Mixed Mills messages.. and a surprise?

The Evening Post run with Billy’s comments around the difficulties in securing a deal for Doncaster Rovers defender Matthew Mills.  It’s clear they value their asset very highly – certainly higher than Forest are prepared to pay for his services.  However, it appears that it could be a smoke and mirrors kind of exercise from the wily Scot.

But then we have had a fairly confident statement from Vital Forest, who’ve been pretty good on the transfer rumour front this season, and now LTLF appear to have got wind of a press conference in around an hour’s time as I type – so not long to wait for news, I suppose, at least!  It is thought this relates to Matthew Mills, although LTLF add a scintillating additional snippet in their piece.

I’ve heard rumours from so many places this season, and can’t rightly remember where I first heard whispers of a high profile signing that will have more wow-factor than the others.  But I had heard it, and now it’s resurfaced, purportedly direct from the City Ground.  Whether that’s linked to the press conference or not is unclear – but well, it’s quite exciting nonetheless!

As ever, folks, keep your eyes on the news feeds this morning to see what – if anything – transpires!