08/09 Highlights..

Just when you thought you’d heard the last of me ’til we signed somebody or next season arrived, I just found this little gem on YouTube which I wanted to link to incase the thought police remove it at some point.  Courtesy of UltimateJoe1992, we have a compilation of highlights from the season just gone.  Enjoy!

Rumour roundup..

"What're yae talkin' aboot?"... "Fitbae!"*

Along with the good folks at LTLF and Eighteensixtyfive it looks very much like we’ve made good use of our post-season downtime by ensuring Forest romp home in The Sun’s poll trying to determine the best team ever.  Competitions like this are fraught with problems, not least the non-comparable nature of the sport we watch today compared with that of the 70s or 80s.  I suspect the general Merseyside avoidance of The Sun might also have helped!

Imagine how long Kenny Burns or Larry Lloyd would last with a modern referee or linesman, equally, imagine what Ronaldo or Rooney would make of one of their more ‘sturdy’ challenges with a referee from the past looking on nonplussed as United’s modern day nancy boys rolled around on the floor probably with some justification for once in their life.  It does make me feel old actually to think that Pearcey might struggle with modern rules somewhat – and I watched him for many a year!

Anyway, I digress from rumour mongering.  Apparently Swansea have had a six-figure fee accepted for Paul Anderson by Liverpool.  This has naturally unleashed panic and fear amongst Forest fans, who assume that the Forest powers-that-be are sat idly by whilst the Swans pounce for the lad.  I imagine Forest are in fact going about their business more quietly, much as they did when he chose us over Swansea as a loan destination.  That’s if Billy wants to sign him of course – although less than £1m seems like a bargain to me!

And if a former-Mansfield defender is good enough for the sheep botherers, then clearly we need one as well – being linked with former Stag Alex-John Baptiste – although this former Stags man actually managed to move up in the leagues rather than ending up at another non-league side.  He’s had stints at Crewe and most recently Blackpool.  At 23 there’s time for development – not as exciting as the continued rumours of Rob Jones, who had a storming game against Celtic recently.

Meanwhile, rumours of the reserves being scrapped (what I have heard is that they are being withdrawn from the badly organised reserve league – and will be playing a series of friendlies instead, so not quite the same).  These rumours are linked to those that Pembo might be on his way.  I wouldn’t be surprised, it’s not unusual for the ‘old guard’ to make way under a new regime at a club.  I’d be sad to see Pembo go after he manfully caretook us into a better run under Davies, but let’s be honest, it’s not exactly the end of the world.

The other news is the England World Cup bid for 2018 which is underway, and pits us against the Sheep and Leicester.  They’d need to add further seats to their lego grounds, whereas we’d need to build our own new lego ground.  I have a nasty feeling that may be what happens, and rather alarmingly whilst I still retain immeasurable fondness for the City Ground and don’t want to leave it on most levels, I can start to see benefits in having improved facilities.  Damn, that almost sounds positive.. must remedy that over the summer!

So a surprising amount to talk about!  We get to find out who will be departing us from Burnley and Sheffield United (since I predicted the semis so well, my money will be on Burnley to attrition their way through an unentertaining final, possibly on penalties), and also who will be joining us from Millwall or Scunthorpe.  I would prefer Scunny to come up, but can’t see past a fairly comfortable win for the Lions on this occasion.  So I think Millwall and Blades fans will be those we’re welcoming next season, neither of ’em my favourites, but still!

So there we have it – I imagine the message boards will continue to be awash with outlandish rumours, with the odd nugget of wisdom within them, and lots of panicking over other clubs being linked with half-baked people who might vaguely fit a position we need someone for.  I really really don’t much like this phase of the season – at least in the January transfer window we have games to distract us from the shit rumours!  Ho hum!  Should I hear anything I feel worth repeating I’ll pass it on, otherwise, enjoy the summer!

* tenuous photo/caption! Couldn’t think of anything else!