Barker-ing up the wrong tree?

So with Jones at Scunthorpe and now self-confessed Forest fan Barker now at Derby, and Mills seemingly priced beyond what we’re prepared to pay, where does that leave our defensive strengthening?  Whilst not joining the ranks of panic just yet, it is an obvious area that requires reinforcements, although I’m not convinced that the likes of Barker would have been anything more than that – back up.

It’s no secret Forest were looking to secure his services too, though, so I imagine this is a blow to Billy’s plans.  Vital Forest goes one step further to suggest Davies is furious and on the verge of a public spat with the oft-maligned transfer committee – although without a phone tap I’m not sure how they’d know this!  I would be surprised if Davies is really that down on the committee who’ve done decent business so far, and are being met by sizeable obstacles in the form of awkward chairmen for Doncaster and Preston respectively.

So we continue to be linked to Mills and McKenna, rumours of bids for Danny Fox from Coventry continue, Majewski from Poland and a lad called Hone from Lincoln City.  It’s all gone very quiet on the Gunter front who is being mentioned as being a potential target for Sheffield United (dear God no!), and Joel Lynch appears to have dropped off the radar completely after supposedly being part of the reason Thornhill went on loan to Brighton.

As for Barker, as well as saying he was a Forest fan in interviews which won’t do him many favours, he also intimated that he just ‘felt that Derby wanted him more’ – and, to be honest, I think he is more shrewd in that assessment than he realises.  Clearly the decision would have come down to cold hard cash, and they think he’s worth more than we do, and so we must move on and seek alternatives.

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  1. sorry guys but Nigel or Billy ? for me forest through and through but nigel all day long. forest fan or not never billy hoof ball davies. mark my words billy will not be the long term manager of our club. so far camp, anderson the lad from southampton all calderwood / the committee buys. only a 33 year old seven footer from billy !!! 10 k a week for 2 years @ 33 years old ????? not matched by his own club.
    we need a defender, it should have been jones. the committee need to act fast. cant wait for the first game though. from tenerife “come on you reds”

  2. If this helps to get arthur out so be it,but there can be NO excuse for not getting Gunter as he wants to play here so the only choice is buy him for 2.5 million or loan him for a year !
    Mills has to come now..Our chairman promised support for the manager.!So damn well give it !!!


    Get A Life!”

  4. As stated in one of my comments a few months ago, “I wonder how long it will be before BD and the Transfer Cttee & MA fall out publicly”. That time might be a coming and I am concerned, not yet panicking, that the defence has not been strengthened. Still got a Seaeson Ticket mind you!

  5. Typical bloody Forest and the riddiculous transfer system they have at the club. Same old same old from the bungling bafoons at the top of the club. Why is Mark Arthur still in a job? any other company would have sacked him by now. He is an utter joke, and has no knowledge of football. If the man who runs this club is serious about taking this club forward then get rid of this stupid system and pay for decent players to come to this club and get us out of this league

  6. Do you think Barker is seriously the kind of player who will get us out of this league, Ryan?

    I’m not sure I do – indeed, assuming (fairly risky assumption, granted) we get some fullbacks then I’m not totally sure he’d find himself in our starting eleven.

  7. Calm down lads i agree with nffc hes hardly john terry is he ? be patient it will come together and stop moaning at the slightest bad news .

    U reds

  8. What a bunch of fickle little bitches some of you lot are! An “also ran” defender goes to Derby – so what! I am SURE we will have better defenders lined up as soon as BD comes back from Portugal. By the end of next week when we have got a couple of defenders in, the same moaning gits will be saying “we’ll win the league this coming season”. Just shut the hell up and enjoy, what should be, an exciting couple of weeks in the transfer market….

  9. If there is truth in the vital forest article Im not sure they should be publicising it and stirring things u further.

    Im not bothered about missing out on Barker. We have 4 decent centre backs to choose from in Wes,Chambers, Wilson and Perch. I’d be much happier to hear news of some full backs arriving, of which we dont have any!

    NFFC – Thornhill on loan to Brighton? Was that just something that might happen if Lynch came to us?

  10. I thought it had already happened but now can’t seem to find any record of it, so maybe I imagined it!

  11. Didn’t BD state last season that he saw Perch as our natural centre-half? Which leaves Wes and Chambers fighting for the other spot. Personally I’d like to see Wes and Perch given a run, Perchy might just surprise us…
    He’s a tidy tackler, reads the game well and doesn’t often hoof the ball away.

    But my gripe is letting Moloney go out on loan. Lets be honest, a small club like ours shouldn’t be paying 2.5m for a right back if we already have a capable player in that position. And I do recall everyone saying how well Moloney was playing when he was given a run in the side.

    Calm down lads and lasses, I’m certainly not losing any sleep over the fact a couple of over-rated players chose to go elsewhere for more money.

  12. I have just heard we have sorted a deal out with Preston for Mckenna any one else heard owt………..

  13. Sky news says £750.000 he is due in Nottm today to sort out wages ………

  14. Mickf – it’s on the official site of both clubs fee 750k, personal terms tba & it’s done & dusted.

    Thornhill is in the squad which went to Portugal, where on earth did u find he went off 2 Brighton…

    Rumourville for sure!!!

    4 transfers, 1-0 win vs Sporting Lisbon friendly or not & yet some so called fans are crying??? SHUT UP MOANERS!!! Get behind the club & the manager.

    And for those on Facebook look for my group which is positively looking to be higher than the Sheep this season. 😀 You Reds!!

  15. for what it’s worth – i reckon as i think nffc said a while back that the barker bid and outcome was a bluff to get the doncaster chairman a bit itchy thinking he was going to miss out on selling probably there 1st million pound player and get him on the phone to us ? just my thought maybe wrong

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