Off the pitch.. literally..

Billy Davies says Billy Davies wants to speak, so stay off the pitch!

Billy Davies says "Billy Davies wants to speak, so stay off the pitch!"

I was quite surprised to see Forest had made a point of asking fans to keep off the pitch after the game on Sunday.  Were people seriously thinking about pitch invading at full time?

Pitch invasions are quite a good thing, at the right time – certainly I was on the pitch after we won promotion on the last day of the season this time last year, but that was in no small way linked to the events of the day – both at the City Ground and elsewhere.

This year we know we can’t get relegated, there is certainly no outside chance of promotion, there’s no real need, is there?

Billy Davies wants to address the crowd after, and the players want to show their gratitude but it’s not a lap of honour in a presumably lap of gratitude scenario?  I’m not sure – but either way, I would rather share in this kind of end to the season rather than watching a load of ne’erdowells running on the pitch for no good reason come full time.

So I would echo the Forest website, unusually, and suggest that people resist the urge to go haring onto the playing surface.  Save that urge for a time when it is actually appropriate – it will be all the sweeter, let me promise you that!

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  1. Many supporters always try to get on the pitch at the final whistle of the last game and they are usually successful. The interesting thing this time will be if any decide to goad the Saints fans. With what happened last week against Burnley, I suggest the club/stewards/police should ensure that does not happen.

  2. Indeed!

    With Rupert Lowe apparently invited to the game by the Forest officials they won’t be in the best of moods anyway, with good reason.

    Another quality example of the powers-that-be at Forest keeping in touch with the feelings of fans, unusually it’s the visitors they are annoying this week rather than us!

    Mind you, we’ve not seen the season ticket prices yet!

  3. I hope people stay off the pitch because it will be interesting to hear what Billy has to say, although I’m sure some selfish idiots will try to get on. As for the Saints fans, I think we should chant ‘Rupert Lowe what a w@nker’ with them to show our solidarity with all football fans who see their clubs brought to near destruction by clueless directors!

  4. i’m defo on the pitch if it stops billy spinning !!!!

  5. If the Internet rumours are to be believed then there are some Saints fans coming to Nottingham looking for trouble.

    Could get ugly if there is a pitch invasion.

    Whilst Im all for applauding Billy for the amazing escape he has pulled off, I’m not sure it warrants invading the pitch. Still, there are bound to be some meatheads who dont take a blind bit of notice!

  6. Well done Brecks.
    Hopefully we can get something for wilson too. Certainly not consistant enough.Chambers seems to have improved enough to be kept as a squad player. Billy hinted changes needed behind the scenes,hopefully that means exits for arthur and pleat..At Last !!
    Well done for a fantastic blog !!

  7. Phew. What 2 say? Yes, let your spirit wonder the pitch but not your body!! 😆

    Well done lads again, even if we had a little help…

    Breckin is being let go. Bye bye Brecks, txs 4 all. Txs 4 helping us stay up. BD is singing the praises of you & is honest that 1st team football @ the CG is not an option but you’re still good enough to offer a lot more elsewhere.

    See that a certain G. Holt got a hand in Shrewsbury’s Play-off push getting his 27th goal this season in the process. Mmmm, wonder what CC didn’t see in him at 28 years old….. Talking of which, Northampton went down as Carlisle won to keep themselves up (amongst other results). Carlisle – lost last year to send us up vs. team fighting to survive. This year, they did what was done to them last year!! Football!!

    Anyway, let’s not travel back there & start all the old arguments…

    Also, it’s Leeds vs. Milwall (smells like trouble there) for the chance to meet us in the Championship with the other MK Dons vs. Scunthorpe (who grabbed an 88th min equalizer to stop Tranmere taking that place) for that chance.

    If you’re asking me, I’d take the Dons.

    Anyway, back directly to Forest. It’s gonna be an interesting transfer season with rumours already flying. 20m for transfers??? Dexter a serious target? BC ancient striker a target? (No thanks!!)

    Another year in this league or two I’d be happy, as long as it’s upwards we’re going I don’t mind. Is BD the man to take us to the promised land, we’ll see. Maybe he is, but if he were to, please don’t let us beat THAT record. Baaa!!!! :p

  8. Quality pic of BD nffc on home page

  9. Seems like asking people not to go on the pitch only ever has one outcome; a pitch invasion. It’s the end-of-season, big red button marked “DO NOT PUSH”. If they really don’t want a pitch “invasion” they should be asking all fans to rush onto the pitch immediately the final whistle goes…

    Who really wants to be told what to do after shelling out their hard earned cash and struggling through some deeply average football this season?

    On the pitch I say, or rather off the pitch… maybe just round the edge of the pitch? I don’t know, you choose!

    Anyway great blog nffc, you’re a credit to the Garibaldi, in fact you should be addressing the fans after the match not BD….

    That’s all from me.

  10. FT Earnshaw with a 3rd & 3-1 final score & 19th spot. Reading have 2 settle for PO, “big club” Norwich & Clingan get clubbed 4-2 by already relegated Charlton!! & are down to Div.1. joining Saints & Charlton there. Derby lose 3-1 & end a point & a place above us. (From my FB group)

    Low & behold already tweeted by NFFC!!! Good to see no pitch invasion either!!

  11. Although none of the alternatives are what you’d call particularly appealing, I’d seriously prefer to avoid having to play the franchise scum from MK.

  12. Bored already …. when’s the next match ??

  13. Steve – Friendlies in July!! :p

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