Chris is Cohen nowhere!

Whilst the clamour for new signing rumours shows no sign of abatement, some splendid news came from Forest today.  Midfielder Chris Cohen has signed a well-earned new contract which will keep him at the City Ground until 2013.  Naturally I’m very pleased that he has decided to stick around, after a well-deserved player of the season award, and it also bodes well for wheels being in motion in the background to build the squad we need to be competitive in this league.

Congratulations, Chris – it’s great to have you signed up for a while again.

Rumours gather apace but with little substance so far – some quarters are suggesting signings have been made, but are being kept quiet for no apparent reason, Dele Adebola, David McGoldrick and the hitherto not-linked-with-us Paul McKenna are being whispered as ‘done deals’ – I’m afraid I can’t offer any insight into the accuracy of these utterances.  Marcus Hahnemann and Dexter Blackstock have been pigeon-holed into the ‘still talking to’ category.

Those are the more prevalent ones – if I troubled to list all the names I’d heard lately then it would take a considerably longer time to write this post which I’m not really prepared to do!  Whatever is happening backstage at the City Ground they’re keeping it quiet – I guess if signings have been made or are about to be then we’ll have to wait ’til after the bank holiday now to find out for definite.

There’s also the usual degree of unhealthy obsession with our neighbaa’s on the message boards, some degree of affrontment from some quarters that former Reds legend Johnny Metgod is taking a role as a coach there, personally that doesn’t really bother me.  Also that Pride Park appears to have become Gay Pride Park for the day. 

One thing that I’m sure Forest and Derby fans alike can come to an agreement upon is that the defacing of the Brian Clough statue in Nottingham is a disgrace.  The good news is that the incident is being investigated by the Police, and hopefully the culprit (or culprits) will be identified and punished.

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  2. Chris Cohen Video ………..

  3. Next year’s Captain???

  4. Anyone fancy a trip to St.James’s Park?? How does the song go; “You’re not famous anymore”!!!!!

  5. Millwall staying in League 1 and the Toon coming to Toon (sorry Town!) Its been a great weekend for Forest! And Jenson won again…TRIFF!

  6. I hope the ground is open to supporters as on the last day of the season. Our players will need all the support they can get.A club like Newcastle will want to bring 8000 plus with them so we need to keep all the seats we can for our supporters at home !

  7. SB, how about “your only here for the forest”

    living in scotland makes it even better as middlesborough and newcastle are not that far.

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