A right Royal result! Forest are safe!

Sammy: Im so glad to be playing for a big club..

Sammy: "I'm so glad to be playing for a big club.."

I was going to go for my usual policy of deliberately ignoring the match this evening.  At Carrow Road this evening Reading visited Norwich City, Reading with a chance of snagging an automatic promotion spot, the Canaries desperately seeking to avoid relegation into League One.  A defeat for them would see Forest safe, and leaving only Barnsley and Norwich as teams able to fill the last place in the bottom three.

Barnsley face Plymouth at the weekend, whilst Norwich have a trip to Charlton.  If Plymouth can win (also made safe this evening) then a win for Norwich will send Barnsley down.  Anything but a win for the Canaries isn’t enough for survival – a draw for the Tykes is enough to ensure their survival, so the odds have to be firmly stacked against the men from Norfolk.

Having flirted with relegation for most of the season, it’s simply a massive sense of relief I post these words in – although it’s hard not to have a wry smile at the prospect of Sammy ‘I want to play for a big club’ Clingan facing relegation in exchange for his bigger pay packet.  By all accounts he’s had a decent season with Norwich so maybe he’ll get a move – or maybe he’ll stick with them for another season in League One.

So a huge thank you to Reading FC, but of course also a huge well done to Billy and the boys – and the fans – who’ve all played their part in making sure we picked up the results we have needed to keep our end of the bargain.  It’s been, frankly, a stressful and uninspiring season – here’s to a full summer of preparation for Billy and then onwards and upwards!

Commiserations to Norwich, too.  I always enjoy trips to Carrow Road – so perhaps Plymouth can return the favour you paid to them (and us) this evening and get a win against Barnsley for you.  Certainly despite the longer drive, a trip to Norwich is more palatable than a trip to Oakwell for a rousing rendition of the Hovis music and chants of ‘Scabs!’.

So for that reason, and because it will be difficult to muster too much of a worry on Sunday from our own point of view, I’ll be rooting for Plymouth and Norwich to get wins.  Come on you Pilgrims and Canaries!

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  1. Thank you Reading. Not much else to say but i am so relieved! Dont think my nerves could have gone on til Sunday. Excited at the prospect of a full season under Billy.Lets get behind him and who knows what can happen.

  2. Shane Long would deffo get it….right in the bumhole.


  3. As I said in the other post, Well done Nffc for the best football blog !!!!
    Well done to Reading for easing my nerves,and hopefully Mark Arthur and Pleat and other deadwood will be disposed of during the summer so our new club can have a good positive start,and continue our current promotion form !!
    Billy Davis and team to be given a budget and left to get on with it.
    Our loan players all want to be here next season which is a good sign,and we certainly need to sign some good defenders !
    Well done everyone….Cheeeers !!!!!Should be a good party on sunday !!

  4. Thank you The Royals, I might be able to relax on a Saturday afternoon for the first time in a long while. Thought Norwich played the better in the first half but 2 great crosses coupled to woeful defending at left back (where have we heard that before) undid The Canaries and once they went behind their heads went down and Reading bossed it. I agree and too had a chuckle about Mister Clingan however he had a good game tonight; still he knows all about League One, so well worth a sly chortle!

    So Part One achieved by Billy, and I’m looking forward now to Part Two and to him building a team next season. Could do far worse than starting with Dexter Boy, Westwood from Coventry and keeping hold of the likes of Gunter!

  5. All hail King Billy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. On Boxing Day I thought we were going down.
    Then…..enter King Billy!!!

    He’s done what he said he would do therfore he deserves the ultimate Forest fans accolade.

    On Sunday Chants of ‘Billy Davies Red And White Army’ should be ringing around the CG!!!

  7. Well done you Royals! I hope you beat Brum on Sunday and “do a Forest” to gain automatic on the last day!

    But first of all, like nffc said in his article, congratulations to our own squad. BD was right, they had a mountain to climb given their age and so many injury problems, plus chemistry issues with a good handful of loanees in the team week in and week out, and they did it. They built up on their own strength of character, and I believe they will do so much better next season.

    Optimism and patience once more paid off, now let’s all back up Billy in ’09-’10. The man knows his stuff and looking at his own comments he can’t wait to start his full season with Forest. ALL his loan signings have helped (okay, we all knew that McSheffrey was recovering from injury, but even Turner has saved a crucial penalty, while Gunter, Osbourne and Blackstock all have contributed), but he also showed he believes in homegrown talent (look at his recent comments about Morgan and McGugan). He has turned McCleary (non-league last season lest we forget) into a real super-sub, made Smith sweat for the starter’s shirt, helped Perch blossom into a real captain, restored Tyson’s confidence, rewarded hardworking players like Cohen, showed that he wants to make players deep into the fans’ doghouse (Chambers, Wilson et al) improve. And oh, does anybody remember now that he was supposed not to be in good terms with Earnshaw?

    It is obvious that the man can manage and handle his personnel well. I agree with some people here that sometimes he looks a bit too PR-oriented, speaking about the fans and trying to get them on his side. But let’s face it, the contribution of Forest supporters this season has been awesome and hats off to you all, it seems to me (from my distance) that moaning and groaning has been reduced to a minimum at the City Ground, so the manager referring to the fans especially after the away games was a good thing. (Not to mention that he had a hard job to earn their respect, and he succeeded.)

    I also have to thank Colin Calderwood (no booing please) for bringing aboard players like Earnshaw, Anderson and even Moussi (is there someone believing that the Moose has shown his full potential this season?) or in previous seasons Tyson, Smith etc. What Billy has in his hands now is a squad full of youth and freshness, and I’m damn sure he knows how to complete it with the required additions. It would be like in a dream to see players like Blackstock or Anderson staying with us, but for some reason I’m convinced Billy has the power to persuade.

    Remains the last game against the Saints. A win would be magnificent to end the season, but no matter what the result will be, everyone must applaud this team that was thrown into deep waters and showed it knew how to swim. I wanted so much to meet all you guys in next season’s CG premiere like last August, and I feel so good my wish has been granted!

    All the best from Greece!

  8. Billy Davies’ Red and White Army!!!!!!!!!

  9. Well done to Billy D and the lads. We’ll show you what it means to us to be safe from relegation on Sunday. WE ARE STAYING UP!!!

    Would prefer Barnsley to drop but have a feeling League 1 is calling for Delia…Let’s be avin you!

    C’mon you tricky, tricky trees!

  10. I think I will remember one thing from this season, Doncaster destroying us at the city ground, the jeers and songs of “Your getting sacked in the morning”…I felt bad for CC, he tried his level best and was achieving nothing, it was a shame that it took that dismal home game where I actually felt it amusing when the opposition scored for the first time in my life…I knew it was D day like so many others, but why did it take so long, it was so obvious to so many people except our owners…the new manager brought in did not have long to sort out and recognise the players, workout who could play where and where peoples strengths laid..he signed some players on loan

  11. and managed our team to the best of his ability, all i can say is, like many fans I didn’t think he was up to the task or the right man for the job..strangely I wanted young Cloughie….but Billy, you and the team and the whole squad tried week in week out to be the best you could..lets just hope you can keep our fine none loosing streak over in to next year..and prove me wrong again..I don’t think we will get promoted, or anywhere near the playoffs….please Billy prove me wrong !!! BILLY DAVIES, HE’S A RED, HES A RED, BILLY DAVIES, HES A RED..HE HATES DERBY !!!

  12. I met BD after the Blackpool game on Saturday and got a photo of my son with him. He still looked really concerned that we had only taken a point and I’m sure that he had let the players know that.

    I am convinced that he is a ‘believer’ in who we are, what we can do and where we should be. He undoubtedly knows the Championship and as many have already said, ‘with a full season with the current squad, 2009/10 should be a pretty interesting season.

    I, for one, will be renewing my season ticket, away card and lottery membership – I might even renew my lit sponsorship!!

    Fantastic! U Reds!

  13. What a great few days for Nottingham sport, first Carl Froch’s brilliant performance and then this. Lets hope we can push on now and at least be nearer to the play offs than a relegation battle next season. We can once again stick our chests out and be proud to live in this great city!!

  14. Here here Paul, All hail King Billy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. EXCELLENT!!!

    Love the Sammy “Bigger Club” Clinghan pic too nffc!!

    So important our survival as I was starting to worry about losing the likes of Cohen, McGugan, Earnshaw as Im guessing they wouldnt want Division 1 football.

    We need to try and retain the services of Blackstock, Anderson and Gunter now as well. Tough asks maybe but all seem to be making the right noises about staying on, if the deals are right.

    So….onwards and upwards now. Im looking forward to next season already!

    PS Has ANYONE heard anything about the new season ticket prices yet???

  16. I imagine season ticket prices will be announced in about a month, a good few weeks after everybody else’s have been.

    They will almost undoubtedly be completely not in sync with the overall economy as we’ve come to know and expect with our beloved powers-that-be!

  17. Oh how the ball turns!!! :p I did tell you all that Calamitywood had to go, I did tell you all that BD would keep us up & I did tell you all to get off his back when we had a 4 game losing streak.

    I have never played football in an 11 a side team, but I do know how to look at a manager & players close to me and know when a job can be done. I do get it wrong sometimes…. (Last year never expected to go up until the last few matches) but most times I’m right (not that I like saying it but the truth is there).

    Yes, well done to CC for bringing in those players at the start of the season. Unfortunatley for him, he just didn’t have the ability to get those players together & take them further when injuries struck.

    Billy Davies – One of the 1st things he did was said, the slate is clean and stuck to his word. There was none of putting Nottingham back into Nottingham Forest, no the youngsters will get their chance & throwing them out on loan. Yes, he was public in his criticism which people may or may not agree with but he has done the job right.

    Time to relax, enjoy the last match of the season (on Sunday – yes, it’s been a few seasons but it’s nice to hear it for @ least another season again!!) and then we can start worrying on who’s coming or going.

    Well done to BD, the players, the staff, the fans as BD said even though for so long many were in doubt (I was cautious but v. hopeful. Let’s not forget the end to last season when the teams fighting for their lives both won against teams going for promotion, which let us in the backdoor)

  18. Oh 1 more thing Quote from BD – “To date, it’s Billy Davies’ best achivement” Read into it what you want.


  20. would have loved to finish above the mutton molestsers but staying up will do – so onwards and hopefully upwards with billy into what will i’m sure be a very different season come august.always knew sammy “big club like norwich” clingan was a good league one player ! tongue in cheek that one cos me best mates a norwich fan living in plymouth !!!!!!!

  21. I’ve loved our insane-as-a-hat, Derby-hating, 3rd-person-addressing, media-player-bashing, McArthur-baiting Scottish dwarf right from the start and I’m glad he’s kept us up because it means everyone else will love him too (at least for a couple of weeks).

    Well done to everyone, in the world, even people who don’t like football, and thanks NFFC for providing a season of passionate, incisive but always sensible coverage that is completely lacking from your professional counterparts.

    Now let’s have a blinding start to 2009/2010 so us Notts folk have something to shout about and can stop pretending that Carl Froch is any good!!

    Hooray for us!

  22. ps I’ve got a ton in my back pocket to put on Earnshaw being sold in the summer.

  23. Top job. Can’t believe we’ve done it. Well done to everyone.

    I can’t remember looking forward to a game as much as I am Sunday’s. Bring on the PARTY!! This is better than promotion! I don’t think we’ve ever had a season where we’ve actually escaped relegation, have we?

  24. OK, I was wrong about BD, he has done the job he said he would do, so well done to him, and the players for actually working with him.

    My thoughts turn to the pre-season now that we are safe, and to all the rumours that are floating around.

    The players that are touted to come to the City Ground:

    Dexter Blackstock – last year of contract at QPR, suspect that they won’t sell, as they are currently managerless. Figures quoted over £2 million is a lot to pay for a player with a year to go.

    Dele Adebola – on a free, but valuable experience. He is proven in this league scoring and a good target man, however he wants a two year contract and at 34 risky.

    Gary McSheffrey – recovering from injury, and probably be a cast off should Brum go up. Hard to say if he will come if they stay in Championship.

    Joel Lynch – has had an indifferent season, good cover for number one choice Bennett.

    Chris Gunter – amazing if we sign him, unlikely, but on-loan option brilliant.

    Paul Anderson – did not live up to the expectations of his season at the Swans. Liverpool won’t sell interesting to see if he comes back from another year.

    Lee Camp – a must in my eyes as Smithy needs someone to keep him on his toes.

    Other positions – an experienced central defender and a ball winner in the midfield.

    Any other player you think would fit?

  25. John,
    I think Anderson has done well. I’d like to see him back again.
    Gunter wont stay, but I’d like to see Moloney given the RB shirt anyway. Good young player, imo
    Mixed views on Lynch, would quite like to see Joe Heath have another run in the team….
    I think I’m on my own here, but it wouldn’t bother me if Camp didn’t come. Far too much expectation in my opinion. I agree Smith needs either better coaching or A.N.Other goalie to keep him on his toes though.
    Centre-backs are between Wes, Chambers and Perch if you believe Davies.
    The midfield ball winner is Moussi, if fit.

    Not much needs radically changing, really. Just teaching them NOT to aimlessly hoof it upfield to Earnie would be a good start.
    Give it to McGugan/McCleary/Moussi and lets PASS our way into the play-offs!

  26. Oh, Arthur out

  27. well chuffed we are staying up,bringing the whole family down for the game on sunday. still cannot jump on the Billy the spin bandwagon. Comments like “I was always confident that we would stay up, because I was confident in my ability to make that happen” still really make me struggle to like him. however let’s see what happens next season. good football and at least one win playing good football against Derby and i will be happy. if we we start winning by hoofing the ball up to 1 or 2 “big men” and other giants all over the park then i will not be happy!!

    so looking forward to sunday and fingers crossed for some good football next year.

  28. There’s no doubt in my mind that BD will bring in an experienced older head to run the midfield. As much as we have talented young players I think this is much needed. I expect he will go for an experienced centre back too and I one of these players will be the new captain – I dont think BD is convinced by any of the existing ones.

    Forst things forst though and usually there is a batch of players released after the final game. Except for Brecks, I’m not sure if any of the senior players are out of contract? If Aaron Davies contract is up then he would surely be released. It will also be interesting to see which of the younger players are offered contracts / let go.

  29. Very true AR. And there’s always at least one eyebrow raising name on that list. I haven’t been able to find a list of players whose contracts are up. Anyone?

  30. Sammy Clingan is – and was – rubbish. Ha.

  31. Ian – so glad he’s with a big team now, aren’t we!! 😆

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