08/09 Highlights..

Just when you thought you’d heard the last of me ’til we signed somebody or next season arrived, I just found this little gem on YouTube which I wanted to link to incase the thought police remove it at some point.  Courtesy of UltimateJoe1992, we have a compilation of highlights from the season just gone.  Enjoy!

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  1. Well done….Boy I enjoyed that !!!

  2. Nice find! Dexter steaming into the fans after THAT goal, marvellous!!

  3. Its felt like a long old season, but I dont think I’ll ever forget the trip to Man City. Unbelievable, but it still annoys me that we got so little coverage after the game,after all we did beat the richest club in the world three nil on their own turf!! Still, some really good goals at time this season, lets hope for twice as many next year!!

  4. I Felt this was a better look at the season!

  5. cant watch it matt – keeps saying not available in your country or domain !!!! tyson’s belter against man shity was one for me-just went daft with disbelief when it went in at the othew end of city of manc stadium

  6. Nice one fella enjoyed that

    U reds

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  9. Both great montages – especially nice for those of us “Reds from afar”! Let’s hope the one next season shows the lap of honour as we get promoted!

  10. Dex’s winner against Bristol is the highlight for me! Sheer joy shared by the players and fans alike! It was probably the pivotal moment of the season for me -as it was only then I started to believe we could make safety.

    Excellent stuff!

  11. OMG! 1:32-1:34, the lad with the jesters hat on – that’s my son!

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