Lynch to join Billy’s revolution..

He was hotly tipped to join following a mixed loan spell last season – carrying an injury he initially endured what I’d politely describe as a fucking torrid time at left back, however, upon recovery he started to show much more promise and certainly made me re-evaluate my initial dim view of his abilities.  £200k is the fee we’ve agreed with Brighton & Hove Albion, which I think is a fair price all told.

Much like with McKenna and Gunter, the Reds have agreed terms with us, and is now awaiting a medical and presumable the paperwork with the football league to go through.  Whether this heralds the end of our interest in Coventry’s Danny Fox or not, I’m not sure, but certainly I think Joel makes a welcome edition to the squad.

Going the other way on loan for six months is Matt Thornhill – which I mentioned in a comment earlier in the week as though it had already happened, so clearly that’s something that must have been discussed before or perhaps I’m becoming slowly psychic!  A good move for the youngster, I think, given our options in midfield his options would have been limited at forest and he needs first team football now.

The other news of note, aside from Notts County’s courting of Sven, is that new sponsors Victor Chandler are offering quite a pledge – admittedly, something quite unlikely needs to happen to make it come true.  Basically, season ticket holders who register with the company and place a bet of £5 or more before August 20th will be entitled to a free season ticket for 2010/2011.

The only minor snag with this seemingly wonderously generous scheme is that in order for it to be triggered, Forest have to win the Championship!  Now even given recent transfer activities and feelings of optimism they engender, even I’m stretched to think that might happen – but still, £5 on the Reds to win the league at 30/1 could pay double dividends!

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  1. I’ve had my bet!

  2. nffc – I’m beginning to lose count! Is there anyone at the club who isn’t either a recent signing or on a new (or recent) long-term contract?

    It feels as though we are really building for the future and in 31 years of being a season ticket holder, I don’t think I can remember another time like it!!

    U Reds!

  3. NFFC you did well on predicting the teams that would win the play offs and then you predict Thornhill to Brighton way before it happens. You truly have psychic abilities so can you please use your powers this weeks lottery numbers for us?!!

    Failing that, tell us who will be the next arriving at the City Ground?

    Blackstock? Cox? The Polish boy? Zac Whitbread? Naughty Sven looking for meadow lane?!!!

  4. If I was betting on it I’d be betting on Blackstock 🙂

    Although I was betting a second ago, and bet on Forest to win the league. Still feel a bit mental, but still.

    Those of you entering the promotion, remember to email Victor Chandler with details (see link)

  5. SB: Paul Smith. Last signed a new (2 year) contract last summer which expires at the end of the forthcoming season. Julian Bennett, signed on for a further 2.5 years in Jan ’08 so also expires in the summer. Aaron Davies and Kelvin Wilson are the only two players who have been at the club for 2 years+ and have not signed (been offered?) a new contract.

    Anyone want to hazard a guess at the starting 11 for Reading away in a shade under three weeks time?

    My guess: Camp, Lynch, Morgan, Chambers, Gunter, McKenna, Cohen, McGugan, Anderson, Earnshaw, Adebola.

    Now while others are getting all carried away with the new signings, that doesn’t exactly inspire me and I don’t see significant strides forward from the struggling side of last season. Yes, Gunter and McKenna look like great additions but there are still three players in the centre of the park with an awful lot to prove to show there is a tangiable end result for all their endeavours. There is no more creativity in the side than there was last term, thats for sure.

  6. Maybe, just maybe, I would bet on Majewski being our next signing after all. Year long loan?

  7. If we sign Majewski and Blackstock, and 2 more defenders (let’s say Fox and Whitbread), we will be able to field a team consisting entirely of new signings:

    GK-Camp, LB-Fox, RB-Gunter, CB-Lynch and Whitbread, LM/RM-Anderson and Majewski, DMC-McKenna, AMC-McGoldrick, ST-Adebola and Blackstock

  8. I certainly can´t see wilson being offered another contract. Things are looking good and I am certainly optimistic,as always ,of a top 6 place.
    I must say Hats Off to our Chairman.
    He´s certainly had a tough year business wise and could have used it as an excuse to reduce the input of players. Thanks Nigel !!!!!

  9. My guess:

    Camp, Perch, Morgan, Chambers, Gunter, McKenna, Cohen, McGugan, Tyson, Adebola, McGoldrick

    Believe that if we get Blackstock, then BD will ship Earnshaw out, regardless of protestations to wanting six strikers. Honestly don’t think it’s plausible to have that many. We possibly need to balance the books slightly and he is without doubt our highest earner on a reputed £15k a week. I may be talking crap, and I hope I am! More likely Garner is the one to go if any.

    Strong opinions that Majewski is definitely coming on season long loan for 130k, with view to permanent move. Allegedly Blackburn had a £3m bid turned down this time last year, so very encouraging if we can convince him to come.

    Read a laughable suggestion that Sol Campbell is in talks with ourselves, surely not? His wages would be exorbitant, but prob worth it, if he was to be convinced.

    Can’t wait for the Reading game!

  10. Maybe Campbell thought we were Notts County? 🙂

  11. By all accounts Lewis is looking fitter and sharper, if thats true then he will be the star man for me. I thought he had a crap season last year, maybe guilty of reading and believing the previous years press (3rd division though, wasn’t it). If he plays well and pulls the strings in the middle of the park, with the excellent Cohen and Anderson working round him I reckon we have a real chance this year.
    Don’t know much about McKenna other than what I’ve read, but he certainly seems alright.
    Perch and Wes at the back with Gunter and Lynch and suddenly we are looking stronger and more “forest” at the back. Perch can tackle and pass, so he’ll be fine in there.
    Goals galore up front, my preference is Tys and Adebola…it’s all opinions!

    The Polish lad needs away because he has ‘problems’ with his behaviour….so let’s hope he doesn’t follow Wilson into Hooters!

    Couple of years ago I won £100 on the horses and put it straight on Forest to win the League at 8-1. We came 2nd to Swansea, sob sob. So this year the cash stays in the sky rocket…but I’ll still take 2nd in May!!

  12. A campbell swap for Perch and Morgan??’You never know at the moment.
    I can see garner going and Wilson but no way would he let Earnie go now. He´s happy and scoring goals !!!!

  13. […] – Sven-gate aside over the river, July saw us sign Lee Camp, Joel Lynch, Paul McKenna, Chris Gunter, Dexter Blackstock and Radoslaw Majewski.  Nine signings, as well as a […]

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