Season ticket prices to be revealed on Sunday..

Unusually Forest are actually getting their finger out and letting us know about season ticket prices before the end of the current season.  Just. 

With Sunday’s game with Southampton sold out – giving Forest fans a rare opportunity to enjoy a game with nothing at all at stake – Forest have seized the opportunity to achieve a fairly transparent drive for Programme sales.  For it is in the programme that you will find this information, along with other apparently exciting nuggets of information.

Of course, the fact I tend to sit with a regular programme purchaser might just mean I could end up accidentally posting the prices on Twitter on Sunday.  Assuming the City Ground Twitter gremlins aren’t out in force like they have been in recent games!

You might detect a tone of cynicism in my words, but one of my perpetual bugbears with Forest is their renewal procedure.  Other clubs offer incentives for early renewal, they release their prices in good time and many have been selling season tickets already for next season for some weeks now.  That includes clubs who are uncertain of their fate in terms of relegation or promotion.

However, I shouldn’t be grumpy should I?  Changes are afoot at the priority area of the club – Billy Davies has been talking about more tailored training solutions, better dietary practice as well as seeking players to strengthen his squad.  For all my reservations about his self-publicising side, he is certainly making the right noises at the moment, which makes me look forward to next season with interest – assuming I can afford to renew my season ticket, of course!