The times they are a’changin’..

The futures bright, the futures Billy...

The future's bright, the future's Billy...

I started writing this site back in August 2006, in some ways it seems an age ago, in others just a mere blip in time.  Rather deliriously I had hoped to chronicle our return to prominence, well, it took a while longer than I’d hoped but last season we finally hauled ourselves free of League One, and of course, this season successfully retained our status in the Championship.  At the time of setting up I wrote:

“This time is a turbulent one in Forest’s history – we find ourselves at the lowest ebb in living memory of the club – it will hopefully be interesting to look back upon what will hopefully be a record of how these fortunes might change, or might not.”

After Yeovil Town made a monkey out of us in the second leg of the playoff semi-final at the City Ground it felt like perhaps we would remain in the obscurity of the lower leagues.  Even the following season where Smoulderwood did plot a haphazard course to automatic promotion it didn’t feel like any kind of return to glory, although that final day of action will live long in our collective memories I’m sure.

As my third season of writing about Forest draws to a close I find my optimism reignited slightly.  Of course, there will always be a big underpinning of caution prompted by years of bitter experience – but despite all this, I have a good feeling about our immediate future.  Despite my initially strong misgivings, I’m just about ready to admit I was wrong about Billy Davies, and I’m excited by the future with him at the helm.

According to this website nffcblog is worth $1277.5, which is well, not a lot really!  I’ve often questioned whether or not my ramblings are really justification for the time I spend on here – but it’s cathartic, and it clearly is for the regulars who leave insightful and amusing comments with great regularity.  As we are on what could be the dawning of a return to some kind of goodness, it would seem folly to stop!

So yes, I feel good about the future – I’m impressed with the kind of vision Billy Davies speaks about, of course, to achieve his vision we will need to have an impressive time of it in the transfer window.  That definitely sets alarm bells ringing, I’ve lost count of the transfer windows where I’ve been excited by prospects only to have them dashed, but if the kinds of noises Davies is making come to fruition then we have just cause to be excited!

With more transfer rumours than I know what to do with, it could be a blog-tastic summer – although compared to earlier in the life of the site I don’t tend to hoover up rumours and regurgitate them quite as much as I used to (just have a scan down the ‘posts per month’ section on the right for evidence!).  Utilising my Twitter account for shorter snippets seems to make more sense – so get following, or keep an eye on the Twitter box on the right hand side.

Onwards and hopefully upwards!  Thank you all for your virtual company over the season, your feedback has been invaluable and appreciated – so keep putting forward your views (and any ideas you have for the site ongoing).  I’ll be keeping tabs of goings on at Forest but frequency of posting is inevitably going to slow as we enter the close season.  I know I spend most of the football season moaning, but I’m missing it already!