Are the Reds still playing catch-up? I think so.

ned_billyBilly Davies’ latest words in the press have had me pondering a bit.  Much like many Forest fans I know or have read comments from, I’ve been somewhat blown away by the quantity and potential of the signings we’ve secured so far.  It would be a downright lie to say I haven’t gotten really rather excited at times, p’raps not as much as some have – but then I am a grumpy sod.

Generally I then regain some semblance of reality, and modify my expectations to be a bit less ambitious.  Not that my expectations really matter!  However, I think Billy raises a good point – I’ve seen talk of playoffs, Victor Chandler of course enhanced that by offering free season tickets should we win the league – hell, I opened an account and placed a bet on the said same event for a double-bonus should it happen!

But Billy’s right, I think.  Last season we went into the Championship criminally ill-prepared, our squad was not only below the standard required in terms of quality, we didn’t have sufficient quantity when the injuries and suspensions started to bite.  By adding the loanees brought in to steady the ship as well as adding the likes of McKenna, Rajewski et al has – potentially – caught us up.

Of course, it’s in Billy’s interests to manage our expectations – should the season not start in rip-roaring fashion he will be only too well aware of how fickle we are, but I don’t think this is just an arse-covering exercise.  Given that he still wants to add to the squad – clearly a left back is on the agenda with a move for Fox, with supposed links with Mattock, and with a bit fat vacancy at squad number three.

I’ve often said – to some reasoned criticism – that I’d be delighted with a safe mid-table finish.  Of course, I wouldn’t want Billy to be saying things like that, though.  Watching some of our shortcomings in finishing off chances against Notts County was a useful reminder that there’s work still to do.  Unfortunately I can’t make the Stoke friendly, but hope to see the side sharpened up against Birmingham on Saturday.

Hopefully with those one or two signings Davies has been hinting at!