Byrne is a Diamonds geezer..

For six months he is, anyway.  He’s gone on loan to Wednesday’s friendly opponents Rushden and Diamonds.  Of course, we also play Rotherham United that day too – so who knows which game will see the first team squad travelling and which will see a team of youngsters like the Ilkeston Town friendly that took place at the same time as the Burton Albion game.  Rotherham United’s website seems to suggest they are expecting a strong Forest side – and for £10 I’d hope so!

Back to Byrne, the youngster joins fellow Red James Reid who’s also on loan with Rushden, with Billy apparently withdrawing us from the uncompetitive reserves league, his policy for match practice for those players with half a sniff of being on the fringes of the first team seems to be long term loans – a good opportunity to test them in proper competitive matches without risking our own fortunes, of course!

Two things stick in the memory with Byrne, which is unfortunate – but borne of a lack of exposure to his ability – is that he’s small in stature, and THAT miss against Derby.  Not ideal things for any footballer to be remembered by so hopefully he gets a chance to lodge some better memories in our heads – certainly those fans I know who are more keen on watching Reserve and Academy matches have been impressed with him, so hopefully Rushden can provide him with some invaluable experience.  Starting with us on Wednesday!

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  1. Never forgive him for the miss against the sheep!
    Urgh! Can still remember kicking my chair after that!

  2. It was a real ‘hero or zero’ moment, wasn’t it? 😦

    I’ve a few mates who really rate him though so I can bring myself to overlook the miss, for now…

  3. They seem to think that dexter deal done and dusted!
    Be best strike force weve had since Johnson and harewood i think.

  4. Perch to Pompey???? Not according to Billy who has knocked 2 bids back allegedly!

  5. I find it hard to countenance for two reasons (well, more than two, but two principle ones)..

    1. I don’t think Forest would turn down £1m or more for Perch. I like Perchy, I constantly stick up for him amidst some of our less enamoured fans, but I don’t think he’s worth that much.

    2. I don’t think Portsmouth – shambolically organised as they are – would sanction the move in their current state.

  6. I must admit its mixed messages from Pompey…… no F/T manager, ownership chaos, selling players left right and centre to pay bills…

    £1m would probably tempt me to part. We shall see

  7. Will be very interesting to see how he and Reid get on at Rushden. To be honest I’ve seen very little of Byrne, but I know he is highly thought of in the Irish camp, but his stature may just be the undoing of him. As for James Reid, I really rate him, and I hope he gets a decent amount of games to impress as he has some serious talent.

    £1m for Perch – ditto NFFC. For me we’d be crazy to turn that sort of money down if it’s on the table.

    Touching upon previous post, the worst player? Remember Rob Rosario? Bloody useless! Although his name is eluding me at the mo, I’ll never forget when we bought him, and we were looking for a striker at the time, our manager said how happy he was to be signing a PROVEN goalscorer. a little further down the article, it showed he had scored about 4 goals in 70 odd games for Cov! Those are the moments you don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Nottingham forest, eh?!

  8. Good luck to all our young players going out on loan. Yes its nice to have a reserve team to follow but this is surely the best way to see if the young players are going to make it or not.

    Like most of us, I like the way our squad is shaping up with the new signings. We certainly are going to have lots of options up front, particularly if Blackstock comes in aswell.

    I’ve no idea how Billy is going to keep 6 championship quality strikers happy but that’s his problem to sort out! He will perhaps see who isnt in the frame in the first few weeks and look to loan them out before the window closes.

    It looks like all of Derby’s strikers are injured (including fatty of course!) so we could always loan them our 6th choice to get some match practice!

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