Anderson makes it three!

Hopefully not the last time I get to use that headline – but Forest are about to post on their site that we’ve signed Anderson.  The Nottingham Evening Post are suggesting for as little as £250k – which is an absolute steal!  Another former loan-club Swansea were also chasing his signature.

Despite having a torrid time with injuries, Ando made 28 appearances for us last season – and despite only snagging a couple of goals, our results with him in the side were generally better than without him.  A tireless worker and prepared to do the dirty work – not to mention play on with a cast on whilst his arm was recovering – this is our most exciting signing yet, I think.

Great to have him back, a busy couple of days for the Reds in terms of signings – it also makes the £1m price tag for McGoldrick seem easier to swallow – as £1.25m for the pair looks like great business to me!  Oh, and as I type this, the official site has been updated (and almost used the same headline as me!).

He’s signed a three year contract, and this news has cheered me up immeasurably in preparation for an afternoon of fairly dull meetings!  Welcome back, Paul! (He also looks a bit like that bloke Andy Murray was playing at Tennis yesterday, I notice, as I look for a picture of him!).

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  1. Its funny you should say that about anderson looking like the guy murray played yesterday evening.
    Becuase i thought that esewell

  2. I think this is by far the best signing of the three – for me, he would have been “Player of the Year” if he hadn’t been out for so long with injuries and £250k is an absolute steal!

    Welcome to the Reds, Paul!

  3. Just listened to Ando’s interview on “Forest World” – I haven’t been as excited as this about a new season for many a long year!!

  4. When we were first linked with a six figure bid for Anderson, i commented that i hoped it was nowhere near a million, turns out it was a quarter of that which is probably the best bit of business done at the city ground in many a year, three cheers for the acquisition panel anyone?

    Well thats the forwards sorted then, now for the defence. We will get lynch, gunter on loan and one of the centre backs we’ve been linked to, hopefully Mills. i cant believe that Billy hasn’t got something up his sleeves with regard to a keeper so i think we’ve all just about had our wish list, come on Forest!

  5. i thought the same reguarding the tennis all he needs now is the red nose 🙂 most suprising thing is that liverpool let him go for that little. i agree that him n mggoldrick could be great signings for 1.25 mil

  6. Very good two days business. The club have come in for lots of bad press from fans on various web forums in the past but they seem to be showing desire and should be congratulated for this.

    I am now looking forward to the next few weeks to see if our defensive weeknesses will be amended.

  7. I thought it was a typo when I first read the fee. Cracking deal. Still need the wise old head in midfield though, aswell as the defenders mentioned already otherwise we have essentially the same squad as last year… Alhough I think we’ll get more out of Adebola in 5 minutes than we did from Andrew Cole in 5 games. We definately need some NEW additions, not just signing all the loan players we had last term – that is zero progress. That is standing absolutely still. Billy banged on for long enough about a lack of experience and Lynch, Gunter and Mills are not going to give us either anything new or add experience. I’m nowhere near as optimistic as SB until Billy really starts delivering the players he’s said he will.

  8. Murray referred to Stanslav Wawrinka as ‘Stan’ so perhaps that can be Paul Anderson’s new nickname?!

    It’s more original than ‘Ando’ anyway!

  9. Things seem to be looking up at last,as well as a couple of defenders a new keeper would be nice,this could turn out to be the best season we have had in a good few years.Bring it on Billy…………..

  10. I certainly wouldn´t praise the panel as I´m sure Billy made it clear who he wants and players are coming because of his record in this division.
    We certainly need Jones and Mills if possible and Camp. The Preston midfielder as well (forgot his name)
    The ambition and enthusiasm seem to be there and I hope you took my tip to put some money on getting promoted before we made the signings. Sky bet was the best at 14 to 1 …5o quid gives you 750 at the end of the season. icing on the cake!!

  11. Maloney crossing the river for six months must mean Gunter is on his way.

    Keep ’em coming Billy…

  12. Along with Cohen Ando was my player of the season, so great news we’ve got him.
    Query…can we recall our loaned out players at short notice? IF we get Lynch who is the cover should he get injured again? Cohen? And what about Gunter, Moloney was more than capable so I’m surprised we’re paying good wages out on him. (I know I’m in the minority there!)
    The back 3 currently stand at Wilson (heaven help us) Wes and Perch.
    As Radgie says, more is needed. But signing 2 strikers is a step forward, so lets hope BD has an ace up his sleeve….

  13. A fit Bennett is the other LB option.

  14. Big rumour going round that if you haven’t already heard is very exciting!

    1.8m – Keiran Westwood from Coventry – Supposedly going through in next 48hrs, they tabled a take or leave bid to Cov and it was accepted, and Westwood took just 3 hours to complete negotiations! Would be an amazing signing, he is a quality gk and Given’s heir apparent for Ireland. Much better signing than Camp would ever be

    3.4m – Chris Gunter – High price but he is an international, who really impressed and it’s better than a loan deal

    800k – Rob Jones – Allegedly signing very soon. Captain of Hibernian, a man mountain and exactly the sort of person to bring steel to the back line.

    These 3 are allegedly going to sign in next couple of days, and if it turns out to be true, I will be hugely impressed and excited. Shows great ambition.

  15. I’ve seen the rumour, but didn’t think it seemed very realistic. I’m sure Coventry would hold out for more for Westwood – they didn’t buy him that long ago.

    Much like you though, I’d be thrilled if these signings came off, but as ever my pessimism gets the better of me!

  16. Would be amazing. I am extremely sceptical myself regarding Westwood. He is a class act, who will play in the premiership sooner rather than later but so yes the price seems way too low, but heh you never know. Anyone know if Cov need the money?

    I can see Gunter being true, if ND is willing to splash the cash this summer

    I am an eternal cynic, so not hoping to much, but damn with these 3, our recent confirmed signings and the squad we already have we could be in for a great season.

    Anyone think Tyson will be playing on the wing this season?

  17. i hope there is room for joe garner next season, for me he deserves a good run in the team and he has genuine quality. we may now be top heavy for forwards and would not be surprised to see Joe or Tyson move on if the price is right……but i hope not !!!
    Cannot wait for the new season

  18. There’s a story on “NewsNow” suggesting that Reading might try to spend some of their “Doyle winnings” on Tyson!

    a) I hope it’s not true and b) he loves Nottingham and only recently signed a contract extension so I don’t (want) to believe it.

    If we play 4-3-3 then I’m sure Tys will be out on the left. If 4-4-2, I wouldn’t be surprised to see McGoldrick at the head of the middle ‘4’.

    Any thoughts anyone?

  19. I don’t think it will happen, for one I think Reading will want somebody more proven at this level, and two – the reasons you’ve stated already.

  20. nffc – good point. And anyway, presumably the players ‘know’ who else is coming in and even if half the stories are true, why on earth would they want to go anywhere else?

    I listened to the Adebola interview on Forest World today – he certainly suggests that there will be some other signings. He also sounded incredibly ‘wise and mature’.

    My season tickets arrived today – I can’t wait and I’ve been a holder for 30 years!!

  21. just to add to the westwood/camp rumour,paul smith has had number 21 allocated to him for next season ??? hope it’s camp coming,he’d become a legend at forest for sure.

  22. I don’t think the numbers they’re wearing on their training kits reflect final squad numbers, Billy won’t be assigning those ’til he knows who he has to assign them to.

    Strong rumours Camp will sign. Legend is putting it a bit strong, he’d have some work to do there, however in some fans eyes he already is one.

  23. hear what your saying about squad numbers nffc but surely billy dos’nt see smithy as his number 1 or he’d have it on his back not be sat waiting for its new wearer to be signed(still hope its camp)!

  24. Looks likely, equally maybe there just wasn’t a training top combination with a number one on them.

    Terry the Kitman will be in hot water, if so!

  25. now he is a legend thanks to your good self !!

  26. Actually I really need to catch up with Tel to see if he’s up for a spot more diary-writing!

  27. Thing are shaping up nicely for the new season were gonna be a much stronger force next season.Credit to billy hes getting them in.

    U reds

  28. god it’s good to be right !!!! lee camp has signed for us

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