Rumour: Signings on the way..

Brecks: heading back to Chesterfield

Brecks: heading back to Chesterfield

Whilst the world has been consumed with talk of the untimely demise of Michael Jackon, I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground and some of the white noise of endless whispers and rumours are starting to become a little more discernable than others.  Having chatted with a few folks it would seem that a lot of the rumours doing the rounds regarding agreements with players are indeed factual.

I have absolutely no idea why Forest are apparently sitting on their hands and not releasing information, I’m assuming finalisations need to be happening or something, since tomorrow is the deadline for season ticket renewal I would’ve thought ideally an announcement before now would have been preferable for them.  That said, I took the plunge and renewed mine earlier today, despite the lack of news!

So, unfortunately I can’t say who I’ve been talking to – but what I have heard is consistent with rumours elsewhere regarding eight ‘confirmed’ incomings, one of them from Liverpool (I wonder who that could be?), one from Brighton (with Thornhill going on loan there, it would make sense, wouldn’t it? – strengthened by news of Joe Heath going out on loan yesterday).

The other snippet was a loan signing, with no other detail than that – there’s been endless speculation about loan targets already – so I shan’t add to it or try to pick a name!  As for the supposed other five signings, well, I have no idea – we do need them though, so let’s hope to actually have some concrete news to write about soon rather than rumour-peddling.

Given the gargantuan size of the list of players we’ve been linked to, it would be churlish to speculate although much of internet-land still seems pretty certain that Adebola has been a done deal for weeks (if that’s true, why not release that information?!), which leaves four more slots to fill.  Billy will want to get stuff sorted soon before pre-season begins a-proper.

In the world of confirmed news, some good news for former skipper Ian Breckin, he’s agreed a two year deal with former club Chesterfield, turning down moves to Burton and Walsall to team up with another former Red (just!) John Sheridan.  Good luck to you, Brecks.  Chesterfield is rapidly becoming a team of Forest cast-offs!