More outlandish rumours..

Rumours such as these would have seemed outlandish – but then, after the happenings of the last few weeks and days, my own definition of the term ‘outlandish’ is becoming a little more extreme than once it was.  Rather than start stories for every single rumour doing the rounds at the moment it makes more sense to try to bring them all together into a single update.

The thing that has really grabbed my attention is the rumour of an outgoing or two, given that we’ve enjoyed news of so many incoming transfers.  Paul Hart, former Reds manager, has been installed as Portsmouth manager and is supposedly trying to lure both James Perch and Wes Morgan to the South Coast.  Figures of £5m for the pair of them has been mentioned, which – frankly – is the kind of money we couldn’t possibly turn down!

Wes was probably fractionally behind Chris Cohen as our player of the season last year – a title not without auspiciousness even in a season of struggle.  His youth belies his experience as he’s been a regular starter since he was very young.  Perchy has been Mr Versatility, a defender by nature he has probably spent more time in midfield for the Reds, a divisive figure for many fans I’ve always valued his contribution to the cause.

Both I would be sorry to see leave for sentimental reasons, but in all good conscience I would struggle to turn down the kind of fees being talked about here.  Of course, that would be rather dependent on securing the services of appropriate replacements – particularly for Wes who – on current squad levels – would be a definite starter in one of the centreback berths for us.  Of course, it remains to be seen whether or not this ‘story’ is anything beyond a lazy link between Paul Hart and former players.

So that leads neatly into incomings.  LTLF appear confident that Radoslaw Majewski – a young Polish international midfielder – will be arriving at Trentside on a season long loan.  On the defensive front we appear to still be in the running for Mills from Doncaster, competing with West Brom for the services of the defender for a fee of around £2.2m.  Whispers over on Vital Forest suggest we might have the favour of his agent and have set a deadline of Friday for Doncaster to stop fannying around.

Also from there, despite bringing in Joel Lynch it would appear we are not only still interested in – but we are at advanced stages of – bringing Danny Fox in as well.  A new name in the frame is Zak Whitbread from Millwall, who is a centreback of a decent calibre – he is incoherently described as being ‘set to be a Red’.  Elliott Ward, also from Coventry, is supposedly not entirely out of the picture either.

If (and it’s a big if) all of these signings come to pass – before the last few weeks I would have laughed off the prospect as lunacy – then we will feasibly have an entirely new team.  Notwithstanding a fair few of our arrivals have spent time here on loan, of course.  It would seem, if rumours and news are combined, that Billy is certainly looking to inject a healthy dose of revolution into our evolution.  Bring it on!

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  1. Another former-Hart youth currently on trial at Portmouth – Eugen Bopp!!

  2. I think there’s still more to come from Morgan and I’ve love to see him alongside a quality (for this level) defender that he can learn from. Money does talk though, and if Matt Mills is around the 2.2m figure then getting around that for Morgan would be a good bit of business.

    Still yet to see Perch at centre-half but seen him nearly everywhere else and he’s never looked good enough. I’d take a couple of milk bottle caps and a half eaten kebab for him.

  3. £5M- That would certainly off set all the outgoings we’ve just made and If Fox and Mills are signed then I can see those two going just to balance the books. Like TTSBU says I’ll be sad to see them go as Wes is starting to become a good player and is still young. I also agree with the Perch evaluation. I do think he’s under rated and a victim of his own versatility. (I still don’t know what his preferred position is?!)

    Eugen Bopp? as well as interest in untried premiership players in Wes and Perch all smacks of a bit of desperation from Hart to be honest. If I was him I’d be straight on the phone to Newcastle for Butt and Martins who are still Prem quality. I can’t believe none of the promoted teams have gone in for them already. Must be wages the daft Geordies are paying them.

  4. why strenghthen then let two stallwarts leave and leave yourselves short ?? nor do i think wes or fairly newly appointed captain perchy would want to miss out on the positive times around the city ground after years of down in the dumps, £5m was enough for dawson and reid when we were desperate but nowhere near the mark for my player of the year +club captain so unless it a absolute corking offer £3m+ each forget it we aint a sellig club anymore

  5. I agree with seanyboy and it just doesn’t make sense to me to make all these signings and then “weaken” the squad by selling two players who know the club, have been consistent performers for many years (in my opinion) and who are almost “senior pros” by comparison with all the others.

    Even with another 3 or even 4 further signings we will only have a squad of 24 or 25, which is fantastic and almost strength in depth, but also only a couple of injuries away from being short.

    I would expect us to have a squad where there are two “round pegs” for each “round hole” and one or two extras to enable us to rest players and build real mommentum as a squad.

    I also feel that Billy is trying to build a long-term squad that will progress and learn this season and then really push for promotion in 2010 – 2011 (despite Victor Chandler’s tempting offer).

    Just my thoughts ……

  6. I agree with the theme to all your comments in that I think it’s important to keep (at least for this season) a core of, as has been said, ‘stalwart’ players who’ve been there through thick and thin. It’s important for the soul of the team. Not to mention that Morgan and Perchy are class players. It does seem doubtful that they would go, especially Perch, as he’s just been named captain.
    If all the old squad do go, then you are left with nothing but a bought team, and historically such teams, no matter the sport, tend to perform like a patchwork, rather than a fully developed and synced squad.

  7. Personally I think Perch will make an excellent centre-half. He can tackle, head, reads the game fairly well and would rather pass than hoof. I’d rather him there than get stung for that Donny Rovers fella.
    If Perch and Wes go, and we fail to get an adequate replacements, our centre-halves next season will be Wilson and Chambers. God help us!
    Let’s just hope it’s all lazy reporting.

    This Polish lad, how good is he? I’ve heard he can be a loose cannon, wonder how Billy will handle that??

    Biggest problem I can see is the number of squad players we look like having who wont be playing ANY competetive football on a weekly basis…

  8. I think it’s healthy we have such a large amount of Squad players , it’s now down to those players to become first team regulars and NOT squad players. We know EVERYONE will get a chance due to injuries , it’s down to them then to take they’re chance!

    Not sure about Wes in the Premiership to be honest, yes he’s steady and had a good season last year but the gulf in class would be just too much imho – There’s a difference between marking Ebanks Blake & Scotland (who were 2 of the best last season) to Rooney , Torres , Drogba and lets chuck Crouchy in there!

  9. Outlandish rumours indeed! Evening Post say Majewski signing will be confirmed today…

  10. Forgeting Blackstock e’one – he’s on the verge of signing according to the official site. But I told u that ages ago!! :p

    As for players leaving – rotflmao!!! Get over it BD said & has reiterated NO OTHER 1ST TEAM PLAYER LEAVES (unless you count Thornhill in then he’s not lying)

  11. My head’s done in. Blackstock confirmed by both clubs, Majewski confirmed by his Polish club, Lynch to be confirmed today too.

    With no reserves, how are we gong to keep all these players fit?

  12. Fitness isn’t my concern radgie. Its keeping them happy that might be a problem. However, as youuu redssss says this is about a healthy competition for places and if you’re training well and show good attitude then you will get your chance. Man U manage it with a squad of international ego’s. As long as the players know that everything is fair and squad selection is on merit/form then it gives the players the constant incentive to prove that they are the best at the club in their position.

  13. I keep pinchimg myself and saying it cannot be true. Credit must go to the Chairman for digging deep (very deep) in his pocket. I have supported Forest since 1967/68 and I can never remember such a large number of signings in a closed season. Fantastic

  14. BD has already said he will use a rotaion system, especially for the midweek games. He doesn’t want certain players playing 2,3 games a week. This opens the door for others to impress, i for one think this is a good idea.

    Forest have really sent a statement of intent out to other clubs with this spending spree

  15. Spending spree yes, but how much have we really paid so far…. Not all that much if you think about it but yes, still a lot more than the last few seasons put together….

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