Reds earn friendly draw with Stoke..

Billy with tonight's goalscorer

Nottingham Forest – 1
Stoke City – 1

A good workout and a promising performance from the Reds against the Potters on a horrible evening which, at least, saw me acquire a new coat since I arrived at Trentside woefully ill-prepared for the weather!

Forest lined up in this kind of arrangement:

Gunter   Morgan   Chambers   Lynch
Garner   McKenna   Majewski   Davies
McGoldrick   Tyson

The first half in particular was really good from the Reds – again Majewski stood out in an impressive performance.  Garner, oddly deployed on the wing, had a decent game too – although he looks perpetually grumpy!  The two of them combined for Garner to loft a cracking cross over to Tyson on the back stick who finished emphatically, sadly he was adjudged offside.

Stoke had a cracking strike from range via Whelan, although it wasn’t a particularly difficult save for Camp.  Ex-Mansfield and Sunderland winger Liam Lawrence was close to opening the scoring, but instead struck the crossbar.  Shortly after this Forest were able to break the deadlock giving David McGoldrick a goal on his City Ground debut.

It was that man Majewski again who played an absolutely superb chipped ball over the defence – although it was by no means a simple chance for McGoldrick, who did well to get infront of his defender and delicately cushion a header beyond Sorensen in the Stoke City goal to give the Reds a deserved lead.  There was a late chance for Stoke in the first half, but Camp was on hand to make the save.

The second half saw McGugan replacing McKenna, and immediately Stoke looking a bit more lively than they had in the first half.  Indeed, they scored shortly after the second half commenced after Beattie sent Kitson clear to finish deftly past Camp.  It looked offside to me, but from a poor vantage point – it is undeniably possible that it was just rubbish defending!

Moments later Etherington rattled the crossbar with Camp well beaten, but then Forest started playing again.  Lynch, who’d had a few moments of discomfort in the first half, burst into the area through a couple of Stoke players which made me mindful of a Pearce burst (don’t misread me – I mean that incident, I’m not yet ready to declare Lynch the new Psycho!), his eventual shot blocked well by Cort.

More substitutions and the increasingly grim weather disrupted the game.  A cracking ball in from Lewis was headed goalward by a Stoke defender with Tyson making a nuisance of himself on the back post, a left footed Gunter strike after more good work from Majewski curled just wide of the post.  Stoke applied some late pressure but the last chance fell to Forest on a quick break, Tyson looked to have finished well but Sorensen just stuck his leg out which managed to put the shot over for a corner.

A good run out, some moments of really nice football – good to see, certainly more reassuring than the preseason games I’ve witnessed so far at Rotherham and Notts County.  It’s also always rather nice to reacquaint ourselves with the sacred City Ground – now proudly sporting a Victor Chandler Corner.  I was hoping for something a bit more imaginative, but still.  Looking forward to saturday now!

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  1. A 140-mile round trip to see the game and as ever, you’ve summed it up pretty well nffc. In fact, how do you remember all the details?

    In addition to your comments, I thought it was good to see Arron Davies, sporting a new “no hair” cut”, getting an outing and he did pretty well! Overall a competent performance although the defence definitely needs some additions.

    As Billy didn’t appear to arrive until about 15 mins to go, I assume that he was out finalising the signings of a new CB partnership.

    Can’t make Brum, so next game Reading away, when it really counts – hopefully in the sunshine?

  2. I do tend to cross-reference the official site match report, as well as read back old tweets during the game.

    One thing I missed was Earnie’s sneaky running-behind-the-goal when we had a corner to get a short corner in without being tracked by a defender … then getting in trouble with the referee for it 🙂

    Strong rumours Mills will be announced tomorrow, that said, there were strong rumours he’d be announced yesterday or today as well!

  3. One thing which seemed very clear was that they all looked much leaner and fitter. Good to think also that with this squad we will have a much stronger bench.

    Thought Dele’s late appearance also gave a “view of the future” as his ability to hold the ball and the ‘flick-on’ header for Earnie gave SCFC a number of problems. Overall, very satisfied.

    Also agree with your comments about the Victor Chandler sponsorship boards – didn’t realise that my season ticket renewal gets me into the “Victor Chandler Corner!”

    By the way, did you see ND in that dark-orange checked jacket viewing his investments from the Director’s box? Even if I had all his money I wouldn’t wear that – perhaps it was the first side bet with Victor?

  4. Ha! I didn’t spot him, no.

    He was wearing a really dodgy tweed jacket on the photos of him with Earnie too, so maybe he just has one of those eccentric rich-person penchants for shit clothes? (that probably cost a fortune!)

  5. Having just returned from hols it’s a bit late to say ‘thank you NFFC’ for continuing your excellent blogs again for the coming season.
    Your match reports, comments and news items are still the ones of choice for me.

    Right, sycophancy over – now back to work.

  6. great read as ever – it now appears that billy may have shifted his attention away from matt mills because of donny’s high valuation and there stubborness to move away from it,with time running out i think this a good move on forest’s also turns out donny are planning a move for billy sharp and that needs funding so is the canny little scot playing around with situation,trying to force there hand ???? i hope so. nffc dont you think garner always looks grumpy ? neil warnock commented that garner could start a fight in an empty phonebox !

  7. Couldn’t make the game myself, but a lad from work went and this is his take on things…
    McKenna, class act.
    Majewski, class act.
    So that’s the centre-midfield sorted! The only concerns he had were a shocking performance fron Chambers and he also thought Lewis looked poor when he came on, but maybe thats because they played particularly well in the first half?

    Garner and Gunter down the right together, now there’s a nasty pairing!!

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