Vote Forest!

You know it makes sense – we’ve been catching up with Manchester United over the last day or so apparently, let’s win it for Cloughie!

Click the link here, then click on the vote now button.

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  1. Get a note saying must enable cookies to vote,whatever that means..At least I tried…Alan

  2. We’re only 2% behind MUFC 2009! Time to let all the Twitter’s know!

  3. we are winnig now

  4. Just voted and we are now winning with 32% You Reds

  5. Still winning with 33% – get all your friends to vote!

  6. I’ve got it to 34%!!

    I’ve got a feeling we are only winning because United have more than 1 team running and Scousers don’t read the Sun, but I’ll take that! Keep voting!

  7. Nottingham Forest without a doubt, cloughie’s the man!

  8. I don’t think Forest really were better than the Busby Babes or Liverpool’s 70s team, but nice they’ve got the recognition and it will be highly amusing if the Sun have to report that we’re the greatest team ever!

  9. were winning by quite a lot! u reds!

  10. we were the best, i dont think any of teams would fancy playing that Forest team. ronaldo would not dare cross the half way line !! and burns would have rooney crying /sent off in the first ten minutes.
    robertson or francis against gary neville !!!!! that would be pure comedy

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  12. Superb, 44% now – I love Alex’s comments of seeing The Sun having to announce the result – bring it on! – create you custom fixture list with up to 15 of your favourite teams.

  13. We are now at 44% with United 2009 trailing in second place at 24%. Surely the numbers speak for themselves!!!

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  15. 54%!

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