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Dexter Blackstock in on loan, no recall, VERY pleased. Well done everyone at Forest! Too hectic for a proper update.

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  1. So, Billy has now brought in Turner, Gunter, Osborne, McSheffrey and Blackstock to go with CC’s loanee’s of Anderson and Lynch (plus those who were ‘returned’; Camp, Martin and Fletcher).

    That’s 10 players on loan in one season!! On the basis that continuity breeds familiarity and therefore confidence and therefore better results, it is not surprising that we are where we are.

    Thank goodness the deadline finally closes today!!

    Also, it makes me wonder how much has been spent on all of these and whether spending the same amount on just 2 or 3 players would have given us more consistency throughout the season??

    Finally, let’s all realise that after 13 games (that’s 39 potential points) – we had amassed the poor total of 6 points!! When the final day’s panic sees us surviving or not, let’s all remember that ‘stat’ and not be too hard on Billy who has been sold a ‘pup’ from day 1!!

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  3. It’s a good signing. It gives yet more competition to the forward line, something Forest haven’t had in years. I understand the consistency idea, SB, though that doesn’t apply to everyone. Anderson has been at the club and done well from the start of the season. Lynch has gradually got better and with Osbourne who has slotted in well from the word go, only a few have yet to find their feet and fit in. A good signing, will it keep us up is another question, but with all he has had to work with, Davies has done alright to capture these kind of players. If we can stay up, sign some of these, especially Blackstock, McSheffrey, possibly Osbourne and Turner if he wishes too, we could have a good base for next year. I don’t want to consider the possibility of going down, so I’ll remain positive and trust in Billy’s work so far to keep us up. One thing is for sure, it is going to go to the wire.

  4. Billy has belatedly the basis of a squad …but can he build a team and hit the deck running from next saturday is the question….uredsss

  5. Tooooooooooooo late !
    We are going to see a squad that has not played together and that brings risks, lets hope that Billy can do wonders with them quickly, just cant help thinking why so bloody late? Transfer committee – my arse !

  6. arthur and doubty – ship out

  7. Phew !!Now Wes can stay back in position when we take corners.
    Hopefully Earnie will now have a few knock downs and the opposing defenders will have someone else to worry about.
    The team need FULL support for 6 games !!!
    We can do it !!!
    Whatever happens arthur, pleat and the so called committee can be thrown out where they belong for gross incompetence over the past seasons !!
    Let Billy finally be able to get on with his job !!

  8. Nice to see Blackstocks 14 goals on u tube. He looks useful !!

  9. Good signing, I’m pleased about this one. Part of me does think though that we’ve brought in too many loan players this season…If we stay up though, I won’t be too bothered!

  10. to alan wood …i’m no football genius and neither is david platt i mean pleat… but never mind blackstock we should take a look at the bloke from QPR who’s crossing the ball for most of blackstock’s goals …i’ve just seen all 14 of them on youtube as well…..what a crosser of the ball he is …please send this message to the forest hierachy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. We have several good crossers in our team,Cohen and Anderson ,also Joel Lynch has been doing well of late so Dexter should be able to add to his impressive goal tally for the season.
    i think this new face will add confidence to the whole team and the other guys whom we have brought in recently will have played enough games now to know the other player’s game and cohesion should start to show .
    Looking promising for a nice run-in now till the end as long as the players keep a good attitude.
    I feel 2 wins and a draw from next 3 games are very possible and we well maybe home before the final day……go you good things!!!!!

  12. Went to see The Damned Utd last night- it was really good and came away with a warm fuzzy feeling inside! Acting is excellent (both for Clough and Taylor) and there is very little of the darkness that is prominent feature of the book. Clough is portrayed as a man who has his faults, but overall is nice bloke who loves his football and his sons. An excellent film, I would recommend that all football fans should see it.

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