Preparing for a tense weekend..

Tension Sheets on standby..

Tension Sheets on standby..

So, back to the present day.  Coventry – a side with pretty much nothing to play for, safe from the drop, no chance of the playoffs.  Suffering from injuries too, with Coleman choosing to field youngsters in their last game against Charlton.  Even the inevitable goal for past Forest target and Nottingham lad Leon Best is unlikely as he’s currently injured.

Anyone else suspicious that all bodes peculiarly well?  They’ve only scored one in their last four games.  They couldn’t beat Charlton.  They got absolutely annihilated 4-0 by Plymouth in the game before that.  Something tells me things aren’t going to prove that easy for us!

Of course, as well as our game we must be mindful of what’s going on elsewhere too – Barnsley have a tricky trip to Reading to deal with, and hopefully Brian Laws will be looking to do us a favour with Southampton visiting them.  And then on Sunday all eyes will be on the ‘old farm derby’ between Norwich and Ipswich.  Norwich are of course down in the scrap with us, Ipswich playing for nothing but pride, and hopefully the irritation of their rivals.

A tense weekend is in store for us, followed by another one, and then another one!  How a drab end of season with nothing to play for appeals right now, pre-match drinks aplenty are in order, I am thinking!

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  1. It’s a walk in the park…..

    Well, from the Lady Bay Bridge, anyway….

    To get to the ground, I mean…..

    Not the game. My heart says 4-0, but I’d settle for winning by the odd goal!

  2. I´ll settle for 9 points from the last 3 games. I believe that is achievable. As last season we had a good finish. Come on you Reds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If we cant beat Coventry under these circumstances then we surely don’t deserve to stay up. Agreed, this is exactly the sort of game we’re likely to bottle, but in all honesty we should destroy them.
    6pts from our two home games will be enough, so hopefully we can enjoy a day out at Blackpool, but obviously it’d be nice to not have to win on last day at home.
    Getting pretty sick of BD contradictory statements regarding the table, but I guess it’s irrelevant

  4. Agree with Ryan regarding the Coventry game.

    I reckon we’ll need a draw at home to the Saints to stay up. They’ll get a penalty in the 2nd half which Smith will save, thus sending his old team down.

    Well, it’s the sort of thing that would normally happen to us, isn’t it?! Maybe fate will go our way………

  5. I tell you what nffc in 30 yrs as a red forest have never done it the easy way.Strap yourself in and prepare for the unexpected one game at a time for me but i want to see passion even if we go down.

    U reds

  6. I agree with Ryan but these days you just don’t know what to expect. For sure it’ll be a rollercoaster 3 games and I can already feel the nerves jangling. The City Ground will be a tense place today and I hope that doesn’t get to the players, however, I suspect it will so I can only hope that doesn’t prove costly as a win is a must.

  7. Updates 2: Forest still 1 up, Blackpool 1 goal back, Derby & Watford losing, Doncaster 3-0 up & safe, Reading-Barnsley goaless but sending Charlton down & Wolves look as if there going to the promised land & Leicster are coming up in their place. Result of the Day: Preston 6 Cardiff Nil

  8. 1 down, 2 to go but who… 1-0 win for us leaves things in our hands…

    Congrats to Wolves & Leicster 4 their promotions. comiserations to Charlton.

  9. Sints 44, Norwich 46 play tomm., Barnsley 47, us 49, Plmouth 50, Blackpool 51, Derby 52 play Tues, Watford 52, Coventry 53 play tues. Palace (54), Donny (55) virtualy safe.

  10. Damn Skysports, wrote 52 but should be 51 🙂

  11. Next time I’ll wait a bit b4 I post tables…

    Saints 44, Norwich 46 play tomm., Barnsley 47, us 49, Plmouth 50, Blackpool 51, Derby 52 play Tues, Watford 52, Coventry 53 play tues. Palace (56 – now safe), Donny (55) virtualy safe. Derby’s goal disallowed

  12. er- I give in, Blackpool 52. Derby 51. :p 9 teams for 2 places. Tommorows & Tuesdays matches will sort a lot more out…
    Sunday: Norwich Ipswich
    Tuesday: Derby Reading, Coventry Barnsley

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