Unlucky Forest felled by league leaders..

Big Wes: Big performance.

Big Wes: Big performance.

Nottingham Forest – 0
Wolverhampton Wanderers – 1

Wolves fans will merrily forget the eighty odd minutes of tension they endured before their team scored the only goal of the game giving license for the nigh on six thousand travelling West Midlanders to actually find their voice.  That it was a bit fortunate won’t matter a jot as they open up a lead at the top of the Championship on the way to what looks like an inevitable promotion.  For Forest it was a disappointing suckerpunch when a lapse of concentration let Kightly, unmarked in the box, slot the ball into the net to get the only goal of the game.

Davies made five changes to the side that embarrassed us all at Burnley – Wilson, Anderson and Lynch available after injury, McGugan given the chance to prove he’s not a fatty to the manager, and Iain Turner replacing Paul Smith in goal.  The first half was scrappy, lots of unforced errors by both sides – Wolves looked dangerous on the break, but never quite broke through – Forest looked eager but short on imagination.  Iain Turner did have the opportunity to claim a cross, and also shank a clearance.

After half an hour or so it started to open up more, a Turner clearance found Anderson in a clearly offside position, the loan winger brought the ball down with a lovely bit of control, before deftly lobbing the ball over Hennessey.  A wee bit foolish, as it was not only abundantly obvious he was offside, the whistle had gone some time earlier though, and as such Anderson picked up an inevitable and foolish booking.  Forest did start to look more composed from this moment.

Some good work by McGugan gained us possession, before finding McSheffrey who then played the ball on to Anderson who was cutting in from the left hand channel.  He had what was probably technically our only shot on target – it was a cross-cum-shot that Hennessey not only saved, but held too – with Earnshaw lurking in the six yard box presumably praying like the rest of us for a spill to happen.  Shortly after Wolves had their only shot on target of the first half, which was from distance but hit with pace, Turner made the save and held the ball after some initial flappery.

Right after half time I thought we’d got a penalty when Berra felled Cohen who had latched on to a long ball by Wes Morgan – alas it was just outside the area, so it was a freekick and just a yellow card for the Wolves defender.  McGugan took the freekick which looked better positioned for a left footer to me, and promptly spannered it into the wall, hitting a second shot from the rebound which ricocheted out for a corner thanks to Earnie marshalling the ball out of play.

The impressive-yet-quiet Wolves following were tense as Forest continued to take the game to them, but there wasn’t much end product from the Reds in terms of either final passes or chances on goal – McSheffrey had a snap-shot which went over, and shortly after was withdrawn along with the tiring Anderson for McCleary and Tyson to give the Reds more pace upfront.  Unfortunately rather than giving Forest a new dimension to break the deadlock, the inevitable opposite happened.

Ebanks-Blake was left by Wes after he’d forced him wide, allowing him to cross in to Vokes who had the simplest of passes to lay off to the completely unmarked Kightly in the Forest box, who was able to comfortably slot the ball into the far corner across Turner to finally wake up the large following of Wolves fans, and whilst Forest continued to fight and try, Wolves were started to look more threatening again as Forest were still lacking ideas, and starting to lack energy.

Garner came on for the largely ineffective McGugan, Wes – who I would name as man of the match despite his bad judgement in the build up to the goal – ended up in an attacking role as the Reds tried desperately to try to dig a goal out of something.  Nothing really broke for us though, and Turner needed to be on hand to keep an Ebanks-Blake shot out, as did Lynch who cleared an effort off the line – before the end Keogh almost embarrassed the debutant by lobbing him from over 40 yards, fortunately he was off target because the keeper was beaten.

A bad result, not great results elsewhere either, but I feared a lot worse than this today – to have come home feeling hard done to in not getting a draw is – perversely – quite a good feeling.  We certainly didn’t deserve a win today given the lack of chances created – but the same would be said for Wolves, our defence just didn’t concentrate for the whole game, and theirs did – and they took their chance well.  The performance from the lads does give me some heart, though, which is good because I was proper grumpy before this afternoon!

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  1. Plenty of huff and puff lads with not to many chances,Morgan first class today,Turner steady first game,as you say NFFC at least the performance was better ,if the person who sits in T6 lower Trent End carries on slagging players off for the remaining games like he did to day,come the last day of the season mate i have somthing for you and its going to hurt.you are a complete TWAT,THE EFFORT TODAY COULD NOT BE FAULTED,keep it up

  2. Lets hope we find a target man to play up front for the last 6 games.
    Well played Wes today !!I expect we will all be scanning newsnow a few times every day in the next 2 weeks. Well done for your report again..

  3. Great efforts made all over the pitch …but alas
    nothing to show – even the sheep couldnt give us some cheer ….anyway this gives us hope that we can at least make a fist of things in the run in …..
    mc sheffrey was disappointing and we should have played with Tys is my only criticism

  4. Loser’s talk for me …. if we keep saying we’ve worked hard and lost we’ll just accept losing. If anyone’s to blame it’s the fans for not turning up.

  5. Wes was magnificent today and I thought every man gave his all.

    Its typical of the luck you get when at the bottom of the league because Wolves were pretty ordinary and if they do up, will be straight back down again.

    What we do need is this effort and this commitment against Barnsley in a fortnight. Anything less wont be good enough.

  6. Wes made some mistakes in the first half which weren’t punished but made up for it in the 2nd half..
    Did Wolves have one shot on target and one goal?
    And did Forest have any shot on target at all?
    Sums it up if they are both true…
    and Steve it was a good crowd today over 24000 but i think that was mostly due to the Wolves support…
    Barnsley is a big game.

  7. Yes the effort today was first class, but while we insist on hoofing the sodding ball up to Earnie who is being marked by 2 defenders almost a foot taller than him then I don’t believe we deserve to stay up.
    It’s not f****ng rocket science lads, we outpassed them on the deck for long parts of the game. We hoof it we lose it.
    Poor points, Lewis had an average game when he REALLY needed a big match, and McSheffrey needs to attack more, and we need Moloney back sharpish.

    I’m not too disheartened though, goes to show the standard of this league if we can beat Reading Preston and almost match Wolves, yet get hammered by Burnley and Watford. Mad, isn’t it.
    IMO Wolves will do a D*rby next season, they are NOT Prem material.

  8. How can you say you matched Wolves..
    Wolves were not great yesterday for sure, but they scored, had one off the line and a few more more shots on goal and were all over you in the last ten minutes when needed to push for a win and you seem to forget that Wolves were the away team……
    Forest shots on goal…NIL….



  9. Kiwi , I agree that Wolves were not at their best .They probably did not want to play too openly as that would have let Forest into the match but you have to admit that the match could have gone either way .
    Also ,if we do end up in league one , there is no doubt in my mind that we will playing Wolves again in the championship the following year. The only match that i can remember Wolves playing against Premier League opposition this year was the FA Cp match vs. Borough (who might well finish last and with whom you maybe swapping positions in the Summer if you can manage to fall over the line) and that was not too inspiring.And you were the home team.!!!!
    You might give Derby’s record a run for it’s money.

    • fair points, but you were playing your best all match unlike us… till we stepped up a gear..
      Our best Striker to me is Vokes on the bench and you could see the difference he made when he came on and our best winger Jarvis is out injured which would have made a big difference instead of Ward who came off cause he was useless.
      Quility counts in football and it was shown towards the end..

      Who’s knows what players will be brought in the summer etc, bet people were saying the same about Hull and Stoke too last season..
      We were not at our best at our Home game too against Borough unlike when we played yourselves..
      Good luck if you do go down and dont think it will be so easy to come straight back up..just ask Leeds etc…

  10. I think it’s quite easy to say we matched Wolves, saying you’re not at your best is a rubbish excuse, because we weren’t either clearly – as you rightly point out, we didn’t create enough chances (or any clear cut ones). Funnily enough, I said that in my report too.

    That wasn’t us at our best, nor with our strongest 11 available. You didn’t step up a gear, you capitalised (very well) on a lapse in concentration, and then you were back under the cosh, unfortunately we didn’t have the craft to create a clear cut chance.

    But don’t let the truth get in the way of your justification – as I said above, you don’t need to worry about the performance, just the result, you’re one step closer to promotion despite a below-par performance and a fortunate three points, enjoy it.

    • thanks we will.
      As to say you matched us you simply didn’t..
      Goals win matches not effort..

      The season is won or lost over 46 games not one..
      Tha table never lies…

    • Remember we were the away team and our keeper never had a shot to save..
      Job well done, not Fortunate…

  11. Kiwiwolf … spot on and well said.

    There are still a lot of Forest fans around who think that we deserve to win matches because of our history.
    “We will bounce back from League One straight away?” …. what with Mark Arthur.

    10,000 Forest fans still not turning up because they’re fed up of all the bullshit.

  12. Have to agree.
    Why were Wolves Furtunate???
    Did Forest Hit the post, loads of corners, put Wolves under the Cosh for all the match as you put it, shots kicked off the line, Wolves keeper makes great saves???
    Missed pens???

  13. Loads of corners? Two.

    We had three.

    Football is all about opinions I suppose – do yours come from the local press or did you actually go to the game? 🙂

    Who mentioned penalties?

    Oddness. Touched a nerve here, I feel – then again I suppose you must’ve been worried the inevitable Wolves bottle job was coming!

    I went to Molineux this season, Wolves were awesome that day – I have no problem admitting when we’ve been outplayed. Yesterday we weren’t.

  14. lower T Brian Clough Stand seat 127…
    Goal’s one that’s what wins matches.
    Yep we are really worried…4 wins and a draw out of last 5 games.
    Mate you lost get over it with rubbish excuses. At least we are in a position to bottle it…lol
    Can’t be Awesome every match but a good team wins even when they play bad so i’m told…

  15. Lets get real here.
    if we had still been playing now, we stil wouldn’t have scored.
    True fans are not stupid.

  16. I never once said we deserved to win, and I agree we looked very unlikely to score given a myriad of extra time.

    I said we were unlucky to lose, and we were. Methinks the wolfies protest too much.

    Goals do win games, you’re right, but they don’t always mean you deserve it. We beat Reading at their place recently despite being dominated by the home side all game – we scored, they didn’t – they were unlucky to lose, indeed, they were unlucky not to win.

    It’s not a slight against Wolves, it’s just the way it is. I am over it, I’m not bitter about it – as I said, we’ve gotten points this season we haven’t deserved, it’s what happens sometimes. No bitterness, just observation. Not excuses either, s’what football is all about.

    If anything I came home heartened that the players showed a bit of passion, I was expecting a tonking prematch as Wolves were the best side I’d seen by far prior to yesterday. I’m amazed that Wolves fans would be so wound up by comments on a Forest fan’s blog – but each to their own 🙂

  17. Congratulations Wolves on your inevitable looking promotion & make sure you beat the Sheeps points total next season! No; I think you’ll be fine as McCarthy has created another strong, physical hard to beat team sprinkled with a bit of quality.
    Agree with NFFC, yesterday also provided me with a little hope for the rest of the season & if Wes’ team-mates show half of the desire he did yesterday we’ll be fine. Saying all that Mark Arthur should still be strung up from the Main Stand roof for the very fact that we are in this mess. You Reds!!


  19. Great to see a response from the players but why do i get the feeling its all a bit to late now.6 cup finals left my question is where are the goals gonna come from ?

    U reds

  20. Lucky or unlucky it doesn’t really matter does it?

    We need points.

    3 at a time or we’re stuffed.

  21. True enough.

    Although I don’t think many of us, when glancing down the fixture list, had Wolves as a probable three points even in the most optimistic of moods! Win against our rivals at the foot, and we’ll be okay.

    That hasn’t exactly been our strength lately!

  22. Nice bits about Cloughie in the sun online,photos and quotes etc.

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