Gunter move is permanent!

I was positively excited at the prospect of Gunter coming on a season-long loan, to have agreed a fee of £1.75m to bring him to the City Ground permanently has illicited perhaps the nearest is bloody amazing! We have agreed personal terms with the defender, and the deal is just awaiting a medical to be completed.

To say the lad only made eight appearances for us at the end of last season, he made a big impression – and I’m sure just like me Forest fans will be thrilled he looks set to move to us on a permanent basis.  According to Vital Forest, this isn’t the only exciting news to come – with strong rumours of Dexter Blackstock too agreeing to return permanently after last season’s loan stint.

Certainly the last part (which admittedly isn’t claimed as confirmed) regarding the move for Coventry’s Danny Fox and Elliot Ward is interesting – I’m still of a mind that we need to sign a left back and a centreback, assuming of course there are no last minute hitches with Gunter and McKenna signing on.  Clearly with attempts to sign Barker and bids for Fox, it would seen the powers-that-be have similar thoughts.

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  1. Fantastic news – hopefully ALL readers of this site will now put their teddies back in their prams and start giving the full support that this club and management team deserve!

    Now I’m really looking forward to the new season.

  2. Fantastic piece of business especially as `Arry was spouting about him being worth 3 million.

    Perch to play centre half which is his favoured postion?

  3. Currently I could see Gunter/Perch as the fullbacks given Bennett is injured.

    Which is why I dearly hope we sign a left back (whether it be Fox or someone else).

  4. Superb news, i truly hope Dexter coming is for real, that lad is mustard, i will never forget the Bristol City game, and his reaction to scoring the winner shows just what the club meant to him.

  5. Well I hate to say I told you so but…Any way welcome back Chris. Something tells me there are a couple of good signing yet to come… 😉

  6. McKenna and Blackstock are both ‘done’ deals.

  7. Well, Gutner in too as I said this morning. SB – McKenna is done!! Since last night!!! where u been?

  8. Sorry, ignore that last comment – forgot that “terms” r 2 b agreed, a formality I understand 😉

  9. So, are we the championship’s answer to Mr Hughes’ blues? Having beaten them comfortably on the pitch last season we are beating them in the transfer stakes too (well in bodies in, if not in spending!!)

    If we get the 2 defenders we will be up to TEN close season signings this summer. Perhaps the longstanding complaints about transfer committees and chairmen should be banished for the foreseable.

    Could be a great trivia question for years to come ‘WHICH CHAMPIONSHIP CLUB SIGNED THE MOST PLAYERS IN SUMMER 2009?’ Can any other club beat ten?

  10. Great news. Billy is back with a bang !

  11. Bloody brilliant, this is excellent!

  12. Absolutely delighted! Great business!

    Things are definitely heading for a much more productive season with Forest. I hope the players gel quickly and as fans we see quality football, many goals and who knows, challenge for promotion, ya never know?….

    C’mon you reds.

  13. Gunter a Great Signing
    The best player apart from Cohen by far last season.
    Centre half and left back now although i suspect Billy will miss out on Fox as well as the Blackpool guy. May get season going and then go for loans?

    What happened in the last two days did Billy give MA a boot up the arse, about time should have been ‘out the door’ though (if all this was MA’s doing i retract all i have said, reluctantly)

  14. nffc
    Perch centre half, could be
    Our former joint manager ‘Charlie’ reckoned he was the best centre half in the club. How is it nobody played him there just like Chambers???

  15. Yep, s’where he debuted against Wigan (I think). I rate Perch as a tackler – he’d be a good partner to a Wes type player. But he’s currently one of our only players capable of playing fullback, in my opinion.

    It’s quite exciting waiting to find out what Billy’s plans are!

  16. I hope he knows!!!
    This club (management/admin) needed a huge kick up the arse, i think its had one
    Now for the marketing dept and ticket office who need a bigger one, go for it Billy

  17. DING DANG DO…..Billy,has anyone got any news on a £600.000 bid for Lee Naylor a left back at Celtic….

  18. It was in the Sun, apparently. It was also mentioned on the Transfer Gossip section of the LTLF forum.

    As yet nothing more concrete than that.

  19. Did Garner vacating the #16 shirt have anything to do with the impending McKenna signing? How did we miss this vital clue?

  20. In fairness there wasn’t much time between the squad numbers and the McKenna announcement.

    If you’d looked around the forums, plenty of people made that leap 🙂

  21. So Tys put in his favoured position in the second half and hits 3 goals….What happened at Ilkeston ??

  22. Lost 2-1 at Ilkeston, apparently. Not sure who was playing, though.

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