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I don’t seem to be feeling particularly motivated to write on here as much as I once did, it does seem like absolutely ages since there’s been a game to report on, aside from anything else!  Of course, we’re mere hours from welcoming Bristol City to the City Ground, a game which will probably see us underdogs – and one where we could really use – well – three points ideally.

Recent results have been kind to us elsewhere, relegation rivals haven’t picked up much by way of points – which doesn’t exactly change our predicament, as we are in a position where we do need to pick up points regardless – but it does prevent as large a gap opening above us, and gives some insulation beneath as Southampton lost against Wolves earlier today – giving us a game in hand against them and still a  point ahead (assuming the Football League don’t take more points from them).

Some of our loanees have been in the headlines too, Sousa has been sacked by QPR after announcing he knew nothing of Dexter Blackstock’s loan move to us, and Gary McSheffrey was sent back to Birmingham after picking up an injury – only to be sent back to us to honour his loan agreement.  That’s a pretty clear indication of how much the West Midlanders want to make the lad feel welcome, isn’t it?

I do have a bit of excitement at a visit to the City Ground after what seems like absolutely ages – local media reports suggest our injury woes are starting to subside – and with a bit of time out for preparations hopefully Billy has had a chance to embed a winning mentality and some winning tactics with the lads – because really, regardless of our opponents, we need to pick up three points out of the next two games to have a credible chance of survival.

The other exciting thing is that I’ve finally been published, albeit perhaps not in the way you might be thinking – here is the book, and should you have it and flick to page 98 you’d find an excerpt from this very site from back in May 2008.  I’d never thought I’d be cited as an example of Internet Marketing – so with that in mind, if people want to give me money, then get in touch – I can’t help but think I’m missing an opportunity here!

It’s nice to think one’s personality can attract repeat visitors, though!  Perhaps I need to get my arse into gear and write a little more frequently should I want this phenomena to continue!

Last, but definitely not least, I was shocked to hear news that Reds former-player and current coach Eoin Jess suffered a stroke recently – naturally my very best wishes are extended to him and his family and friends, I have my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.  Early indications are good on the ‘severity scale’ – which is good news.

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  1. thought you’d thrown the towel in nffc!- nine points at home and anything from the six available away should see us safe,my opinion obviously????

  2. I am going down today, hope we get three point, go we need them, I think if we lose today then I think that might be it.

    Come you reds and give us something to cheer.

    Oh yeah and which dipstick at Forest chose to charge fans £28-£30 for the Southampton game, cashing in on a piss poor season. Shocking.

  3. Feel the same way about the reds myself nffc… I’ve been sulking since the double d@rby debacles (or sheep dips we might call them). I’m just hoping for survival and some kind of reconstruction through the summer, which I hope will in it’s turn rekindle my interest.

    As for your writing, don’t let it go the way of the reds mate, you have a genuine talent there, so please keep it up, whether writing on forest or not; I suspect that you could write just as well on whatever subject you turn your hand to.

    UUUU Redssss

  4. Fuck me that was a nailbiter.

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