McKenna on his way..

I imagine Luke Chambers is kicking himself, all that talk of the captain’s armband and it looks like our long courtship of Paul McKenna will probably put paid to that!  Forest and Preston have finally agreed a £750k fee for the midfielder, who is now able to discuss personal terms with the Reds – who I imagine will be aware of what will be needed to convince him to move.

McKenna will provide that much needed level head and experience in midfield that we’ve lacked for, well, a long time.  Neil Lennon was supposed to provide it a couple of seasons back, but the fact that his legs were gone and his mind was on its way to follow them put paid to that.  He is firmly in the top ten of Preston’s all time appearances, and is their current longest serving player and captain, had he stayed (or rather, should he stay) there for 2009/2010 he could well have found himself their all time leading appearance maker.

That Forest have left his preferred squad number vacant (more on squad numbers later today when I get the time) indicates to me they are confident of landing their man.  As a player he’s known for committed performances and intelligent passing – something we’ve lacked in the centre of the park for a while.  He also pops up occasionally with a screamer of a goal or two.

Hopefully terms will be agreed and he’ll sign a deal – because I think he’d be a great addition to the squad.

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