Season ticket prices to be revealed on Sunday..

Unusually Forest are actually getting their finger out and letting us know about season ticket prices before the end of the current season.  Just. 

With Sunday’s game with Southampton sold out – giving Forest fans a rare opportunity to enjoy a game with nothing at all at stake – Forest have seized the opportunity to achieve a fairly transparent drive for Programme sales.  For it is in the programme that you will find this information, along with other apparently exciting nuggets of information.

Of course, the fact I tend to sit with a regular programme purchaser might just mean I could end up accidentally posting the prices on Twitter on Sunday.  Assuming the City Ground Twitter gremlins aren’t out in force like they have been in recent games!

You might detect a tone of cynicism in my words, but one of my perpetual bugbears with Forest is their renewal procedure.  Other clubs offer incentives for early renewal, they release their prices in good time and many have been selling season tickets already for next season for some weeks now.  That includes clubs who are uncertain of their fate in terms of relegation or promotion.

However, I shouldn’t be grumpy should I?  Changes are afoot at the priority area of the club – Billy Davies has been talking about more tailored training solutions, better dietary practice as well as seeking players to strengthen his squad.  For all my reservations about his self-publicising side, he is certainly making the right noises at the moment, which makes me look forward to next season with interest – assuming I can afford to renew my season ticket, of course!

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  1. Thank you for your excellant blog I always enjoy reading it. You metion in your article NFFC that some teams have been selling season tickets for some time-I live in Norwich but support Forest (for over 40 years) and I noticed that Norwich have already sold over 18000 season tickets todate. With such fantastic support I hope Barsnley get beaten and Norwich win on Sunday and stay up. That would be great for me as I could see away games at Norwich Ipswich and Posh all on my door step.Looking forward to Sunday game and a great atmosphere at the City Ground.

  2. NFFC, what’s the problem with his ‘self-publicising’ side? Personally I find it entertaining and it doesn’t have any negative impact on the side. Good managers tend to have egos.

  3. Nothing more than personal preference/prejudice I suppose!

    If he lives up to his own hype then I reckon I can learn to love it, though! 🙂

  4. Just a quick one NFFC – as others have said, by far the best Forest site in t’interweb and pleased its advert free. Please keep up the continued excellent reports and values opinions. Cheers.

  5. The fact that Sundays game is a sell out demonstrates that we have many part time supporters who will go to the games when there is something important at stake or, as Calderwood put it, ‘they sniff a party’!

    The marketing department need to work out how they can put all those same bums onto the empty seats next season to fill the City ground to the refters every week. D*rby seem to make a good job of it with various incentive packages and freebies to kids.

    No increase in season ticket prices or matchday prices would be a good start!!!

  6. aylesbury red,

    i live in Scotland, i pick and choose my games. i try to get to 6-8 games a season. of course there are fans who live close and only go to big games. but some of us are “part time” for a reason. location and expense will always have an impact on the size of the crowd. this game alone will cost me in petrol / tickets / hotel at least 200 quid, times that by eight !! So please dont be too negative that people like me will be there on sunday but not at every game.

  7. Redash
    I don’t think AR was being negative. More that the Club should do more to encourage the fans to come more often.
    The fact you live so far away yet make the pilgrimage 8 times a season speaks volumes. I wonder if the club are aware how many of us travel miles and miles to watch our team…

    One problem the club have is that those of us that spend big on seasson tickets at the start of a season then have to watch as the club have a few ‘kids for a quid’ games, or £10/£5 matches.
    Thats great, and puts bums on seats. So why not do mega cheap kids season tickets, or a discount for a dad with 2/3 kids in tow…
    Or even just drop the prices and make it a little more affordable?
    Personally I’d like to see the Bridgford open to Forest fans and just give the away lads a thousand or so.
    Bums on seats, making lots of noise, the kids are the future etc etc.
    Or am I expecting too much?!

  8. Yes Mattyboy….you are expecting far too much!!

    When have Forest done “joined up” thinking as far as the fans are concerned???

    So with the present drastic ecomonic climate and the fact MA is due a big pay rise, I reckon a 4-6% increase in prices.

  9. Redash – Mattyboy is right, I was not having a go at supporters that can’t go every week. I’m like you in that I am not local and have other commitments but I make the effort and stand the cost as often as possible. My point is that the City ground could be full every week if the club made more effort. It needs to be more attractive and affordable to to fans that could go more often but don’t.

    I just think we could learn a lesson from the sheepsh*ggers of how to fill the stadium every week. They are a very similar sized club/town in the same division but average several thousand more than us. That’s not because they are more loyal than us, it’s because the club realises the advantage of 30k home supporters behind them and also of getting the local kids into supporting Derby County. My understanding is that they do all sorts of marketing, special offers for ‘batches’ of games, cheap/free ticket incentives for kids etc.

    Mattyboy – I really like your idea of cheap tickets offer for a dad with 2/3 kids in tow. The kids are our future fanbase and you need to get them on board very early to stop them selling their souls to the ‘Big 4’.

    I looked through the profile pics of our academy lads earlier and no less than 12 of them say they support Man United. Just 1 indicates that he is a Forest fan. Typical in todays society I guess but it breaks my heart to see it. Get them into their local team before they sell their souls to the red devils I say!

  10. I just checked the dirty sheep website and they give away FREE season tickets to kids seven and under with every adult season ticket purchased. We should do that too!

    They also give season tickets away when people buy mobile phones from their sponsors.

  11. They give them to students too, I think.

    Certainly the do a good job of filling their ground each week, and Forest could learn a few lessons on that score.

    Pretty sure they’ve had season tickets on sale for a while too.

  12. Good points Mattyboy.
    Clear this idiot Mark Arthur out and lets have someone positive and forward thinking ,to replace him, with ideas like yours !! Enjoy the show on sunday ! I predict Earnie will get at least one goal, Mcleary will be doing a few of his ticks and you will all have a good time …

  13. D*rby have sold over 19000 season tickets already for next season. Ours are not on sale yet and no-one yet knows the prices. Food for thought!

  14. Maybe they are just mobile phone contract renewals? 🙂

    On a serious note though, Derby’s board does seem to have a better relationship with the fans than ours. Well, they have a relationship for a start.

    I think ours just see us as source of revenue.

  15. Just noticed you’ve updated the banner, am i slow or did that happen recently? Looks like BD is trying to calm us down as expectations grow and grow!

  16. I added him as promised when safety was assured 🙂

    I think he looks more like a magician who’s just in the midst of pulling a metaphorical rabbit from the hat!

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