Off the pitch.. literally..

Billy Davies says Billy Davies wants to speak, so stay off the pitch!

Billy Davies says "Billy Davies wants to speak, so stay off the pitch!"

I was quite surprised to see Forest had made a point of asking fans to keep off the pitch after the game on Sunday.  Were people seriously thinking about pitch invading at full time?

Pitch invasions are quite a good thing, at the right time – certainly I was on the pitch after we won promotion on the last day of the season this time last year, but that was in no small way linked to the events of the day – both at the City Ground and elsewhere.

This year we know we can’t get relegated, there is certainly no outside chance of promotion, there’s no real need, is there?

Billy Davies wants to address the crowd after, and the players want to show their gratitude but it’s not a lap of honour in a presumably lap of gratitude scenario?  I’m not sure – but either way, I would rather share in this kind of end to the season rather than watching a load of ne’erdowells running on the pitch for no good reason come full time.

So I would echo the Forest website, unusually, and suggest that people resist the urge to go haring onto the playing surface.  Save that urge for a time when it is actually appropriate – it will be all the sweeter, let me promise you that!