Sponsorless shirts to be available..

Forest have confirmed what most of us probably realised already – namely we will be able to attain the new home kit without the sponsors logo on it.  A couple of factors have undoubtedly conspired to make this happen – the main one being the nature of business our sponsors operate in.

Gambling companies aren’t allowed to have their logo on kids shirts, and obviously because gambling is forbidden by religions active in the UK it means that adult kits have to be available without the logo on.  The late nature of Forest’s negotiations with Victor Chandler will also have meant they probably had the kits produced without a logo in place too.

So now, should you want a kit with a logo you must buy it from the club shop to have it affixed at the time of purchase.  If this operates like the number/name technology then that would be a worry as it would be peeling off within a matter of months.  It also begs the question why Forest didn’t make their kit available sooner – given that presumably they’ve had the shirts awaiting the sponsorship news.

Personally I’m pleased as I like the idea of having a shirt without a sponsor on it – and that’s not down to any particular objection with our new sponsors, I just like having the option – back when I was a lad I remember the kids at school actually paying to have Home Ales or Shipstones printed on their shirts because they came sponsorless by default!

The shirt is due to be unveiled on Wednesday 29th July, and will be available to preorder from then – finally going on sale on 7th August.

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  1. Hmm, it does sound like you can get kits, with the logo on, in external shops though. These might be a little more ‘robust’? I hope so, I’m not planning on having to get a batch of shirts at once to last me ’til I next purchase a Forest shirt.

  2. I read it the other way – that the only way to get a logoed shirt was to get it done at the City Ground…

  3. I’m confused. I thought the no logo situtation only applied to the kids shirts… but it can be added if specifically requested at the time of purchase at the club shop.

  4. Adults too, I imagine the delay in sorting out the sponsorship lead to production of no sponsored kits.

    However, I think because of the nature of Victor Chandler’s business and some religious persuasions, there has to be an option to have an adult kit without a sponsor.

    But yes – Forest will apply the sponsor logo at no charge should you prefer that. But they won’t apply the logo to a shirt purchased elsewhere (or indeed, at the City Ground on a different occasion).

  5. So, in theory if we had a player who was 17 playing in the first team, he would have to wear a shirt without the logo on it?

  6. I imagine most 17 year oldsters wear adult sized clothes 🙂

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