Is Dexter home, is Dexter home..?

Every time I hear Dexter’s name it brings to mind ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ by The Avalanches as his first name features at the start.  At this rate of signings, I think I might need some frontier psychiatry as it does feel rather akin to being strangely hypnotised!  Anyway.  As if you didn’t know, it’s been confirmed by the Reds that Dexter Blackstock will be joining us by signing a four year contract.

Personal terms with the player have been agreed, an undisclosed fee has been agreed with QPR (the rumours around this were anything from £1m to £1.6m prior to the Reds confirming the signing), the official site I think is saying that a medical has been completed – so basically it all comes down to the mysterious post-medical tasks that means so many of our signings this summer have taken a day or so to ‘finalise’.

This is great news, it’s the sixth striker Billy mentioned in the close season and we’re familiar with what he can do from his loan spell.  QPR’s top scorer last season, he joins Bristol City’s top scorer and Southampton’s top scorer in our new ranks – that said, how any of them will get enough games to snag that many goals, who knows?!  Either way, it’s a signing I’m very happy indeed about!

The loan move for Majewski too is set to be confirmed – a year loan with an option of a £1.5m move for the player should it be desired.  The Evening Post seem to think this is on, and will be signing number nine for the Reds in a summer of splurging on new players. Both players as well as Lynch are likely to be involved in the two friendly games tonight.

Whilst we’re unaccustomed to doing it, a glance over the river shows that Sven has indeed agreed a deal with Notts County.  £2m a year (although very much performance-linked), for five years!  And to think they were quibbling with Chesterfield over the fee for Jack Lester – bizarre times but well, they deserve some kudos for the audacity of the move!  Hilariously, the Sun think he might involve David Platt in his plans… oh please, let that happen!

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  1. Yes, Dexter and Mills are the two that would make us play off certainties. The good times are here again. Forest Forever.

  2. Just for his late strike against Bristol City, that kept us up in my opinion, he is a hero to me, and probably THE SIGNING of this magnificent spending spree.
    Promotion is possible

  3. it’s taken a while, but they had to wait for his shirt to come back down from when he launched it after THAT goal

  4. Its all getting too much isn’t it? If Mills and/or Fox arrive I might just have a turn and miss the big kick off!

    Would be nice to see 4,000+ Trickies at Reading in two weeks to support the boys and get the season off to a flier, Come on Forest!

  5. If it weren’t for the fact that 5 of this summer’s signings had been on loan with us, the team is looking dramatically different. The only four players we had before this spending spree started that I can see playing regularly are Tyson, McGugan, Cohen and Chambers. Maybe Wes if he doesn’t go but as for the rest, the likes of Bennett, Davies, Perch and Garner, I cannot see them featuring in many games. Earnshaw will also have his work cut out. With two young lads who are faster and stronger than him plus an old guy who is the size of a giant as competition, he could easily get pushed out of the picture altogether. 6 strikers is a nice idea though I just don’t know how it will work. As for Garner, I think he will get sufficiently PO’d and go elsewhere. It’s good that at least 5 of the new bunch already know us pretty well. I’m very pleased with the signings, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t see how 6 strikers are ever going to play regularly enough to get into their stride. we still need a central defender, probably just the one, but one is necessary.

  6. Keep em coming,the options Billy is putting in place is first class ,no more comfort zone we had under Deadwood,1 man upfront 10 behind the ball(AT HOME),i feel a bit let down if the wee man has not made his daily signing,its good to be a RED……………..

  7. Squads for tonight announced on the official site. Paul Smith, Joe Garner and Garath McCleary not involved in either squad. Could they be on their way out on loan or permanently in Smith’s case?

  8. Well Garner is injured, along with Perch and Cohen. Maybe Smudge and McCleary picked up knocks too?

  9. I agree with a lot of what you say Pachuca but check out the odds our new sponsor is offering on the clubs leading goalscorer in their Forest Specials section. Very interesting – given bookies are rarely wrong, do they know something we don’t?

  10. It’s good to see, Radgie. We haven’t had one of those since DJ and Harewood were tearing up defences. I think Blackstock and McGoldrick are players that will progress and could well be the next Jason Roberts and Nathan Ellington (remember how good they were for Wigan). But Earnshaw and Garner, I fear for. I like Joe Garner, I would like to see him progress at Forest. He has a bit of Rooney about him. Adebola is only around for a couple of years and he will do a job plus add some much needed experience and guidance to the young ones (what Andy Cole was brought in for but failed miserably at). It just seems a bit much that’s all. From my perspective, strikers need time on the pitch to get into their rhythm. I hope, with 6 strikers now, that chopping and changing doesn’t happen, though I think it could. I can see Earnie stepping through the exit door before long too. Whatever happens, I like the look of the team and I think we will do well next year, even better the year after that. Gunter, for me, was signing of the summer though. He is class. Tottenham will be sorry. Uuu rreeeddssss!!!

  11. I think Billy is testing their “commitment” and the first one to moan they aren’t in the side will be the one he sells. It has Earnshaw written all over it and although I would be sad to see him leave we all kind of expected it when Davies arrived anyway.

    If you consider that we’ll be playing 4-3-3 next season then 6 strikers isn’t a massive amount, especially when one is old and another is made of glass, but then I guess you would have to include our wingers in that figure, meaning 9 players for 3 positions… yea Earnshaw is gone.

  12. Never mind Earnshaw, Garner, et al. What chance does Arron (who?) Davies have of getting a game?

    I can’t believe you guys suggesting that Earnshaw will go – why would you sell a proven goalscorer and last year’s top scorer. I would be convinced that Earny (as a senior player) would know all about Forest’s and Billy’s re-building plans and would very much want to be involved.

    I also think it is great that to date, none of the players has expressed any concern about the squad developments – normally the players or their agents would be ‘stirring the pot’!

  13. Another good signing, I really am starting to get optimistic! Thought DB was quality when he was on loan and made key differences at key times. I too cannot believe Earnie will be on his way. Still would like to see something for central defence.

  14. said a while ago that somebody would have to leave to balance up the books and earnshaw was my pick as the most valuable asset that forest hold therefore for billy’s rebuilding plans to take shape any accepatable offer for any of forest’s starletts would be seriously looked at to do this,mmmmmm funnily enough i was shot down on that one but already rumours are emerging regarding wes and perchy ! so how long do any of you think another championship club will notice the glutt of strikers available at the city ground and test the resolve of mssr’s doughty/arthur/davies with a cheeky bid for earnie/tys/garner ??? we’ll see in the next few weeks.

  15. Steve, I agree with you, especially about Davies. He hasn’t shown anything at all and has been injured for most of his Forest career. And though I wouldn’t like to see Earnie leave, he is the kind of player that needs to play every game in the season to be good and he does miss a lot of chances (see the one against Burton?) And if I were a player, it would tell me alot about the managers confidence in me when he goes and buys 3 strikers who were also top scorers in their respective teams last season. You need a creator up front (in my opinion, which counts for shit as I’m no football manager) and one who can finish, regularly. He has bought 3. Also he carries a good price tag and I think Forest would be stupid to not accept 2m or so for Earnie. Just saying, that’s all. I think Davies can go too, but we would only manage 100k or so. May as well keep him for cover. Also nice to see the Polish guy on the score sheet. He has only been at 5 mins and he’s already scoring.

  16. […] Sven-gate aside over the river, July saw us sign Lee Camp, Joel Lynch, Paul McKenna, Chris Gunter, Dexter Blackstock and Radoslaw Majewski.  Nine signings, as well as a clutch of friendlies – the highlight of […]

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