Is this the new Forest kit?

Having had a busy day I’ve been catching up on Internet rumours, and came up with this little gem courtesy of the LTLF Forum.  Certainly it looks consistent with the sneak previews we’ve seen on the official Forest website – the circled logo, the white bits near the neck/shoulders – of course, it’s not long to wait ’til we can confirm whether or not it proves to be accurate!

A computer representation has some margin for error, but if it’s not radically different to that then I quite like it!  that said, I’m still trying to work out who the player is supposed to be – which may or may not bode well!  The Victor Chandler logo looks quite classy on there, too.

On a related note, keep an eye over on LTLF tomorrow as they’re going to have a well-placed snapper on hand to upload pictures of the new kit upon launch tomorrow.

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  1. Has anyone else had a problem signing in to the official site ? Sign up button works,sign in button doesn´t .

  2. i think it looks like a neanderthol theo walcott !

  3. what about the away strip ? that is older than the home strip.

  4. away shirt is revealed on the 29th of august i (somewhere around that time)

  5. There is a Capital one advert in the background and the player appears to have a premier league badge on his arm.

    This cannot be too official.

  6. cheers Josh

  7. From what I’ve seen of other teams 09/10 Umbro kits, link below, it looks as though it’ll be just plain red, with white trim around collar and at the shoulder seam.!_Definitive_2009-2010_replica_shirt_gallery.aspx

  8. Sorry that link seems to break when posted

  9. Anyone notice the Premiership Badge on the left arm too?

  10. That’s obviously in preparation for next season! 😉

  11. Looks like a cross between Gary Charles and Van Hooijdonk!

  12. As much as it was probably made by a pie or a sheep shagger, this is still mildly amusing

  13. oh god not that old chestnut. That video was used as an xbox-live joke with different subtitles….something about hitler being upset cos his xbox live connection was’nt working so world domination wouldnt be possible. This was about 5 years ago. All they’ve done is changed the subtitles. Seeing as though I saw the original joke 5 years ago, the humour is lost on me this time round.

    Its not very original but hey, some poor forest obssessed sap needed to feed his obssession, so who am I to stand in his (un-original) way.

  14. Wow, pretty much spot on with that shirt!

  15. […] this our new away kit? Posted on 5 August, 2009 by nffc Well, one source gave us a pretty good view of the home shirt before release – I’m hoping a different source (thanks for the email, […]

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