McKenna and Gunter are signed, sealed and delivered!

Whilst we’ve of course known about them for some time, the deals to secure the services of Paul McKenna and Chris Gunter were finalised today.  McKenna signs a three year deal in a £750k move from Preston North End, Gunter signing a four year deal in a £1.75m move from Tottenham Hotspur.  A huge welcome aboard to both players from me, and I’m sure all of you.

I’m in full agreement with Kenny Burns’ piece in the Evening Post today that in McKenna we have a leader in the centre of the park for the first time in absolutely ages, indeed, it was the role that Neil Lennon was presumably acquired for – but that didn’t really work out, did it?  in McKenna we have the kind of player Reds fans don’t always seem to appreciate – however he can pick out a pass and has been known to score the odd spectacular goal, which may endear him to the more superficial fans more quickly.

We know all about Gunter from his loan spell, and whilst we’ve been crying out for a proper rightback since, well… since Nicky Eaden? Ha! Since forever it feels, it was no surprise that to have him slot in to the team last season was a huge benefit.  That’s no slight on Luke Chambers, who has started preseason impressively at centreback.  Depending on whether or not we’re able to sign a left back he can also cover that position effectively.  It’s great to read how keen he was to come back to Forest after only two months on loan here.

So there we go, no news on the supposed Blackstock signing from official sources yet – nor the ongoing rumours of bids for Mills, Fox, Ward et al – but well, you can’t help but feel a strong tinge of optimism with the positive moves being made in the transfer market with always a solid hint of more to come.  A big well done to the powers-that-be for their sterling work so far, but let’s hope they’re still in the midst of doing yet more of the same!

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  1. Ill upload the mckenna one later!

  2. Awesome Matt, thanks!

  3. Exciting times at Forest. We must be the busiest championship club with new signings this close season? All we need now is a left back and we’re good to go!

  4. Nicky Eaden – I hope I would never hear that name again! Surely one of the worst players ever to wear the Garibaldi?

    • SB – nicky eaden was bad but surely theres gotta be a worst former forest player out there ? any chance of a poll nffc ? my vote goes to marlon king but for very different reasons other than him being s*** in a forest summer for years and looking forward and not back.

  5. MK was a million miles better than Silenzi!

  6. Eaden wasn’t even the worst rightback, let’s not forget the splendour of Gary Charles!

    Daryl Powell would get it for me.

    We could have a poll, need some candidates though – feels a bit negative given recent positive steps by the club, though?

  7. Ha Ha – thought that might start an ‘interesting’ discussion.

    nffc – I agree – let’s keep being very, very positive – perhaps a poll about which of our excellent summer signings will have the most impact next season?


  8. Come on u reds we are ready to rock now bring it on

  9. […] – Sven-gate aside over the river, July saw us sign Lee Camp, Joel Lynch, Paul McKenna, Chris Gunter, Dexter Blackstock and Radoslaw Majewski.  Nine signings, as well as a clutch of friendlies […]

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