Maybe tomorrow?..

No, I’m not breaking into the Littlest Hobo, but tomorrow does mark a deadline – if not for settling down – then certainly for loaning players.  Something we apparently want to do quite badly (despite having a considerable number of loans already).  Billy Davies has even admitted he’d like to loan Dexter Blackstock, but there are questions over whether or not the striker is up for a relegation battle with the Reds, or the risk of a permanent move that could lead to League One oblivion.

Or maybe he’ll sign, who knows?  As ever though, Forest will be leaving whatever business they hope to conclude to the very last minute – something keeping the forums rife with speculation and ‘inside information’ – most of which has proven to be wholly inaccurate – perhaps not all that surprisingly, given our experience of such matters!  It’ll be a pity if we can’t add Blackstock to the ranks, though.  He sounds like the kind of player who could be really effective with our current set up.

During this break of matches, the other ‘big news’ is that Barnsley have cunningly offered a discounted ticket price for their home support – but not extended the courtesy to Forest fans.  Ironically we did offer discounted tickets to Barnsley fans back in our league game with them.  Their excuse is the ‘suffered Burnley go half price’ offer Forest announced – which doesn’t really stack up since that is costing Forest money, not Barnsley.  It is apparently not against Football League rules, it’s just bad manners more than anything.

Forest have said they will learn from it, so expect them to work out new ways of favouring visiting fans over their own!