First-teamers at both friendlies tonight..

I’d planned to head up to Rotherham today, utterly convinced that I would end up – like the Reds fans at the Ilkeston friendly did – watching players I’d never heard of probably producing questionable football.  Luckily Forest have confirmed that both the game against Rotherham United and that against Rushden and Diamonds will feature members of the first team squad.

The trouble is, they don’t say which members will be at which game!  Ultra-new signings Lynch, Blackstock and Majewski are likely to feature at one or both games – but if you’re hankering after checking out a particular player, then I’m afraid it’s a case of picking and hoping – unless you happen to have a Harry Potter style time-turner so that you really can be in two places at once.

So it’s off to the Don Valley Stadium for me this evening to watch Rotherham in Sheffield – which looks like it has shallow stands and a massive athletics track in the way, should be interesting!  Even though I’m generally fairly unexcited by preseason friendlies, with all the signings we’ve made you can’t help but be a but excited by the prospect of seeing the Reds live!

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  1. should be interesting games tonight with first team players in each squad although you would have thought they would have said which players were going to be in each team. Oh well either way we should be looking to destroy both opponents. u reds! 🙂

  2. Surely if the reserves have been scrapped all the squad are now first teamers!

  3. There’s still a youth team though! Which by all accounts was what tapped up to Ilkeston!

  4. Funny Aylesbury u said that, when the sponsership with Victor Chandler was announced it said it was covering the reserves shirts too…..

    So if they haven’t been scrapped then that’d explain the mass signings…. & all the loanees will have a team to play for when they come back…

  5. Looking forward to the Diamonds game tonight now! I’m with you NFFC – I was worried that I’d be watching some ‘unknowns’ in a Garibaldi! I’m taking my lad who I’m slowly managing to convince that supporting Forest is the way forward…..C’mon you Reds!!!

    PS. Keep up the great work – best Forest blog around. My daily source of all things Forest related.Cheers!

  6. LOL @ AR

    You could always get down to the CG and see who is on the bus that departs first as that will be the one heading South. If you like the look, follow it. If not, go to Sheffield.

  7. Here are the squads for thr friendlies tonight:,,10308~1730331,00.html

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