn’t offside – not too sure about Tyson from that angle, it was a close one though.

  32. Matt – Can you view the movie in Firefox? If so, right click on the web page, choose Page Info, select Media tab, find the .swf file and click Save As…


  33. radgie i love you!
    You see i make forest video’s because i am currently doing media at collage and it goes a long way towards coursework!

  34. nffc – 33 comments to this article – have you thought about taking over from the official website?

  35. I would love to!

  36. And then you could really keep us up-to-date on all the “comings and goings”!

  37. College work made from copyrighted material Matt…?

    Anyone seen this? http://www.nottinghamforest.co.uk/page/ProfilesDetail/0,,10308~30603,00.html

    Been there a while apparently. Thoughts?

  38. Holy shit, this has too!

    http://www.nottinghamforest.co.uk/page/ProfilesDetail/0,,10308~7870,00.html 😉

    It’s a well known flaw with the PremiumTV websites, sadly!

  39. Back to the topic in hand, all the sites are jumping on BD’s words and making it sound like the Mills deal is all but over. I have to disagree NFFC, I’m not over keen on Vital Forest’s confidence in giving breaking news before it’s even broken. They were wrong about Fox (suggesting a deal was basically done), Elliot Ward never materialised, Whitbred still has yet to be determined. Yes, they got the McKenna, Majewski, Blackstock and Adebola stories correct (though I think my 3 yr old nephew could have called those) but they didn’t predict Gunter would be made permanent. Personally the rumour-mongering can pass me by. When a player has the Garibaldi in his hands on the front page of the Official Site, then I’m happy. It’s a pity, I think Donny want to much and Billy is doing right by not paying over the odds for a player who has had a few good seasons but still a little too young and inexperienced to tell whether he is England material (hyperbole for effect). Lets see what BD does (not badly at all so far this summer) and worry about the defence come 31st of August.

  40. I fully applaud vital forest for the excitement they have generated today. They’re a football fansite, not the bbc world service.

  41. No they would be predicting a war in Iran tomorrow if they were

  42. Seen all the message boards today and nothing for sure will happen this week.
    The greedy Donny Chairman will cave in or we will find someone on the street who will be better than Chambers who agin last night looked poor
    I was also worried last night watching a good defender like Gunter who we paid good money for not able to take throwings properly!
    I wish that when I was younger that I could get away with taking such crap throwings!
    All watch him on Saturday and hope BD gets his coaches to work on his basics
    Surely he cannot get away with verging on foul throws all the time!
    Not being picky but he will need to improve

  43. I can´t even access the website now as after sign in there is nowhere to go so I appreciate any video clips and notices of any matches on the internet.
    You tube say I need Internet explorer8 and The Forest site say 8 doesn´t work and I should have 7 . I want you tube and Forest commentaries so I hope I can get it sorted.
    Doncaster´s assistant manager has been in Europe looking at a centre half so lets see !!!!

  44. Try Opera. It’s free, works and has more features than IE8.

  45. Thanks for that. Opera is one of the ones recommended by the Forest support team but I had never heard of them.. Let´s see !!!!

  46. Dr_Horse, You are a Star !!!! I installed opera and now have access the the Forest site… THANKS Alan

  47. Firefox should also work Alan, though you’ve got Opera which is also very good. As for the stories about Mills and the tenuous links to Mills and Ameobi on the official website, a load of crap. I actually wrote to Forest and they very kindly responded saying the links are wrong, just as you said NFFC. Also LTLF have taken back their statement about Mills. So if we sign Mills or a mystery international it won’t be through rumour-mongering. Dr_Horse, I agree, Vitals comments have made it more exciting, but unless we employ the Brazilian approach “We will always score more than you” which I very much doubt will work, a central defender is a must, and these nerves cannot handle any suggestions unless grounded in fact. Uuuu rreeeddssss!!!!

  48. Pachuca Red, from the friendlies it seems like your right but I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but Camp has not kept a clean sheet yet in any of the friendlies he’s played 90mins… It can’t always be the defences fault can it?

  49. Indeed, Yiannaki, a good keep makes a big difference but from the highlights I have seen from the games over the preseason, Camp cannot really be faulted for any of them. The Burton goal was a good strike. The goals against County were exactly his fault either. The finishing from the County strikers was quite impressive but the slip gave the first one away and the second was a lack of defending. The Stoke goal was just a good finish, albeit it came from some play were the Forest defence failed to make their respective players properly. While Chambers, Morgan and co are holding themselves up well, a better central defender will only increase competition and you would hope, Chambers, Morgan and Wilson will get better as a result. Camp is no earth shatterer but he is very good for this league and from my perspective is doing alright keeping Smith out the team.

  50. “Camp is no eath shatterer” Pachuca Red??
    The way most Forest fans have built him up over the last few months he needs to rival Van de Sar and Buffon!! If and when he has a sticky spell I wonder how our notoriously fickle fans will react…?
    But he is definitely a more confident keeper than Smith, and certainly coming off his line will instill confidence in the defenders, too. Poor Smudge needed a better coach than he had, and maybe more support from our fans.

    Anyways, nice way to finish the pre-season off, now lets get down to getting a solid start and making the City Ground a tough place for the opposition to come to.

  51. I agree with you mattyboy. I think Camp is class, indeed I was as happy as everyone else that we have the makings of a new Mark Crossley, not only is he better and much more up for it than Smudge has been (appearances can be deceptive, I don’t doubt for a minute that Smudge hasn’t tried with all his heart), but Camp is giving Smith some quality competition which seems to help his game. Remember the end of last season, the best I have seen him in a Forest shirt. And I agree all the more with your take on the fickleness of football fans. One minute a player can be a hero, the next he’s the son of the devil. My previous comments were only in response to Yiannaki who blamed Campo for letting in goals over the preseason. I was merely saying that the defense was generally at fault, Camp did what he could, which leads me to say again, that I think Forest need a central defender, that’s all. Long may we see Camp guarding the net at the CG. As for Van der Saar (a load of shit) and Buffon, he’s probably better than both of them. But you have to wonder why he is playing at Forest, not Man U or Juventus (lets be a realistic).

  52. Pachuca – you understood wrong my post. I didn’t imply that Camp is an inapt keeper but like I asked before, how many 90min friendly clean sheets has been kept by him. None is the answer, yes, the defenders are in front of him but again, all you point out is it’s the defences fault. Well, the last line of defence is whom? 98.5% of the time it’s the goalie. If the defenders in front of him keep making mistakes then the goalie (it doesn’t matter who he is) should be alert (because of the inability & he should know his players in front of hinm) to avoid the goal. I haven’t seen any of the friendlies or highlights but for those who keep building up Camp, be ready for the fall when it comes….

    The real deal begins on Saturday….

    Top 10 finish for me & nothing less…

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