Gunter back for another loan stint?

gunterAccording to The Daily Mail, we are set to loan Gunter from Tottenham Hotspur for the whole of next season.  Fantastic news if true, I was incredibly impressed with Chris in his time with us next season, and would be massively pleased to see him in a Forest shirt again.  Hopefully – if true – it would involve some kind of first-refusal purchase opportunity too.

With a bit of luck the news will be announced tomorrow and we can breathe a little easier with our lack of defensive strengthening so far.  If he does sign, I’d like to see Gunter at right back, not shoehorned into the right-footed left back role, which means we still definitely have a glaring vacancy on the opposite fullback berth until Bennett returns from injury.

So hopefully some good news, certainly whisperings I’ve heard suggested that he was on his way back here – and that came indirectly from Tottenham-based sources (very indirectly, I should qualify!), so hopefully the Daily Mail have some kind of inside scoop and are reporting accurate news!

I dearly hope I’m not being premature in saying a big WELCOME BACK CHRIS!

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  1. And with these two on board, Spurs won’t want or need him back;

    Excellent news!


  3. Wahay. One more recognised quality fullback plus Mckennas signing and thats it for me. I think we have made good progress if we pull these acquisitions off.

    Ando, McGoldrick, Dele, Campo, Mckenna, Gunter.Have I left anyone out. I am starting to lose count. Tee Hee!! Billy did earmark 7 or 8 players didnt he?

    Me personally, I would rather have a left footed, left playing fullback who has the all the necessary qualities. Even though Mills is supposed to be the real deal, all of our defenders are centre backs. Every single one. So Gunts and one on the opposite to provide that all important balance and set about defending in an orderly fashion.

    For me the midfield and strikeforce is well covered. OOOh! I just remembered Radish coleslaw I mean Radoslaw Majewski! Have you seen him on Youtube? Looks exciting. Is he better than Gugs when he is at his best though? The jury is out.

    I’m rambling a bit ‘cos I’m in a gooood mood. You Reds!

  4. still need a centre half to partner wes if last seasons shenanigans at the back are anything to go by maybe the moose could do a job there ? god i hope the news about gunts coming back is correct some stunning performances last season.

  5. great signing. We still need a left back and a centre half i think, if we get two more defenders i think we will have done very well in this summers transfer market. I really now can see us having a great season next season!! u reds!!!

  6. Yes a great signing if it does come off and glad to have him back as he really did impress me last season.

    With all these new faces in will be interesting to see who is in Billy’s preferred starting 11. Some shocks in store for some of last season’s regulars me thinks.

    Cetainly the Chairman has shown his commitment by putting his money where his mouth is and I applaud him for that. In this economically tight times, we appear to the only Championship Club doing major business so really we need Billy now to gel this bunch together and set sail up the table.

    Cant wait!!

  7. Today I’ve read from the NEP that it’s now going 2 be a permanement move…. how the tables turn…

    Looks as if it’s more than a great signing. McKenna seems a formality & that olish player is on his way too..

    So much for numerology… It’s all about filling the gaps!! 😆

  8. If you add it all up our outlay this season so far can’t be much more than what we spent last season. Earnshaw cost over £2M and I think McGoldrick, Camp. Anderson, Adebola and Mckenna come to around that. So all in all its not only been excellent signings but shrewd business. Gunter on loan/permanent is excellent and if we can sign Fox and or Mills even better. If we get them 3 and the Polish guy then our spending will probably be between £5-6M which is a pretty big compared to most teams in this league.

    Thats said this is all absolutely necessary if we are going to have any chance of staying up let alone challenging for mid table/playoff.

    If we don’t get another centre half I wonder how Chambers will do in his preferred position? Its got be better than pushing him out to right back where his form was patchy at best. And as for casual Kelvin, he’s got to be pushed. I think his biggest problem last season was that he was almost guaranteed a start which lead to his complaisance and lack of concentration. He’s got a lot of convincing to do not only to BD but to the fans so another central defender is pretty much a must so it brings on the competition for places.

    Whatever though. Its all getting a bit real and quite exciting now.

  9. I have read on one of the many Forest forums that we are on the verge of signing Dexter Blackstock. Apparantly this has come from Dexter him self and he is coming to the CG tomorrow to descuss terms. Happy days!

  10. This article has just appeared from Vital Forest –

    How accurate it is not sure, but it’s pretty positive!

  11. Hope it is accurate! Particularly the Fox and Ward part! But getting Dex back would be great too.

  12. So, according to various sources we are about to sign
    Gunter, McKenna, Majewski, Blackstock, Fox & Ward.

    If true, we really do mean business. Forest in from 40/1 to 25/1 to win the league already. Worth a few quid of anyones money!

  13. I think the weekend will be full of interesting news. This is definitely a step forward, and believe it or not, I think they have spent money wisely – see AD-BC comments and also think back to the days of Mr Platt!

    Whether or not we’re googd enough to win the league is another story, but it might be good enough for the promotion market – 9/1 with Betfred, but funnily enough, Betfair have us at 5/1 at better odds than the sheep.

  14. Sky are ‘confirming’ that he’s signed for 1.75m

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