‘Sir’ Lee Hughes day is born..

Sir Lee Hughes celebrates what turned out to be the winning goal

'Sir' Lee Hughes celebrates what turned out to be the winning goal

Notts County – 2
Nottingham Forest – 1

Probably the most interesting bit of the afternoon would’ve been the chance to see Sven unveiled to the crowd, unfortunately like many Forest fans I was stuck queuing outside as the Notts County turnstile operatives had a nervous breakdown at actually dealing with more than one person every half an hour.  The kick off was delayed after Forest fans continued to pour into the Jimmy Sirrell stand with no seats remaining – ending up in the Family stand to the left.

With the laughably cringeworthy ‘Two Pies on a shirt’ playing on the tannoy, it became apparent that despite the dawning of a new era at Meadow Lane, Notts fans are still rather more obsessed with us – and their victory today will I’m sure endure long in their memories, much like their last victory over us on their own turf – with the same scoreline – has over the years.  For us it’s perhaps a useful reminder that despite good signings, there’s still work for us to do!

Forest lined up thusly:

Gunter Morgan Wilson Lynch
McGugan McKenna Rajewski Tyson
Adebola Earnshaw

Certainly no B team line-up, this.  The Notts team included former-Reds John Thompson and Craig Westcarr, and loanee-from-Forest Brendan Moloney.

The game was pretty rubbish from both teams, with both sides having occasional good moments permeating mostly fairly lacklustre play – Billy Davies described games like this as an opportunity to drive fitness, but to be honest, only County really looked to be busting a gut to make any headway.  Majewski was impressive in midfield but often looks a few seconds ahead of his colleagues.

Lee Hughes had netted for Notts but was very offside (and knew it well before lobbing into the goal), and later some good play between Rajewski and Adebola set up Earnie with a cracking chance which Hoult did well to save from around 12 yards – would really expect Earnie to have made it more difficult though.  Shortly after Earnie successfully charged down Hoult, the ball broke for McGugan whose shot from the edge of the area was over.

Half time saw Wilson withdrawn for Chambers, due to injury, and immediately in the second half Notts were on the offensive.  ‘Mini-me’ Luke Rodgers did well to escape the attentions of Joel Lynch and beating Lee Camp with a low drive – only to hit the post – and the Reds were able to clear it.  It was a clear warning that Forest didn’t heed though.

Wes missed (not the first of the game, either) a header, Chambers fell over for no apparent reason, allowing Rodgers to stroll clear and stroke the ball expertly into the far corner with Lee Camp not exactly quick off his line to close the angle.  One nil and life was breathed into the half empty home sections.  It must have felt like Christmas come early for them only a few moments later..

Poor defending allowed Craig Westcarr (yes, him!) to get down the right and whip in an excellent cross, Lee Hughes beat Chris Gunter in the air inside the six yard box to head it past Lee Camp to give the home side a 2-0 lead.  Certainly it was the kind of cross I regularly heard Paul Smith lambasted for not claiming by some of our fans – that said, I don’t think the ‘keeper should have come for it – I do think Chambers or Morgan should have been marking the dangerous Hughes, though.

Forest chucked on McGoldrick, Blackstock, Anderson and Mitchell for the injured Chambers – and looked, as you’d expect, fairly disjointed from there on in.  Dexter had a chance but made it easy for the ‘keeper, McGugan eventually got Forest’s consolation with an accomplished drive from range – admittedly the ‘keeper should’ve kept it out, though!

Another chance fell to Blackstock who went for goal rather than putting the ball in to the back post where McGoldrick and Anderson would’ve had a tap-in.  The sense of urgency was never really there from Forest though, and with Notts resorting to time-wasting (in a friendly!) it never really looked like it was going to be our day.

So Sven’s era at Notts starts with possibly the result most County fans dream of most, and the controversiality of Lee Hughes has had a significant PR boost by snagging the winning goal, no doubt!  I thought Notts’ goals were very well taken, but as a result of poor defending – so I hoping that Billy has been reminded sharply that we do need a leader in the centre of our defence, as I don’t think we have one currently.

Well done to Notts though, they took their chances well when they came – certainly Rodgers and Hughes will bag plenty of goals for them in League Two.  I’ll tell you who played bloody well for them too, Brendan Moloney.  He kept Tys very quiet all game and was very accomplished at right back.  A good result for them, a poor performance from us, but it’s not quite as worrying as it might be.  It will certainly remind Billy – and the players – that they still have plenty of work to do this preseason.

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  1. Every dog has his day and today belonged to the Sadpies. We did stroll without a doubt but credit to Notts who took both their goals really well.

    Positives for us were “Raddy” and McKenna who both looked the part in the middle of the park for us. Lewis looked sharp but still needs to work on when to release the ball.

  2. To be fair to luke chambers the grass was poorly watered at half time!”

  3. Wasn’t able to get to the game so can’t possibly comment on the display, but thanks NFFC for the great twitter updates.
    Delighted Maloney had a good game, personally think he is a classy natural full back. Regardless of the revolution down at meadow lane I hope he gets the games he needs in the next 6 months and comes back to challenge for our first team, as he is good enough.
    The need for an imposing and intelligent CB is never more apparent by the sounds of it. For all our signings, some of which have been fantastic, we are still going into the new season with pretty much the same defence that had the 7th worst conceded record in the division . Camp pulled off some heroics at points last season but you do have to wonder why he has never been the number one at any club he’s ever been at, and is he honestly better than Smith? I don’t think so.
    It is only pre-season though so certainly no need for panic, and County, considering all that’s happened with them in last week, were always going to want this more.
    Anybody think the team put out at start is Billys idea of his best eleven?
    NFFC or anyone there, how was our actual approach play like today?

  4. I don’t think I like the idea of a murderer being known as ‘sir’.

  5. I didn´t know killer hughes had signed for notts. Majewski sounds like a good signing. A good kick up the backside before the serious stuff starts.
    Billy said we will improve as the season progresses and I´m sure we will.

  6. I couldn’t get to the game either, for obvious reasons though i listened to the game on the official website. Every time Majewski got the ball, Frasier said it was an excellent first touch. He sounds like a class act and at just 21 could well go on to do great things, which is a bit of a shame as one of the greedy bastards in the Premiership who like to buy any potential player will come knocking eventually. The central defence is still in need of tightening up. And though it’s still early, with Stoke and Brum up next, I would have hoped that the team are now starting to take performances seriously as the season is just 2 weeks away. I would have liked to hear about a more convincingly display. For all County’s money and the Sven factor, we still should be able to tank them.

  7. I went to the game yesterday in anticipation of seeing a different Forest side to last, however it didn’t seem any different to me from the last few seasons. I know it was only a freindly but the season starts in two weeks so this is the time we should be starting to gel.

    The positives I saw was the polish lad who looks a decent buy from the few touches he had, Adebola had a few neat touches but apart from that we didn’t seem to have no rythem.

    Tyson is not a left winger, play him down the middle and use the pace that he’s got, Brendan had him in his pocket all afternoon which is a bit of a worry. We miss Cohen badly, where is he by the way?

    As per previous posts and your report for yesterday, I agree we are missing a centre half and left back, I am sorry but why on earth we got Bett Lynch back is a mystery to me. Hopefully Bennett will be back sooner rather than later.

    It is a shame we have spent all this money on attacking options when clearly the defence is our weak point.

    Anyhow, I am sure we will see a different Forest over the next few weeks, lets all hope the attacking signings we have made are backed up with some decent defenders, Gunter, Morgan and Camp are fine, we just need a lb and CB.

    Anyway lets hope by the next time we play county, we are a premier league club and Notts have sorted out the shambolic ticketing system that they have in place.

  8. We know Perch is injured but where is Cohen, Moussi, Garner and McLeary?

    BD sure is going to have problems keeping all his players ivolved this season.

  9. Also injured.

    Cohen picked up a knock in Portugal (I think), Moussi picked one up at Rotherham, McCleary and Garner have been carying knocks for a couple of weeks now.

  10. Forgive me if im wrong but was Billy Davis mouthing off last week about how you were going to challange for the Premier League this season? What a joke! your not even the best team in your city!!!!! Always S*@t on the red side of the Trent. Well done county.

  11. Yes, it’s true, preseason results definitely reflect true standings.

    We are worse than Notts but better than Sporting Lisbon.

    Orient are LOADS better than Newcastle.

    You’ll have to remind me of your preseason results, my good sheep.

    PS: I don’t think Billy ever said that, did he? 🙂

  12. No County fans on here but one sad Derby Twot. Says it all really. You worry about your own team youth.

  13. I think yesterday’s result was perhaps the “dose of reality” we all needed & will help dampen some of our expectation, as time will be needed for our team to gel. Let the Pies have their day as this will only help inflate their expectations, that will certainly be brought down to earth when they travel away from home to play sides desperate to “rain on Sven’s parade”!! Couldn’t bring myself to go as I struggle to accept the vitriol that our neighbours pour on us when really they should save this for those who reside outside our city walls i.e. Chesterfield etc.
    Anyway glad to hear Maloney played well & I must admit I’ve been really suprised by his lack of progress in our first team as I’ve been very impressed by him ever since I saw him v Derby away a couple of years ago in a friendly. Agree with NFFC; centre-back crucial as Chambers always likely to make @ least one error per start & we can’t afford that. Anyway onwards & upwards!!

  14. Sheep jealous sheep!

    Bless erm!

  15. I don’t really see where he was going with that, considering they lost to Chesterfield by the same scoreline.

  16. Wrong site sheepshagger,you have been wrong all your sad life,it started when your parents forced you into that black and white shirt(child abuse me thinks)and things have been shit for you till the present day.I feel a bit of envy is now creeping into your life,things on the red side of the Trent are on the way up after a short break,if its getting to much i hear there is a clinic in Switzerland you can go to,one way of course………….

  17. Forest and their fans need to wake up. Whats all this talk about Premiership? Its a joke, there is no way on earth Forest will be playing Premiership football within the next 5 years never mind next season. Absolute joke, you lot make me p*ss….

  18. Mansfield Yes they did, but the previous week our gaffer wasnt bosting about our credentials and touting us as potential candidates for the Premiership. Gary Charles, Kris commins and Nigel Clough cant all be wrong, why dont you lot cross the river to the prommised land, oh hang on theres no room in the ground, its sold out again.

  19. Gary Charles,remember the great own goal at the BBG,he turned to drink just after,who is Kris commins.

  20. The only reason your ground sells out fairly often nowadays is because of the sheer amount of plastic supporters you have as your fanbase. In the 2006-2007 season at the first game we were both the same in terms of attendance, both 19,000. We were also in the lower division.

    The next season after securing promotion to the Premier League, you managed to rack up 33,000 fans for your first match. That means you picked up between 10 and 13,000 supporters because you simply did well.

    Give it time, they’ll all crawl back into the woodwork when it dawns on them what a hopeless club yours is. Afterall, you are still labelled the worst team in history.

    Perhaps that is why you lurk on a Forest website? You are more pathetic than a Notts County fan.

  21. Hmm. Kris Commons, finished a point against his old club last season. Gary Charles, woke up one day in a car covered in his own piss and shit. Nigel Clough, it remains to be seen.

    But I wouldn’t say there’s much evidence of the grass being any greener, would you, Sheepie Boy?

  22. Cant wait to play you sheep boy we had kids in the team in the FA cup game and in the leage.Bring it on your gonna get a fright this time cos preseason means diddly its fitness and sharpness training ( but what would you know you clueless Ram Rod.

    U reds

  23. I was there on Saturday and cannot belive the council allow them to let in more than the 3 thousand they normally get.

    Surely the ground safety commitee will want to know why County could not work out that if x amount of tickets were sold they could only allow y amount of cash paying fans in!!
    As thousands of forest fans poured in with no where to sit and visible panicky stewards ran around like headless chickens my mind went back to Hillsborough.
    The answer was to move Forest fans into the Family stand(?)
    Can you imagine that happening at the City Ground if we were playing D*r*y !!

    To the match. One of my fears was although we have made some excellant aquisitions up front and in midfield we still need to strengthen the defence with at least one commanding centre back.
    Hopefully Billy has one last card up his sleeve.
    I thought Mckenna, Adebola(ps best chant for his name is to the tune ‘do the conga’)and the Rajewski looked good.

    The fact that County think it was such an important game shows that they know we are the biggest club in the East Midlands let alone Nottingham.

    Headline from a Notts site ‘Forest put in thier place’ – that would be filling two sides of thier ground completely and looking over at the vast expanse of empty seats in the home sections!!

    Latest news – Sven’s decided to give up smoking as he discovered on Saturday he’d have too far to walk to get a light!!

  24. The arrogance of Florist fans is beyond belief…Do you really think that beating a very average second division club who only just avoided relegation last season is our pinnacle? I would rather take a victory against Bradford on August 8th than beat once famous but not anymore Forest..Did you notice that the press did not even care who Notts County were playing on Saturday? No one is interested outside of the council estates of Nottingham…And could you all stop talking about promotion, you will be playing us in the League come 2010/2011 season.

  25. Aww, but still you read our sites in desperation 😉

    1. Just re-read, not once did I mention promotion – although you imply two on the bounce for the Pies. Who’s being arrogant?

    2. I dud read around the reports and I noticed that all of them made significant reference to your opponents. Match reports tend to, y’see.

    3. Good luck next season. I don’t really have any issue with Notts having financial security finally, I like to see them do well.

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