Memories of glory, and a reality check..

Around this time thirty years ago Nottingham would’ve been a great place to be – Munich would’ve been a better place to be, of course, because Forest would have just been crowned Champions of Europe.  You know, back when you really had to be a Champion to qualify for the competition.

There’s been lots of reminiscing around the internet which I’ve been keeping tabs on – sadly being of a certain age I have no recollection at all of those legendary events, although of course have become as familiar as one can with them in retrospect from videos and stories from my elders.  It’s certainly a story worth telling, I reckon!

I’m sure you’ve seen numerous pieces yourselves, but my favourite by far has been Gary Roe’s five part recollection of the Annesley Reds and their tour to Munich.  Released over five days in installments over on LTLF, it’s made essential daily reading for me – incase you haven’t already caught it, then I’ve provided a link below – a great account!

Hats off to you, Gary – a thoroughly enjoyable read!  There is also an interesting alternative account on LTLF courtesy of ‘Me Owd’ whose general recounts of past glories or players I would recommend reading too.  You can find this by clicking here.

Whilst we lose ourselves in misty reminisces of glory, we should also spare a thought to the awful news that Nottingham lad and Forest fan Lance Corporal Kieron Hill of the Mercian Regiment was killed in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan on 28th May.  Kieron leaves behind two brothers, one of whom is in the Forest academy, another on the books of neighbours Notts County.  I’m sure you’ll all join me in offering condolences to his family and friends.  Rest in Peace, Kieron.

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  1. R.I.P Kieron

  2. Nothing to do with this post, but have you seen this:

    An anti-Forest pisstake, but quite funny for all that…

  3. I suppose they need something to cheer themselves about ,what with the fact that have dropped 18 league positions and we have gained 6 spots since we swapped Fat&^%$ for Earnie.

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  5. RIP Keiron

  6. god bless kieron R.I.P and all the lads still fighting a pointless war(my opinion) – my best mates a sheep shagger and so are his two lads,the eldest has just returned from helmand,afghanistan for his two week R+R took him fishing yesterday and he’s dreading going back to what he calls simply ” Hell”.

  7. makes you realize how lucky we are and that there’s more to life than football

  8. Good on you nffc my heart goes out to the lad and his family.Im an x royal marine and my old unit has been getting it in the neck across there not a place you would want to be.

    R.I.P Keiron

  9. Likewise RIP Kieron.

    Ex Bootneck myself, when were you in and where Redric?

  10. Crack good to see a forest fan and x botneck rolled into one.Ive been outside since 94 joined in 89 x 42 rating.

    I work in rope access now what about you ?

  11. Re. notts County takeover..Now there´s an opportunity for Pembo..
    I hope he gets a good job if he is forced out.

  12. @ Redric – we probably passed by at somepoint. I was 87 – 97, intially at 40, RM Poole then Brigade. Now selling my soul here in London. I’ve got a mate up on the rigs doing rope access – where are you?

  13. Im in edinburgh mate done my offshore survival last year but i work onshore at mo looking to possibly go offshore.

    My big oppo scotty mackay used to be at poole he was an LC still lives in poole.Do you get to see the reds much ? my old man is a big red from near notts but im scottish have been forest daft all my life.

    Maybe drop nffc a mail with your details and i will aswell so we can mail without being covert on here.

    U reds

  14. I hope we get Anderson signed up before Martinez tempts him to go to Wigan. …Am I getting nervous or what ?
    Like all of us I will be glad to read of some signings,particularly defenders !!

  15. Nice to see Gunter prefers Forest to Newcastle.
    Lets hope Rob Jones and the other players we want all give their bloody agents a hard time so they can come here .

  16. Oh well it looks like ND will have to stump up some cash for something this summer either way, what with Setanta on the brink and his equity firm being liable.

    Hopefully he’ll keep the chequebook out long enough to actually do sign somebody, time is ticking….

    No panic, YET!

  17. In retrospect to previous comment, I appreciate it’s still very early in the summer, and no doubt negotiations are ongoing, and hopefully things will succeed.

    Don’t think I’m moaning, just eagerly anticipating the prospect of our team having some excellent new players who can drive us forward!


  18. I´m sure you are right Ryan.
    If we take Mills from Donny, they have to find a replacement before they will let him go,and I´m sure thats the case with most of the players we are bidding for.
    I am quietly optomistic that we will have a good squad in place before pre season.

  19. Camp, Blackstock and Gunter have all made it clear they want to come to Forest so what the hell is the dreaded mark arthur doing about it ???Action Please or RESIGN !!!

  20. Guess this could be an ‘interesting’ week for the Reds, although remember that the Transfer window doesn’t officially re-open until 1st July!

    Looking forward to hearing a few positive rumours.

  21. well i aint renewing my season ticket till the very death or until some positive news comes from the CG

  22. Really would like to see Alan Mahon come to us. He’s been released by Burnley, and fair enough he didn’t play that much last season, but from what I’ve seen in seasons past he is a very accomplished and experienced midfielder with a decent amount of creativity, whether that be on the left or in the middle. Worth a trial surely? Again not sure why we don’t offer Graeme Murty a trial, he is a classy fb, and if he has sufficiently recovered from his injury than he would be a great addition. Worth a trial surely?
    If Spurs are having this alleged clearout, than maybe we should go and show some serious ambition and try and nab Gareth Bale as well as Gunter. May think wishful thinking but if we are to splash the cash then they’re available. Personally don’t think we’d need another fb for about 10yrs if we could pull off that coup. Ok maybe wishful thinking, sorry!
    Would really like to see Ched Evans at the CG, if he is available at around the 2m, then probably would prove to be a bargain. Truly is a coincidence that I seem to be mentioning Welsh players, I’m actually Irish!
    Think Mills will be coming as long as we don’t try to cheapskate the Donny chairman.
    Interesting times, but some definite news would be nice.

  23. Actually got myself all angry thinking that David Pleat was going to be in South Africa covering the Confederations Cup rather than doing what he should be doing for Forest, until I realised it was being covered by BBC. The man infuriates me! I respond to his weekly newspaper blog asking him as to what he actually does for Forest. He’s never responded…

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