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Well, what a week that was!  Just as I’d become accustomed to infrequent updates on here, no sooner had I popped down to the City Ground to pick up my season ticket, there was a flurry of activity that has been rumoured all over the place for some time.  I thought I’d wait to see if there were to be any last minute treats before commenting further on our recent acquistions beyond just confirming they’d signed.

David McGoldrick was up first on Monday – someone we’ve been linked to before, upon researching a bit (what did we ever do without YouTube?) as well as having a scan around the internet it seems he very much fits in the bracket of ‘with potential’ at just 21 – a good finisher who has been played as an out-and-out striker as well as on the right or as an attacking midfielder in ‘the Jack Lester role’ as we’d know it.  My first reaction to this one was that the fee was high – I still think this, but the cheapness of subsequent signings has lightened my mind regarding this!

Tuesday came and Forest fans were still excitedly anticipating the next move, which wasn’t long to materialise – a double treat in store with the Reds first choosing to confirm what we all already knew – Dele Adebola had signed a two year deal with us after his contract expired at Bristol City.  I seem to be in a minority who thinks this is a great move – anyone who watched Bristol City against us will have seen what great shape he’s in, and is the kind of striker we lack, a bustling physical presence who will provide opportunities for our selection of smaller faster players.

Although news of Paul Anderson making a permanent move for a mere £250k absolutely thrilled me on the very same day.  Paul had an injury-blighted season with us last year, but still made a great impact and showed a great work-ethic and courageous nature.  Given his tender years, I’m really excited to see how he develops as even though he impressed me last year, I don’t think we saw anything near what this lad is capable of.

Wednesday came and went, but Thursday saw the increasingly loud whispers of Lee Camp signing confirmed unusually by Forest before the deal was done.  The deal was finally sealed today.  I defy anyone to not have been enamoured by his penalty heroics at Derby, although many fans do seem to have a rather more elevated opinion about his abilities than I do, I’m chuffed to bits we have two excellent goalkeepers for this level – who will hopefully keep one another on their toes and both improve the weaker aspects of their game.

All in all, excellent news – hat’s off to Billy Davies, Nigel Doughty, Mark Arthur and the rest of the transfer committee – this is some good business.  Although we do need you to keep up the good work, of course, because right now we still require a fair bit of strengthening, but it’s one hell of a start you’ve made!

Paul McKenna from Preston remains subject of strong rumours of signing, I think he would be another excellent acquisition.  Chris Gunter is also frequently speculated to be again up for joining us on loan – I really hope so (or better, sign permanently!).  I’ve not heard anything about Joel Lynch signing, and then there’s the ongoing saga of Jones, Mills or Barker.  Address those signings and I’ll be incredibly happy, we do need to shore up our defence.

The other thing that has appeared on the Forest website is an appeal for fans to support the 2018 World Cup bid.  Since that could involve us either moving to an as-yet undesigned stadium in an unknown location, I’m not about to fill anything in at all – if the club could be a little more forthcoming with some concrete plans should the bid get the go-ahead, then I would consider backing it with some actual facts.  It’s nice to hear them contemplating the possibility of developing the City Ground though, because frankly, I don’t want to leave there for some hideous new-build monstrosity.

It’s great to have such positive things to write about – long may it continue! You Reds!

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  1. I´m sure we will get Gunter as he is another one who wants to play for forest. I still hope we get Rob Jones as well and our Preston midfielder will also be along shortly.This year or next year we will be back where we belong..At Last !

  2. Yes, good work. I believe in Fergie’s philosophy of buying young players with good potential. Keep the coffers in shape for the future. I do think we’ll need the sining on of Messi if we’re to make a challenge for the places. bred.

  3. You can tell that billy davies means business and i like most cant wait for us to show this leage that we no longer are a spineless unit.

    I expect 3 more to come in 2 defenders and a midfielder.It shows me how fickle and off the mark most forest fans are as billy was demonised before taking the job weve needed a character like him for years.

    Bring it on i say

    U reds


    Nobody calling for the chairman’s head now, are they? A good lesson in holding our nerve as fans.

    I too hope we can get Gunter (the best prospect in defence) and one more at the back and in central midfield.

    But you gotta say it’s looking good – a great antidote to my withdrawal symptoms (Why does july always go so slowly in the odd numbered years?)

  5. Some good, solid, sound signings. At worse I see Forest staying in this league now, at best, and if the signings make the impact the board hope they do, then I can see enough depth to push for a playoffs place. I still think we need a stable defender, Gunter is the man here. The moose will also be fit! he’s gonna add some much needed depth in midfield

  6. I think Anderson was an absolute steal. And from a sound source at my workplace who drinks with Anderson’s Dad, ‘Ando’ was offered £2k a week more at Wigan once Martinez got the job. No guarenteed first team opportunites meant he chose Forest, coupled witht eh fact that his family are out new Melton Mowbray.

    Like you’ve all said, great week of ‘incomings’ and a couple more will certainly see me looking at the top half of the table next season……here’s hoping!

  7. McKenna deal in the next 48 hours!

    Looking good………!!

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