The times they are a’changin’..

The futures bright, the futures Billy...

The future's bright, the future's Billy...

I started writing this site back in August 2006, in some ways it seems an age ago, in others just a mere blip in time.  Rather deliriously I had hoped to chronicle our return to prominence, well, it took a while longer than I’d hoped but last season we finally hauled ourselves free of League One, and of course, this season successfully retained our status in the Championship.  At the time of setting up I wrote:

“This time is a turbulent one in Forest’s history – we find ourselves at the lowest ebb in living memory of the club – it will hopefully be interesting to look back upon what will hopefully be a record of how these fortunes might change, or might not.”

After Yeovil Town made a monkey out of us in the second leg of the playoff semi-final at the City Ground it felt like perhaps we would remain in the obscurity of the lower leagues.  Even the following season where Smoulderwood did plot a haphazard course to automatic promotion it didn’t feel like any kind of return to glory, although that final day of action will live long in our collective memories I’m sure.

As my third season of writing about Forest draws to a close I find my optimism reignited slightly.  Of course, there will always be a big underpinning of caution prompted by years of bitter experience – but despite all this, I have a good feeling about our immediate future.  Despite my initially strong misgivings, I’m just about ready to admit I was wrong about Billy Davies, and I’m excited by the future with him at the helm.

According to this website nffcblog is worth $1277.5, which is well, not a lot really!  I’ve often questioned whether or not my ramblings are really justification for the time I spend on here – but it’s cathartic, and it clearly is for the regulars who leave insightful and amusing comments with great regularity.  As we are on what could be the dawning of a return to some kind of goodness, it would seem folly to stop!

So yes, I feel good about the future – I’m impressed with the kind of vision Billy Davies speaks about, of course, to achieve his vision we will need to have an impressive time of it in the transfer window.  That definitely sets alarm bells ringing, I’ve lost count of the transfer windows where I’ve been excited by prospects only to have them dashed, but if the kinds of noises Davies is making come to fruition then we have just cause to be excited!

With more transfer rumours than I know what to do with, it could be a blog-tastic summer – although compared to earlier in the life of the site I don’t tend to hoover up rumours and regurgitate them quite as much as I used to (just have a scan down the ‘posts per month’ section on the right for evidence!).  Utilising my Twitter account for shorter snippets seems to make more sense – so get following, or keep an eye on the Twitter box on the right hand side.

Onwards and hopefully upwards!  Thank you all for your virtual company over the season, your feedback has been invaluable and appreciated – so keep putting forward your views (and any ideas you have for the site ongoing).  I’ll be keeping tabs of goings on at Forest but frequency of posting is inevitably going to slow as we enter the close season.  I know I spend most of the football season moaning, but I’m missing it already!

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  1. Aye, take a well deserved break my friend, thank you very much for your reports, Colin Fray and yourself are my only real links into the reds when I cannot attend. I have a new job now which is again a UK role so I will be arranging meetings around our mid week games!!! Also I hope two from Newcastle, Sunderland or Middlesbrough go down as they are only 2-3 hours away!! I think this year has been a reality kick in the balls for us all. We are in a very tough league and unless you have 3-4 exceptional players playing week in week out you will not get out of this league. Although I still have major reservations about Billy the Spin there is no doubt he can improve us next season. How much? I don’t know, with what type of football? God only knows. But Sunday was good fun, my five year girl is now a forest fan as well………until the next game when she does not see 3 goals in 15 minutes!

  2. Thanks amigo – thoroughly enjoy reading your views and commentary. Looking forward to the new season.

  3. Your blogs are great. I go to the majority of matches home and away, and i love the way you analyse, never speak with contempt or agression, and most importantly, speak without the one-sided hot-headedness that i often struggle to appreciate in passionate football supporters!

    Don’t give up, i’m sure your blog is worth more than US $ anyway!

  4. I’m not usually one for corresponding to blogs etc but on this occasion I feel a need.
    Due to the fact your site is one of the best and one I frequent the most.
    So please keep up the good work NFFC for the fourth coming season as I as well as your self and many others anticipate a far better and optimistic 2009/2010 season.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Yeah, thanks again nffc, your blog is certainly the best thing forest related on the web, brilliantly written and a great way to keep up with forest when you are out of the country. Keep up the good work and fingers crossed for some good summer signings!

  6. see nffc – we all think you are great and we look forward to your continuing insights.

    And if your blog is really only worth that, I’d like to buy some shares in it now, because it is sure to increase in value as our “stock” rises next season.

    I also will be using Twitter and if anyone wishes to follow my ‘tweets’ they cn do so be following “Bennettsj”.

    Someone said today that it is only 15 weeks to the start of the new season – which must mean that the first “friendlies” will be in 11-12 weeks! I can’t wait!

    Cheers for now.

  7. Bless you all!

    I almost refrained from posting something like this because it makes you all soppy.

    I would be lying if I said it didn’t make me feel very chuffed though, so thank you all most kindly.

    11-12 weeks isn’t so long, is it? Seems it!

  8. Well done NFFC !Certainly the best Forest blog,and that should be the description of your site….A must read for all Forest fans….
    Hopefully we will get that big defender from Scotland to replace Wilson , and tie up our loanees with contracts..Should be interesting !
    Have a good break Everyone !
    Best wishes from Alan,Isla Margarita,Venezuela

  9. NFFC – I am based in Singapore which makes if difficult to follow any team except Man Utd or Liverpool! However, reading this site keeps me feeling close to the City Ground.

    I check about three sites every morning when i get into one, one is gmail, one is Facebook, and the other is this.

    Top job – also good to see a Forest fan who can spell, unlike the ‘yoofs’ who post on BBC 606 Blog.


  10. it’ll be a full time job for you nffc if we ever do make it to the promised land of the premiership,so get your rest over the summer my virtual friend !!!

  11. Keep the faith and keep them blogs coming lad, they’re a great insight into any action or goss we miss.

    As for this next year, I’ll be more than happy with mid-table obscurity, especially if we use it as a season to build a firm foundation for a Premier-class side.

  12. Great blog; its my lifeline back to the City Ground from New Zealand! Look forward to getting the summer transfer gossip from you!

  13. It all been said above but well done in being dedicated enough to produce this site. I really do not want to get carried away with the promise of good times under Billy but he does seem to have shaken things up with both players and management:
    1.instructed not to get involved with academy-he has done
    2. moved training to the acamedy -better facilities and impression (needs painting though)
    3. got hold of Mcgugan, a very lazy and lousy attitude to training person (but potentially talented)
    4. obviously brought more professionalism and tactical/motivational to the club unlike CC’s nice guy attitude
    5. improved training- McG, Chambers, Breckin, Wes, Lynch all seem slimmer
    6.Bought in better loan players- Gunter what a player

    Well done keep in going please

  14. NFFC – when (not if or should) we reach that “promised land” DO NOT STOP your blogs. Even if it makes you no money, even if it seems dark & foggy & all gone wrong, there are 100’s of Forest fans out there (like me) awaiting your word. Look, even the LTLF keeps linking to your blog. Lazy buggers!! 😆

    I love reading your reports as there are times when the official site is well, lacks realism when times are down. You cover little things like crowd reaction, a single person in the crowd, the atmosphere in general. Here, we can call Derby Sheep & make a mock of pie eating “I’m a Scotsman” Commons.

    I 2nd Dan for next season but after that, I want that promised land delivered & BD to stick with the “Kids”. They done good, 1/2 of them were in the reserves last season. McCleary was non-league when CC plucked him. Well that rough Diamond is getting smoother all the tme & with a very experienced manager who is not afraid to knock a player back in public (he’s starting to remind me of BC!!) he can only get better. The same goes for all the squad.

    Again txs, take a short rest as I got a feeling it’s gonna be a busy early summer with the team ready by July. Then you can crg your batteries b4 the new season.

    Stay safe in the meantime & that goes to all Trickies. You Reds!!

  15. Beeston Red – I’d like BD to follow as a member of Forest staff from time to time the Reserves (as we all should) & talk with Pembi about any eye catching players. That Reid kid surely must be getting closer to 1st team contention as well as another kid – the 4 goal Sheep killer in the name of Tim Hopkinson who also scored in another match at reserve level (vs Macclesfield) 4 goals. 15 goals in 25 Academy league matches. (As I understand from the official site).

    It’s obvious we got players coming through so BD must not & can not ignore them. I’m sure he won’t or else I’ll be very upset.

  16. I thought Billy had or was going to stop reserve games next season as he is supposedly not that keen on them. I don’t know why he would do that as thats surely going to put JP nose out of joint and I think he’s a top quality coach who we shouldn’t be messing about.

    Give Billy greater control over those knobs upstairs, you know, the likes of the marthers and we’ll start to see more positive strides I think.

  17. The rumours start…swansea think Anderson will be available , if Liverpool decide to sell , for 400,000 .
    Swansea want him for next year. If he IS available at that price I would expect us to buy him. It´s funny though he hasn´t been mentioned at all.
    Does anyone know anything ?

  18. I would definitely sign “Ando” although I think he signed a new 3-year contract with Liverpool at the beginning of this season.

    That could just be a measure of “economic protection” however.

    I also think that if he hadn’t been injured, he might have pushed Cohen for “Player of the year”??

  19. Another rollercoaster season has ended, but then again, once more on a good note for us.

    We all knew from the beginning that we shouldn’t fool ourselves – staying up was the goal, no matter what. No more Carlisles and Tranmeres to clash with, thank you very much. And I’m so glad that you, my good friend NFFC (I don’t know if you would like me to say your real name in public), are now looking at the new season in an even more optimistic way than last summer. We all do more or less.

    It’s a fact that I have been something of “Mr Optimistic” here (my fellow-greek-speaking buddy Yiannaki has followed of late), sometimes even annoying my fellow Forest fans just a little tiny bit 🙂 . This, however, doesn’t mean that I have my head in the clouds thinking that we are Premiership material already. Promotion back to the top flight is undoubtedly what we all want to see at the end of the tunnel (and that’s what you want too deep inside my friend, despite an article of yours about a potential promotion that I read at some point during the season), but like Churchill once said it’s going to take blood, sweat and tears. And that’s just the reason we should all stand by our beloved Forest and earn again such praise as we did from our manager but also from other clubs’ managers and fans especially during the second half of the season.

    Saying thanks to you sounds like something that goes, well, without saying (I know I suck when trying to do puns in english – lol). You have been as a valuable source of information as ever, and kept your style even through a few moronic intrusions from other clubs’ fans, or also when the heat was going dangerously up on our side of the terrace as well. Your blog is exactly what I will have in mind when constructing the Hellenic Nottingham Forest Fan Club site, hopefully this summer. I know many others share my opinion too, and this, believe me, is worth much, much more than 1,277 or whatever lousy dollars.

    Enjoy your summer my friend, and I will hopefully meet you again for a beer in next season’s premiere as last August. Hats off!

  20. I agree with you there, SB(Steve), Ando has been one of the stand-outs for me this season.
    We’ve been crying out for a winger who’s prepared to take on a full-back for ages now.
    Southall did the ‘crossing’ job superbly, but to dribble with the ball and attack the defender….hooray!! (Still get a few muppets in the Lower Trent grumbling if he loses it tho)

    Funny that suddenly we’ve got McCleary, Ando and to a certain extent Davies all prepared to have a go. Get Ando tied up please, Billy.

  21. Just before we all set about grumbling again Id like to add my thanks to NFFC for a truly marvellous webblog. Well done NFFC and keep up the good work!!

    Couple of things tho….

    Anyone have any thoughts about Lynch?? I reckon hes come on leaps and bounds and although I’m led to believe hes not a regular full back, I think hes done ok.

    Heard a whisper at the last match on Sunday Billy was thinking of scrapping the Reserve Team? True or utter nonsense? Anyone heard anything??

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  23. NFFC, have a well earned break and prepare for what will probably be another Forest rollercoaster next season. All the best and beers on me if you ever venture ‘daan saaf’

  24. Alas nffc you are starting too see sense with billy davis.The man grafted his backside off to help us stay up and we did it.

    Cheers as always for the blog mate can you feel the love from your fellow reds have a good summer and bring on the sheep i say i cant wait to stuff them.

    U reds

  25. NFFC, enjoy your break, you provide such a selfless opinion for us all to debate and enjoy being Forest fans, I thank and applaud.
    Still not convinced on BD, but I do think we could be on course for a good season, given the right resources.
    We need a top class striker, that is essential. Break the bank for Gunter. Two commanding centre backs and a classy winger would be great, I do think Ando would be great given an injury free run. I do believe in Bennett to make LB his again, and I really would like to see Moloney given a run. He always looks a stand out player when I’ve seen him, and he does need to be given some slack wit it as he is young.
    I touched upon before whether this board is suffering from xenophobia in regards to player signings, ‘cos what has happened to our scouting network? Why have we not signed a decent scandinavian in so long, surely we can find a bohinen or haaland somewhere. I’m not suggesting for one second that this can happen every year but we should be identifying this area and the eastern bloc for exciting talent.
    Hope all transfer activity is done and dusted come the start of August, we need to be seriously prepared this time around. Will be disgusted if I am glued to internet on deadline day. So here’s to BD getting everything his way this summer and being allowed to spend some heavy investment!

  26. nffc as I’ve said before, this is the first sight I look for on a Saturday and it has become quite a routine. WHy are men driven to such things goodness only knows but we would be poorer without that habit and in Forest Fan cases, you blog. So Ta and keep going mate!

  27. Have a question for you ryan what is it that doesnt convince you about billy davis ?

    Im an x player and have had 4 or 5 managers been promoted and also relegated once.Billy davis is exactly what we need at the moment to instill a bit of belief and bottle into a young team.

    We were a hairsbreadth from going down again that would have been a catastrophe for all and the man kept us up i for one respect that as a proffesional footballer.

  28. redric, all i am saying is I’m just not sure on a human level whether I like him. I find him extremely self-conceited and to be honest I have always found people who speak about themselves in the third person, nothing short of absurd and strange.
    Can’t for a second deny the job he has done, and will give him my backing but as a life long Forest fan, I’m sure its my prerogative to express my dislike for him.

  29. Hi ryan i think davis does things for the media hes quite wily and remember being a manager at CC level is damn hard.

    If he does the business for us he can be as concieted as he wants footballers are lazy by nature and need to be kept on there toes thats why davis is a good option.

    U reds

  30. hey mate

    thanks for all you do on this site

    it’s greatly valued – and my only reference for whats really happening in forest land.

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