Are Notts County getting an April Fool in really early?

High profile: Notts County want to elevate their laughing stock credentials with a shock appointment

High profile: Notts County want to elevate their laughing stock credentials with a shock appointment

Saturday’s friendly opponents Notts County are at the centre of a rather brief yet corking rumour courtesy of The Sun.  As we know, our formerly smaller neighbours have undergone a takeover by a mysterious Middle East consortium called Munto Finance – and many of our Magpie-flavoured brethren are preparing for life as one of the richest clubs in the world.

The first hint of the magnitude of their plans was when Notts County chairman Peter Trembling was recorded making frantic calls to the recruitment agencies of Nottingham, seeking nubile young female interns who would be prepared to wear short skirts and show a bit of cleavage.  The roles he was offering were non-specific aside from insisting that a team of these candidates were required at short notice.

It transpires they were to act as a lure for perhaps the most audacious move ever to be made by a lower league football club.  You see, the powers that be at Notts County are not content with the forlorn figure of Ian McParland to mould the likes of Craig Westcarr, Delroy Facey and John Thompson into a promotion challenging force, whilst simultaneously handling big money transfers with the likes of Chesterfield FC for high profile strikers like Jack Lester.

No, poor old Charlie will just not do!

Now buoyed by their new funding – which has already secured the services of three new interns formerly of Bubbles Massage Spa – the Magpies have baited what they feel is an irresistable trap to lure former England manager Sven Goran Eriksson to the Meadow Lane revolution.  The Swede was unavailable for comment following the story reaching the national media, a spokesman for the top coach suggested that Eriksson is probably seeking a higher profile club to return to the game.

As well as being on the lookout for a top manager, rumour has it that the level of investment being provided to the first football league club is such that apparently they will be imminently be unveiling a new wheelbarrow – and this time the wheel will stay on.  It looks set to be an exciting time over the next few weeks for the three old men and the dog on a piece of string who go to watch Notts County!

* Whilst this story is mostly mindless and childish piss taking – the central theme of a supposed approach for Sven Goran Eriksson was actually in The Sun!  Here’s the proof!

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  1. quality bit of p*** taking none the less !

  2. You old wag NFFC…..

    Ive havent laughed so much since we found woodworm in my Grandad’s wooden leg!!!

  3. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry ROTFLMAO!!!! xaxaxaxxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxax!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆 :p

  4. How do you know about “Bubbles”??????

  5. I think that once he found out there was a Hooters in Nottingham, he was well up for it.

  6. Sheep shagging town also has a Bubbles next to the Station. Well so Im led to believe….!!

  7. It’s just come up as “BREAKING NEWS” on the BBC website !?

  8. It does seem there is some substance to it!

    Strange move 🙂

  9. Sky are also now reporting that he will become “Director of Football”. Sven and Ian McParland – what a combination!!

  10. By the way, has everyone seen this “Free Premiership Season Ticket Offer”?;

  11. Director of football,the twat could not direct traffic,hopefully they will get Calderwood on board,that will be good news,crowds should swell to 4,000 ish,i give him a season max to top up his account then move on to the next big payday,he did not do much with the Mexican team,lets get back to a proper footy team and welcome Lynch on board………you REDS.


    Confirmed! Ambitious move by County.

    I imagine he and Tord Grip WILL leave a lasting legacy, not necessarily a good one, though!

  13. Quote from BBC website:

    ‘Eriksson is considering taking former Nottingham Forest boss David Platt to Notts County as part of his revolution. (The Sun)’


  14. This is a weird one. What has he been promised? Is he going to work with Charlie McP to instigate new coaching/fitness methods. I’d of thought the money would of been better spent on a couple of decent League 1 strikers. Although with him on board he might be able to attract even better quality. Remember when Keegan went to Fulham? He was able to attract Premiership/Championship players to what was then a Division 3 club so maybe County are hoping he can do the same. It is certainly a signal of intent. Good luck to them I say, I’d like to be playing County on a regular basis. (as long as we are not losing of course)

  15. Well SGE is at County… still… it’s not effecting our signing spree has it…

  16. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Notts County 2 Forest 1…..Your time is up Florist, the Sven Express is coming through….Did anyone notice you were actually at Meadow Lane yesterday? As the press clearly werent interested in a ‘Has Been’ club like yours!!

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