Number one is Brian Rice, oh, sorry, I mean Lee Camp!

Squad numbers, perhaps it’s the proliferation of numerological conspiracy theory type books like those by Dan Brown, Kate Mosse or Titania Hardie, but we all love to try to divine hidden meanings in numbers.  At least, I know myself and Rish do!  I decided to hang fire ’til the actual list was released – and it turns out they pretty much match the observations others made regarding the training kit numbers players were wearing!

Certainly the first point of interest is that Paul Smith has – as expected – lost his number one shirt to Lee Camp.  That’s a pretty clear indication of how the land lies in the goalkeeping department, and something that I would hope has really pissed off and fired up last season’s first choice.  We need competition in there, after all.  Perch switches from 7 to 2, with Kelvin taking Breckin’s 6, and Anderson taking Perch’s 7.

Does that mean Perch is going to be made a right back? Who knows!  Number three is vacant which hopefully foretells the signing of a left back, whilst Chambers retains number four.  Dele gets the nine shirt, with Tys shunted to 11, with Earnie retaining 10.  And that’s our 1-11.  Cohen is still 15, Garner vacates 16 (presumably for McKenna) in favour of 14.  McGoldrick takes 17, Moussi 19, Smith 21, Arron Davies relegated to 20.  Thornhill 28, and Bennett 29.

Or, in list form:

1.Lee Camp
James Perch
Luke Chambers
Wes Morgan
Kelvin Wilson
Paul Anderson
Lewis McGugan
Dele Adebola
Robert Earnshaw
Nathan Tyson
Garath McCleary
Joe Garner
Chris Cohen
David McGoldrick
Guy Moussi
Arron Davies
Paul Smith
Matt Thornhill
Julian Bennett

So that’s a squad of 19.  That’s not very many really, is it?  20 assuming the McKenna talks end in our favour with the midfielder signing.  Whether the huge gap between Smith and Thornhill show intention to grow the squad, or just not wanting Benno to feel lonely on the list, who knows?

What is very clear though, is that with the souvenir shop about to reopen following refurbishments, is that almost certainly we’re due the big reveal of one of the two new kits being released this year – probably the away one, which means we can all scamper off to the City Ground and buy it emblazoned with the name and number of our favourite player with no fears of it being inaccurate!

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  1. The number 3 Bennett didn’t want last year, so it’s not a case of it’s going to be a left back, but if the shopping list is to proof correct, then it’ll be that crafty Fox, however I read that Coventry want £4m – erm… go buy Gunter for that cash!

    Perchy to have number 7 was weird to start with, now number 2, one can only wait for the first game of the season to see where he lines up.

    Tyson 11, he will now be shoved on the wing. Up front we have our own little and large combination now!

    Not bother about Barker (see earlier post) why some fans are getting upset about god only knows. I suspect there will be a few more to come before the start of the season, I for one, honestly believe we will be fighting at the top half than the bottom.

  2. My main thought is that it exposes how shallow the squad remains…

    As a matter of preference, I tend to prefer my centre halves wearing 4 and 5 (as in the good ol’ Des & Chett days), and think of number 6 as being a box-to-box midfielder in the mould of Steve Hodge or Royston of Keane. But I guess that just shows off my age.

    Incidentally, while 16 is McKenna’s number, I believe that Joseph Garner used to wear 14 at Carlisle – but then I am sure I read that he doesn’t care what number he wears, so I am probably talking rubbish as usual!

  3. with perchy going to no 2 i’d not be suprised to see him at either full back positions with right back being associated with the no 2 jersey sort of makes it look as though gunter aint coming – where does dan fox play at cov ?—-nffc it’ll spur smith on to become a better keeper and i’m sure camp will have to improve to stave him off,but i told you so !!!!

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  5. Wow, you’re quick off the mark! Just posted about that separately!

  6. Today I’ve read from the NEP that it’s now going 2 be a permanement move…. how the tables turn…

  7. Ahaan… I will follow.

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