Forest announce new sponsorship deal..

Victor Chandler: The chairman of the company that bears his name..

This is my thousandth post on NFFCblog. To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed that the subject matter is Forest announcing their new shirt sponsor which – whilst important – isn’t the kind of exciting ‘fanfare’ type update I was hoping to give. 

But anyway, there’s been lots of speculation, names like Santander, Childline, EON or Balls to Poverty have been mooted, but it turns out that upon ending their relationship with credit card company Capital One, Forest have gone one better on the moral highground scale and gone for a gambling company.

According to Forest, Victor Chandler are the world’s foremost online b0okmaker and gaming company.  As a reasonably avid online gambler I’d never heard of them, so that seems like a bit of an exaggeration!  However, a one year deal has been struck for a ‘significant six figure sum’, and in the process Reds legend Viv Anderson has been appointed their ambassador for football – I’m not quite sure what that means, but good on you, Viv!

This is the company’s largest foray so far into the world of football sponsorship – and given their odds of 40/1 (according to Victor Chandler himself) of Forest winning the Championship, they’re setting their sights quite low so far!  Good news from a corporate point of view, personally I liked the idea of Forest supporting a charity however there’s a clear need for revenue too – so if we’re achieving that then that’s good news.

Presumably this means the desire I’d been harbouring to be able to buy a replica kit without a sponsors logo might now be in vain, though!

Whilst perhaps not a well known name in football circles (at least not by me!) he is a very prominent and influential person in the wider world of sports betting, particularly horseracing.  He has sponsored horse racing events, the British Masters golf tournament as well as televised poker tournaments.  So despite my initial ignorance, Mr Chandler is a prime mover and shaker in his industry – so the portent of him getting on board with Forest has to augur well for our prospects.

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  1. your on the ball nffc was just about to e-mail you !!!

  2. Happy 1000th blog NFFC!!!

    As you allude to, NOT the juiciest of topics to break into 4 figures to but nevertheless, congratulations and here’s to the next 1000 and beyond!

  3. Fat boys going to celtic!

  4. Big name but disappointed it’s a gambling company. After the rumours of a children’s charity to promote a significant cause of family break-downs is a little ironic.

    Still, nice pic on their home page.

  5. I may be misinterpreting but the offical site says: “The deal will see the Victor Chandler name displayed on the front of Forest’s first team and reserve shirts, as well as being available on adult replica shirts.”

    That contains two interesting points. “Available” and “Adult”. So my son’s new shirt will be sponsor free. And the logo is “available” for my adult shirt – if I choose to have it??

  6. ooooh a sponsor free shirt… interesting

  7. Speaking to a Wolves fan (sponsored by and he says that the kids shirts have to remain sponsor free due to them being under 18 and the logo is optional on adult shirts as gambling is “not allowed” under various religions which would therefore mean a number of supporters would be unable to purchase a shirt.

    So looks like those desires of yours may well be fulfilled nffc 😉

    Be very interesting to see how many shirts with sponsor they sell compared to those without. I know which one I’m going to buy!!

  8. Just had a squiz at the offical site and noticed it is plastered with adverts for Bet365 🙂

  9. Had meant to comment that kids shirts can’t have a gambling-based business sponsoring them, so they will presumably be blank.

    I hadn’t considered the religious implications of gambling though, so yes, I guess adult shirts will be available sponsor-free too – which personally I’m very pleased about!

    Amusingly it might be like a return to the old days when you actually had to pay to have the club apply a sponsors logo to your replica kit! I remember kids at school proudly showing off how they’d paid to be a walking advert for Shippo’s!

  10. Does this mean the dreaded mark arthur has done something positive for Forest at last !! At least it will help to pay his wages ……
    Congrats. on your 1000th Blog !!!Alan

  11. Can’t believe Jones has signed for Scunthorpe! Maybe we didn’t match their offer, but still, I think we missed a good one. Especially as we need defenders, and in my opinion not just for the squad, we need starters.

    VC is a great coup for sponsorship. The man is a genius, and well liked in the racing world. Think I’m right in saying he was the first to move operations off-shore, and then the rest followed to Gibralter, Jersey, Malta, etc. Welcome aboard to him I say, and loving the fact I’ll be able to get a shirt with no sponsor.

    Congats and thank you for your first millennia NFFC!

  12. Ive noticed Marthur has been spouting his mouth off to the local Beeb about “further new signings to come”.

    In the past, his media rantings have always come back and bit us on the arse. I think I prefer the silent approach to transfer dealings than that twat getting involved!!

  13. Quite right Egor, While arthur was spouting scunny take rob jones our towering centre half away. He joined them because he thought they would stay in the championship.
    I hope we lost him because Billy has someone better lined up otherwise arthur had better get lost ,especialy when we play scunny !

  14. Hmm, I was looking forward to plain shirts this season, so for the club to get some money and we still get the option of a blank shirt its win win!

    Jones to Scunny? Who cares now? If thats the limit of his ambition, playing in front of 6000 a week, then maybe he wasn’t cut out for a big club anyway?

    Congratulations on the blog nffc, the best Forest site by far.

  15. these are supposed to be new kits, wish the away kit was brighter blue like one on the blue/black striped.

  16. Happy 1000th nffc! Hurray!!!
    I’d also loooove to have a sponsor-free shirt this season! Let’s hope tere are some available when I report to the City Ground in August!
    Oh, didn’t I tell you?
    I will be there for the home season opener against West Brom! Hope to see you at the Lady Bay again before the game and have a pint or two! Egor, don’t miss out this time! 🙂

  17. Ive just seen the squad thats going to Portugal. I’m concerned that as yet, we have no fit full backs.

    I hope we sign a couple soon as I dont want to see Chambers and Cohen played there again this season!

  18. […] You see, the trouble with being a football fan is that you spend the summer waiting. Little things take on huge importance – take, for example, the revelation that the replica Forest shirts will not now be able to display the sponsor’s logo on child sizes, and it will be optional even on adult shirts. This is apparently because the display of Victor Chandler’s logo can be seen to encourage gambling, which is illegal for minors and immoral for various religious and ethical persuasions (I have shamelessly culled this information from the comments on NFFCBlog). […]

  19. Meant to post this earlier but here’s a link to watch tonight’s game via p2p. Imagine it’ll be portuguese commentary.

    Should be a decent game

  20. ok sorry, looks as though you have to go to main site first. Won’t load properly on the link above. Use this below and then click on the game from their list.

  21. Are we gonna have to throw games for this meglamaniac gamblaholic?

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