Fixtures, goodbye Pembo and scummer jailed..

Pembo: Leaving with our very best wishes

The fixtures have lured me back onto the internet – Bradford in the cup isn’t the most inspiring, but of course today’s release of the league fixtures is always going to pique our interest!  For the first time in ages we start and finish away from home, but firstly a few other things.

John Pemberton has departed the Reds, and I’d like to wish him well – I don’t ‘know’ any of the Forest staff but he always struck me as a diligent man of integrity, and of course his time as a caretaker manager last season was incredibly successful – so thanks for your hard work, John, and I – and I’m sure all other Forest fans – wish you all the best for the future.  Also the chap who vandalised the Brian Clough statue in Nottingham has been jailed.  Good.

So, on to the fixtures.  The Football League are incredibly uppity about people reproducing their fixture lists – so whilst I probably wouldn’t have done anyway, I legally can’t.  Obviously the eye is drawn to fixtures against Derby – we start off at home this time at the end of August, playing the return fixture in the badlands at the end of January.  Newcastle are the other opponent that most seem to look out for – they visit us on 17th October, our trip to St. James’ Park on 27th March.

You can browse our fixtures in full on the BBC website (predictably the Forest website is yet to be updated with them as I type!).

Makes it seem somewhat more real, doesn’t it?  Now we could just use some nice positive transfer news to engender a bit of optimism!

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  2. Thanks to Pembo. I´m sure he will make a good assistant manager at a good league club or take over a non league club as Nigel Clough did.I´m sorry we couldn´t keep him here….

  3. 8th August is too early to start the football season!!! We are predicted to have a very hot, dry summer so I think if you have to start the season in the heat of summer then it should be evening kick offs only. I normally go to Reading away (a local game for me) but I won’t this year as that game falls right in the middle of the 4th Ashes test match!

  4. The sun online shows all Forest fixtures.

  5. I can’t understand why the fixtures have thrown up 8 midweek home games (1/3 of the fixtures) not so bad for locals bot I like others travel from around the country. When will we get back to it being a Saturday game?

    However can’t wait for the season to start

  6. Technically, there are only 6 midweek home games (and 4 away). The other two fall on bank holidays (28th Dec and 5th April). Looking forward to the Leicester game too and the chance to right a series of wrongs against Donny (the new Walsall?).

    I quite like the look of our run-in.

    Roll on July and the real start of the transfer season.

    Thanks for everything Pembo, you certainly picked up the tough task of following Paul Hart and did an excellent job. I’m not sure I like Billy’s practice of dissolving reserve fixtures (he did the same at D*rby – to much disdain). Good luck whereever you go.

  7. Looks like it´s all going to happen next week,with Gunter on loan, Camp and Anderson coming with Lynch and a couple of strikers too.
    I hope we can still get Rob Jones but that´s gone quiet …………We need a vocal midfield general,that´s sure..Keep the faith..I can´t wait for next season !1!

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