Tys smashes Brewers with a nine minute hattrick!

Tys stakes a claim as a striker rather than a winger!

Tys stakes a claim as a striker rather than a winger!

Burton Albion – 1
Nottingham Forest – 4

Two preseason games took place today, but the game at Ilkeston Town contained only Mark Byrne who has been within even a sniff of a first team place.  Forest ended up two down and bagged a consolation from a late penalty from Tim Hopkinson – the sketchy reports I’ve found from attendees suggest that it wasn’t the most scintillating games of football ever.  Certainly we don’t need to be worrying that our first team squad are losing to lowly opponents (eh, Derby?.. sorry!).

So, on to the Brewers.  Forest lined up with Camp in goal, McCleary, Morgan, Chambers, Wilson across the back, Davies, Moussi, Thornhill (clearly not on loan at Brighton!), Tyson across midfield, McGoldrick and Earnshaw up front.  The first goal of the game was courtesy of David McGoldrick, a tremendous lofted long ball from Chambers found the striker who kept his composure to lob the ball over Shane Redmond – on loan, of course, from us.

The Brewers had chances too though before this, Simpson, Djilali and McGrath all bringing saves from Camp before Forest had taken the lead.  On the whole the first half was evenly balanced, with a moment of magic from Chambers and McGoldrick needed to break the deadlock.  Half time saw Smith on for Camp, McGugan on for Thornhill, Adebola on for Earnshaw and Anderson on for McGoldrick – with Tyson moving up front.

Certainly Tyson was in the mood to demonstrate where he prefers to ply his trade – soon after the restart Redmond had parried a McGugan shot upon which Tyson pounced to fire the rebound into the net.  McGugan again was architect to Tyson’s second, executing a sublime defence-splitting through ball for Tyson to run on to before calmly rounding Redmond and slotting home the ball.

The third was a powerful half-volley from the edge of the area after good work from Adebola.  A super hattrick, completed in a shade over nine minutes – good work Tys!  Dele could’ve got on the scoresheet too, shooting just wide after more good setup play from McGugan on the right wing.  The consolation goal came late on for the excellently named Shroot – giving Paul Smith the ignomity of conceding first in his new position of benchwarmer!

Also worth mentioning is the amusing chant that seems to have taken root for Dele Adebola amongst the travelling Reds fans.  To the ‘Addams Family’ theme tune, it goes (something) like this:

His name is rather silly
He does a job for Billy
He’s got a massive willy
But not as big as me
Ad-ee-bo-la (clap clap)
Ad-ee-bo-la (clap clap)
Ad-ee-bo-la  Ad-ee-bo-la Ad-ee-bo-la (clap clap)

Certainly made me chuckle and saddeningly rare example of a bit of genuine terrace wit – by all accounts the man himself was certainly amused by hearing it from the travelling Reds, if the big grin on his face was anything to go by whilst he was warming up to the sounds of it!  Good on ya, Dele!  Other good news was that both Paul McKenna and Chris Gunter were present in Burton, obviously unable to play a part until their transfers are cleared with the Football League on Monday.

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  1. Nice to see us win again. It means nothing though it’s good to see the boys can still play football when all they’ve done is run for 2 weeks. Long may it continue and as long as they keep this mini-winning streak going up to and including the games against Stoke and Brum, we should be good for the season. We still need a left back though. Calamity Kelvin won’t lose that name, even at left back and I fear that Bennett may just not meet the cut after nearly a year out of action. A decent central defender to challenge the few we have there would also be nice but with McKenna and especially Gunter on board, we have a really good team in the making. I think relegation battles should be a thing of the past.

  2. Thats a fantastic song for Dele , hope it catches on.

  3. great result u reds!!!

  4. That’s an awful song. Childish, unfunny and pathetic. I hope it dies a death.

  5. 🙂

    Each to their own I suppose, in this instance I’d translate childishness as fun. Nowt wrong with a bit more of that in the world!

  6. Great song for Dele. Great performance from the lads and I can’t wait for the new signings. I found this clip for the possible new signing of that polish lad Radoslaw Majewski

  7. Majewski looks a talent. Excellent final ball, good awareness, traits that are always welcome.

    Well done again for a convincing pre-season performance.

    Roll on August!!

  8. Better highlights here (if you ignore the music)

  9. Thanks Dazzler ,Will and Nfc for the clips. As you say nffc it´s better without the music,.
    I really enjoy Tys´s interviews with his honesty and personality !!I´m sure there is plenty of good banter in the Forest changing room. Keep up the good work !!

  10. Bit of a change of subject but has anyone seen this?


    Is this a massive cock up?

  11. Im hoping its just a bit previous AD_BC !! Mind you this mornings rumour is we are after Elliot Ward of Coventry too.

    Anyone know owt?????

  12. I think you’ve been tricked – I’ve never troubled to find out how, but you can make a player ‘profile’ appear for any club/player combination if both clubs use the horrible premiumtv section of their website.

    This was discovered a few seasons back and made internet forums unbearable as threads appeared saying we’d ‘signed’ pretty much every player under the sun!

    Only heard tabloid rumours regarding Ward.

  13. Extended Burton Highlights!

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