Play-off round up, and no Forest news at all!

The playoffs are well and truly underway, with the first leg of the Championship and League One semi finals completed.  The outcome of these games obviously determines who will be joining us from beneath, and who will be departing us to the top flight.  Much like last season, I quite like the detached air with which I can view the play-offs!

All four games are still pretty close at the half way stage – Sheffield United and Preston are currently level, 1-1 was how the game finished at Deepdale on Friday.  Burnley beat Reading with a late penalty today, with Bikey having a gigantic hissy fit having been sent off, so 1-0 was the final score at Turf Moor.  So at ‘half time’ only Burnley have an advantage.

In League One Scunthorpe and MK Dons played out a 1-1 draw at Glanford Park on Friday, whilst today former Reds striker Neil Harris came off the bench for the injured price and snagged the only goal of the game to give the Lions a 1-0 lead to take to Elland Road next week.  Although there was controversy as Millwall fans invaded the pitch and are reported to have hit Leeds ‘keeper Ankergren with missles.

It all seems rather too close to predict – given Reading’s recent home form I would chance my arm to predict Burnley reaching the final of the Championship play-offs, and I think the Blades might just have too much at home for Preston.  So a Burnley verses Sheffield United final, I’m predicting.  As for who will win that, well, who knows?

In League One it’s even more difficult to predict – is a solitary goal enough to take to a hostile Elland Road? Well, it rather depends which Leeds turns up.  I am far too ignorant as to the relative merits of Scunthorpe or MK Dons in all honesty – although the Dons finished 11 points ahead of Scunny, so on that rather simplistic basis I’ll predict a win for the franchised team, meeting Millwall in the final, who will weather the storm at Elland Road.

So if you fancy a bet, go and bet on the opposite of what I just predicted!

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  2. sorry to butt in nffc – a team of former forest favourites are taking on a local side for charity at mansfield town today KO 3pm, £5 ithink ?

  3. So pompey want perchy….
    One thing we know is no-one will want wilson.
    Maybe after Billy´s pre season he will develop his concentration for 90 minutes..and be worth keeping as a squd player,but he couldn´t get into the preston side before so maybe he would be better off with a div 1 side. Lets see.
    Season tickets same price!Sounds like useless mark arthur trying to save his skin.
    Good news for supporters after what they have endured. Roll on August. I expect a couple of tasty preseason friendlies !!!

  4. On the subject of play offs, the league 2 play off final will be Grolt vs Trigger!

  5. I know we get some money if Reading go up, but I´m sure our players would prefer to return to Reading next year rather than turf moor. Lets hope burnley beat the blades in the final.
    Our chairman is positive and sharp in the interview.Don´t know who gave him the jacket to wear as a dare….

  6. nffc – after correctly predicting the Championship Play-off final contenders, can you please let us know where we will finish next season?

  7. clough planning £400,000 bid for nathan tyson !!!f****** cheeky C***.if tyson was sold for anything less than double that i’d be “f”ing livid…….

  8. You can add 2 million to that joke fee. Every defender is terrified of his pace. Bugger off Nigel ¡¡

  9. Alan, exactly, 400k only – Cheeky bid if u asking me. Show us your balls and tell them where to shove that bid!!!

    Anyone know of an idiotical rumour that the reserves are going to get the chop? Please tell me that’s rubbish…

  10. That’s 3 out of 3 on the play off predictions NFFC – you should’ve put yer money on it!

    Word on the street (ok the internet) is that Norwich winger Lee Croft (who Billy D tried to sign for us) is set to sign for our sheep sh*gging neighbours!

    Sammy Clingan also seems set to leave Norwich for welsh sheep sh*ggers Cardiff.

    It makes me wonder just how bothered footballers really are about getting relegated when its not the team they support and they know there will be other clubs at the same level who will come in for them.

    It was very refreshing a while ago to hear Nathan Tyson speak about the potential effect of relegation on the whole club and how he desperately didnt want it to happen because he didnt want people to lose their jobs at the club (as happened last time we went down).


  11. Hell’s teeth, I should’ve done, shouldn’t I?

    Despite the obvious part of me feeling smug, have to feel bad for Leeds – we know what it’s like to be stuck down there for three seasons. So will they by the end of next season!

  12. Very generous of you to feel sorry for Leeds, nffc. I don’t!
    I know there are some good Leeds fans around, but generally speaking I’ve found LUFC to be a club full of hate and spite. Just my opinion.

    So, we are getting rid of the reserves then? It’s been talked about, and now BD has released half of the youngsters….Be a sad day if that happens though. Can’t understand his thinking.

    Tyson. I’ve had a couple of dealings with him over the last 2 seasons, and found him to be one of the most honest and professional players we have had in many years. He also was one of our hardest working performers this season until his injury. So personally I think he will be a massive loss if Davies lets him go.

    Clingan. Fk me, he soon got his agent hawking him around!

  13. Speaking of Dirty Leeds, I can’t see Fabian Delph and Jermaine Beckford playing in the 3rd Tier for another year.

    Billy, two cheeky bids please! These guys will end up in the Premiership…..would be glorious if they did it sporting a Forest shirt.

  14. beckfords no good at peno’s though lol!!! tongue in cheek he’d be a fantastic buy but he gotta be out of our range surely ?

  15. ps nffc – can you please set the clock on the replies counter as i keep being late for work !

  16. If Billy is looking to scrap the reserves and have a squad of 22 players,two for each position,I suppose the two teams play each other in training and friendly matches are arranged when needed.
    I´m just trying to understand the logic behind it.
    I personally don´t want the reserve team scrapped,but some team will get Pembo as a manager or assistant ,and although he will be a big big loss to Forest I know he will be successful as he is a winner.
    As I have said many times,I would have been happy for him to have coninued managing the team after his 2 wins from 2 games in charge.

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