Sad to be Breckin up with Ian..

Firstly, I think that Billy Davies has made the right decision in suggesting Brecks seeks his future at pastures new – he still has a bit of playing to do, and if we can’t offer him a regular starting position then he should do so elsewhere.  And I imagine in doing so he’ll take the good wishes of Forest fans with him.

He joined us back at the start of 2005-2006 – and was an ever present in the side for league games, notching ten goals largely by nodding home Nicky Southall corners if memory serves.  In 2006-2007 he again featured in every league game although the goals started to dry up – only netting three in this season.

As times got more lean for the club last season Breckin found himself marginalised by Smoulderwood.  It was an emotional return to the side for him against Norwich at Carrow Road once the bronzen one was removed, and under Pemberton and later Davies, Brecks found himself called upon and never let us down.

So personally I’d like to thank Ian for his professional contribution to Forest over the last four years.  He’s had a long career spanning Rotherham, Chesterfield, Wigan and us – taking in more than 600 appearances.  All the best for the future, skipper!

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  1. well said NFFC thanks Ian Breckin very best of luck for the future you will always be welcome back at Forest

  2. I’ve posted a video to Facebook (you know my real name from my emails to you from work). Nice bit of chanting for Brecks in there.

  3. really glad breks got the ovation he deserved today
    i agree that he needs regular football and the right decision has been made.
    Still will be missed tho

  4. I’m too backward to use Facebook!

  5. Brecks is a legend, he served us very well over the years and I’ll be sad to see him go, even though I agree that it is the right decision.

  6. All the best Ian and thank you.

  7. Fantastic blog & really enjoyed reading it over a season that although particulary frustrating did have its highlights-remember wandering around City of Manchester stadium at half time in a state of disbelief as the Reds humiliated the wealthiest team in the world!
    I, like many, really do appreciate the time & effort you put in to your writing which is always entertaining & my first ‘port of call’ when I wish to catch up with matters trentside. Keep up the good work as we’ll definitely keep reading it!! Roll on next season.

  8. Yep, all the best Brecks. I’m sure he will prove an excellent signing for a league 1 or 2 club in need of an experienced centre half and leader. Over the river with Charlie McParland perhaps?

    Great blogging NFFC, thanks again for all your reports this season. Your’s is often the only match report that I bother reading!

    Derby put a 16 year old on the pitch on saturday. It would seem that wee Billy is none too keen on using ‘babies’ and we have several youngsters who are now 19 or 20 who have had a taste but now can’t get a game (Thornhill, Moloney, Heath, Byrne, Newbold, Sinclair). I expect some of them will be released but I hope none come back to bite us!

    Roll on pre-season!!!

  9. Hold on there Aylesbury, McGughan, McCleary, Garner, Gutner are not “babies” – 21 & under? They are getting games. I think you looking at extremly young babies & I don’t think he will let them go.

    My FB group is simple, it’s no blog nor do I want to take it to blog status. No football match reports, only the bare basics.

    NFFC – you should fear not from me or any other blogs – u rock along with the reds. We may @ times not agree on some points but doesn’t mean your not good. You’re damn good & keep up the good work.

    You also have the advantage of being able to get to the games & give reports accordingly. I also love the other Trickies on here & @ no time we have gone over the top. You have joined up many fans from all over the world here & so may it stay. 2009-2010 I’ll still be here, still following your blogs & reports.

    Hopefuly, a lot better season next year and away from danger but maybe even an assult on the PO or promotion. (I wouldn’t mind but not so high on priority – don’t wanna even think about doing a Derby!!)

    Enjoy your summer but I’ll be popping in now & again. We finish the season in good hands (unlike last year.)

  10. Thanks Yiannaki! As I’ve said elsewhere, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me all the time, indeed, I’d get quite bored if they did!

  11. Oh, no, you wouldn’t.

  12. Oh, yes, you would.

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  14. […] Southampton at the City Ground was a nice end for us in what had been a stressful season.  We said goodbye to Ian Breckin, and clearly by May I was very much sold on Wee Billy now he had secured is second flight […]

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