Billy after QPR striker?

According to The People, Forest have apparently picked themselves up from Marlon Harewood shaped disappointment to target want-away QPR front man Dexter Blackstock.  The former Southampton striker is struggling to agree terms with the Hoops for a new contract which apparently has sparked us to pounce with a bid to loan him until the end of the season with a view to a permanent move in the summer once the window is open again.  For a rather expensive sounding £2.2million.

Joining Southampton from Oxford United, for a compensation fee of £275,000.  He was elevated to first team status earlier than planned due to an injury crisis which saw him net a hattrick against Colchester United in the League Cup.  After falling out of first team plans he was loaned to Plymouth and latterly Derby.  His involvement with Southampton was limited by the arrival of handbag-snatcher Bradley Wright-Phillips, and he ended up leaving for QPR for a fee believed to be around £500k.  So the inflation for somebody approaching the end of their contract is rather outrageous!

In 2006/2007 Blackstock finished with 14 goals for QPR, and came second in their player of the year award, and won goal of the year for a strike against Preston.  He has been recognised by Stuart Pearce as a talent too, featuring for the England under-21s.  Last season was less impressive for him, netting just six goals in thirty six games – although four of them came in the final seven games of the season.  So it would seem that a fresh challenge might be on his agenda, and I imagine if the price The People are quoting is anything like true, it would be a good bit of business for QPR too.

The loan deadline is this coming Thursday, so not too long to wait for confirmation either way.  Certainly the lack of goal-scoring threat against Wolves demonstrated a need for another dimension up front to give us a bit more attacking potency, whether Blackstock fits the bill, I’m not right sure!  I was quite excited to find his personal website, alas it hasn’t been updated since December last year – possibly a sign that he’s out of favour at the QPR?

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  1. I remember everyone got very excited about him at Southampton for about ten minutes. 2.5m though? If he keeps us up I’m sure that’s a fair price.

    It’s made me think though. Bearing in mind…

    1) All the money Doughty spends on us is an interest earning loan, it’s not like he’ll run out of cash.

    2) Our transfer committee are bonkers and none of us will care if they’re sacked.

    3) All the transfer money is green lit on a player by player basis, rather than coming from a pool with a set limit.

    …does anyone care how much we spend on individual players? Surely it’s between the idiots at the top and Doughty, why should we care if its value for money?

    That’s a serious question btw, I would like an answer if anyone has one because I’m stumped.

    I still can’t believe we couldn’t find Ben Watson’s wages, and now he’s banging them in for Wigan.

  2. how tall is he and can he hold the ball up?

    £2.2m is an awful lot for a reserve championship striker, especially when you recall we couldnt find half that amount for their reserve keeper.

    assume if we go down, the deal is off and he goes back so very little to lose, sign him up!

  3. This guy is a tower and can head it with his loaf od bread! he is a beast and is a top class player

  4. I hope it true, check out his goals. It’s been a long time since we had a player who scores so many goals from crosses.

  5. D’you reckon that might be linked to how frequently we put in crosses of decent quality though? 🙂

  6. seems vwry similar too daa.daa,daa daa nathan tyson !

  7. whats the point of signing another loan player…with 6 games to go…you can only have a squad of 5….i think we should now call the team loaningham forest…or loan us them to foresr fc

  8. SUDGE PULLER – I thought you were going to reveal some secrets after we lost this saturday?!

  9. He was good for Plymouth when we played them at home in the relagation season

  10. Isnt it funny how the purse strings open when you’re facing the drop to league one?!

    We’re in the sh*t so I guess it is now time to take a big gamble on someone to give us the fire power to stay up. But compare this period now to our feeble transfer attempts in January. Why wasnt more done then? Perhaps beating Man City was the worst thing to happen to us this season as it gave Billy and the board too much confidence in the ability of the existing squad?

    We can save that debate for the post mortem that hopefully we wont need as Billy says we are going to stay up….

  11. Big stan the man has been lamenting how much we need a takeover in his colum in the mirror.Good on him he still has the reds at heart and thinks the clough movie should spark an ousting of the OUR CRAP OWNER AND BOARD

    Whats the thoughts of nffc and posters are we on the verge of ousting the shambolic way forest is run ?

  12. Redric, no.

    Unless you’ve got a spare 40m in your sky rocket or know any other forest fan that has.

    Until then I’m afraid ND pulls the strings and employs whomever he sees fit.
    Sadly we don’t have a voice, just fans you see. They trade on our blind loyalty and faith, knowing that when push comes to shove nearly all of us will rock up again and again, shelling out our hard-earned.

    Well, until next season, anyway. We’ve said it before, but I feel this time it will happen….if we go down nearly all of us will cherry pick our games and support from afar. I certainly will, can’t justify the expense any longer, I’m afraid.

  13. If we do matty it will be my lowest ever point as a red for 32 yrs we are im ashamed to say a laughing stock.

    Poor old cloughie ( R I P ) would be sick as a parrot at the fiasco that is NFFC.

  14. It doesn´t matter how much is paid for any forward because if I was a forward wanted by Forest,I would be happy to play the 6 games to get me in the shop window but I would definately have a clause in my contract stating I remain a QPR player if Forest go down,
    So the fee is irrelevant unless we stay up..and then it is money well spent !!
    Hopefully arthur,pleat and the other clowns on this committe will be shown the door at the end of the season,as they should have been thrown out for gross inefficiency Years ago !!!

  15. Nice bit about cloughie in the sun online(tuesday)

  16. Got a few minutes spare so I thought I’d surf the ‘net and check out what my beloved Forest are up to…
    It seems our top brass are all huffy about Barnsley dropping their prices to the home fans in order to fill the ground and create a buzzing atmosphere for the relegation match between us.
    How dare they charge us £19, NFFC indignantly cry??!

    Well Forest, thats called forward thinking. Fill the ground with proud Yorkshiremen, and discourage those nasty away fans from coming and taking over the ground.
    3 points against relegation rivals could be worth a small fortune…..


  18. Matty, do you remember when we played Barnsely at home we reduced the price to a tenner for home and away fans? and there have also been various ‘kids for a quid’ games this season.

    The reason NFFC are annoyed is because FA rules state that away fans should not be charged more than the equivalent home fans.

    There is plenty to moan about with regard to our beloved club but try not to wear the blinkers and criticise everything they do.

  19. Actually there are loopholes around ‘local promotions’ that get Barnsley out of this.

    In a nutshell they are filling the home ends whilst not giving Forest fans – who will travel in numbers regardless – an added incentive.

    Whilst it’s unethical it probably does constitute cunning business sense, as well as in the context of a fairly critical fixture in determining possible relegations etc.

  20. Am I the only one who think the club are showing this sudden interest in away ticket prices because they have promised to contribute towards the tickets of those who went to Burnley?!

  21. The thought occurred to me too, but I thought I was being too cynical! 😆

  22. So blackstock wants confirmation of championship football next year…
    .Of course,as I mentioned before,it´s bloody obvious!!
    So take him for the 6 games and then see !!!
    Christ it´s hard work !!

  23. Yes Dave, I do remember.
    And having cheap games, encouraging more kids in is a great thing. I can also understand why the Club have gone a bit moody.

    But my point is Barnsley are doing exactly what our Club should be doing. Looking after their own. Making sure the home players get spurred on by home singing, not letting the home support get outsung by extra away fans for the quick buck.

    I’m not blinkered Dave, I can usually see both sides of the coin. Trouble is our glorious leaders can only see todays pound, not the long-term bigger picture.

    I’ll have a quid with you that NFFC don’t learn a lesson and play the same gamesmanship stunt for our remaining home matches.

    Who knows, it could be the difference between 3rd division oblivion or staying up…..

  24. OFF TOPIC – not sure if people have spotted it but EPNS Sky Channel 442 are showing a load of old Forest games from our halycon era (late 70’s/early 80’s) over the next few nights.

    Ive watched the Dynamo Berlin away game (3-1) and the Ajax home game (2-0) tonight. Watched us stuff Man U 4-0 at Old Trafford too in our Championship season earlier on this afternoon too. Some more games on tomorrow and Friday so well worth a viewing in my opinion.

    Great stuff!!

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