Season long loan of Majewski confirmed..

It’s been talked about for a while, was all but confirmed yesterday – but is now official, Polish international Radoslaw Majewski will be on loan at Forest for the duration of the 2009/2010 season.  Indeed, his career as a Forest player started this evening, where he scored within two minutes against Rushden and Diamonds!

The 22 year old is widely regarded as one of Poland’s rising stars, which has earned him five caps for the Polish national team.  Billy commented that we’ve been watching his progress for some time, and confirmed the convenient way to refer to him is Raddy which will come in handy for those of you trying to think up chants for him!

On the official site, he said:

“We’re delighted to have Raddy on board. He’s a player we’ve been watching for a long time and a player that has produced several good performances at international level.  I’ve spoken to several people close to international football who have had nothing but good things to say about him.”

“And having seen him play, watched several DVD’s and closely monitored his progress, we certainly think we’re bringing in a player that has got an excellent footballing brain and a wonderful touch.  He certainly has the ability to create and score goals and on his day can be a real handful.  He’s a very fit young man and is another young player with great potential who will only get better.”

So that’s more good news!  One thing more negative folks have mentioned is the lack of creativity in the team – personally I would point to McGugan, Anderson, McCleary, Adebola (from a ‘flick on’ point of view) as well as Tyson and Earnshaw as options for this – as well as McKenna in a ‘setting up’ the creative players.  But Majewski apparently provides this role more blatantly.  Will be great to see how he settles in!

Welcome aboard, Raddy.  Anyone else lost count of how many players we’ve signed?

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  1. I think that’s 9 so far and am sure that there is still room in the squad for another full-back and a centre-back.

    I’ve NEVER known such an exciting and positive pre-season and if the actual season continues this momentum, it should be a cracker!

    Just renewed my sponsorship of JB’s away kit to add further commitment to my support so really looking forward to it.

    One thing I’ve mentioned before, but would like to mention again is there doesn’t appear to be any disquiet amongst or from the players – so they must all feel that they will get their chance and that they have the chance to be part of something really exciting.

    Victor Chandler must be wondering whether he has made a sensible offer or not!

    U Reds!

  2. I wonder when they will take the team photo for the new season as that might give a clue about future activity!!??

  3. […] you look at either this picture (at the very fine NFFC blog) of Majewski or this one at Forest’s official website, […]

  4. Delighted with all the signings so far, but agree there is definitely room for a couple of defenders, specifically a CB. Was really encouraging to read that Fairclough had a good game, he was highly thought of in the academy.
    As for Majewski, it has been the icing on the cake for me. I’ve been whinging for too long now at our apparent lack of transfer movement in the east bloc or scandinavia, so it’s made me super pleased. This lad is an improving 22yr old, who has played in Europe, at international level and was Poland ‘revelation of the year’ in 2007. He is arguably their brightest talent, and if he was English he would cost a fortune, that is if we could attract him. Only concern would be his goal record of 5 goals in 60 games for club & country before coming to us, but he scored on his debut so who cares.He’ll probably add a thousand or so on the gate I reckon.
    He came from nowhere really so kinda hoping Keith Burt and the others have a couple more gems they’re working on. A crazy looking but talented CB like Ivanov (you know the mad eyed bulgarian from the ’94WC) would go down a treat.

    Not too sure about the creativity issue, but what is of importance, is the need for at least one of our midfielders to get into double figures for goals this season. Only fat boy has managed it in last few years. Would be nice for a CB to score a few like the good old days of Cooper and more recently Breckin.

    It’s all coming along nicely though.

  5. Anyone know what shirt number he wore last night?

    And WTF is going on? Its almost 3pm and no news of a new signing!!…

  6. I’m not sure as I was at the other game, however the starting 11 wore 1-11 at Don Valley, so don’t imagine it will have any bearing on his squad number…

  7. He wore number 10. If you are prepared to wait a LONG time for it to stream, you can see the highlights here:

    (I literally waited about an hour, and was quite shocked when the noise started from my laptop!)

  8. Reds miss out on coventry left back danny fox!
    Why do forest put faith in w*** players like joel lynch!Worst forest defender since nicky eaden – FACT

  9. I think that’s a bit harsh on Lynch who looked certainly capable after coming back from injury. If I were only judging his pre-injury spell (like that godawful Doncaster game for example) then I would agree with a summary of ‘wank’.

    Basically, I trust Billy’s judgement better than yours. Disappointed we didn’t get Fox, but Coventry didn’t have a realistic idea of his value and I don’t hold with us being held to ransom.

    Forest still have the number 3 shirt vacant – so I think we probably are still in the market for a left back. Maybe now it will be Naylor from Celtic?

  10. Perhaps the club have decided to ‘retire’ the no.3 shirt in honour of the great man who once wore it – and I don’t mean Alan Rogers!

    I’m also happy enough with the form Lynch showed towards the end of the season. It was such a transformation from his early form – he was like a completely different player.

  11. This is a superb signing in my opinion. Earnie will love having him. From the videos I’ve seen he lays it onto a plate for the strikers so they can’t use the excuse of lack of creativity if the goals dry up

  12. Bbc Fox has gone to Celtic,

  13. Didn’t two goals come direct from awesome Lynch crosses towards the end of the season?

  14. & yes it’s 9 players so far, only 1 on loan, all the rest on proper contract providing they perform…

  15. Radgie, it’s been 3 days since a signing… I’m having withdraw symtons after the mad rush lately!!! How’s about you??? :p

  16. Interesting pronounciation of his name on the Forest World commentry of the Stoke game: My-ef-ski. Not how I’d have said it!

    Also interesting is the reducing of the width of the pitch by approx 8 yards. Perch said that was to stop teams like Swansea who pass the ball around a lot – what does that say for the style of football we can expect??

    • Yeah, My-ef-ski is the correct pronounciation I believe.

      I don’t read too much into the pitch narrowing, to be honest. We shall see, I suppose!

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