And so, is it farewell for Paul Smith?

Is this the end for the maligned Smith?

It seems to be on pretty good authority that Forest will complete the loan signing of Everton’s Iain Turner, somebody I hadn’t heard of until rumours started circulating.  Reluctantly I think the ballad of Paul Smith has reached an inevitable and self-fulfilling end.  A promising keeper who I still maintain was improving weaknesses in his game was undermined by unnecessary criticism from the stands.  Admittedly, other players have endured such criticism and shone through regardless – but clearly that confidence level thing is something that did wear away.  Coupled with the Keystone Cops in defence, it was only a matter of time before it all came crashing down.

So, we get to see if Turner can tap into the magical ‘Lee Camp Syndrome’ with some of the intelligentsia in our fanbase, or whether a couple of mistakes or hesitations will be so mercilessly leapt upon so as to hardly give the lad a chance.  His most notable past action is whilst on loan with Brian Laws’ Sheffield Wednesday, where an eleven game stint saw the Owls unbeaten.  He returned to Everton where he’s signed up ’til 2011 – but an injury curtailed any claims he might make on the first team, so he’s not exactly match sharp!

Either welcome on board, Iain – or massive apologies for prematurely posting something that turned out to be a pile of rubbish!  Bear in mind that we can only have five loan signings in a match day squad, so one of Anderson, McSheffrey, Osbourne, Lynch or Gunter will have to miss out should this turn out to be true and Turner is in goal against Wolves at the weekend.  Another would have to miss out if the rumoured courting of Marlon Harewood ever comes to fruition.  And that still leaves us with the same inadequate defence we had had in the first place.  Ho hum.

As I’m sure regular readers will realise – whilst I acknowledge that Paul Smith does have his faults, his treatment by some of our supporters – and some of his teammates – has been shameful in my opinion, and personally I would – if this is to be the beginning of the end of his Forest career – thank him for his efforts which I believe have been significant, certainly in contributing to our promotion last season, but also in some of the points we’ve managed to grab this season too.  I don’t buy into the scapegoating, but if Turner works out better for us, then so be it, because for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to be working out for Smithy at the moment.  Cheers Smudge.

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  1. Seems strange of u to jump on the band waggon so early. You forgot 1 big thing in the GK factor – Camp used to be a Derby Keeper. That’s the key to his so called Syndrome as u put it so nicely.

    Smithy has no competition for so long & that’s been the main problem and causes his lapses as with any position. No pressure, u’ll most likely to slack a little. Sometimes that little can be costly. If Turner comes, Smith should be kept on so that Turner doesn’t end up the same way.

    In the meantime, I will make a quick look sometime 2day as I’m sure statistics don’t lie.

  2. Also, I’m sure like many, we’ve forgot about our other two loan signings we already have. Seems like they both have become permanment.

  3. Smith is and always will be a total enigma for me. When he first arrived he was a class above any keepers we had at the CG for quite a while.

    He looked the business and his command of his 6 yr box was excellent and we ALL know he’s a class shot stopper.

    Then suddenly he seemed to drain of all confidence and lost his way. Can’t exactly pinpoint when that was but everyone around me in the UBE noticed it.

    So strange…..

  4. I don’t suppose the fact that Wilson seems to blame him for everything helps his confidence.
    And some of the abuse the poor guy suffers from some of the morons in the Trent End certainly doesn’t help.

  5. I’m with you NFFC – Smudge is a good keeper who, like the rest of the defence, has struggled to adapt to this level. When he came back into the team after Campo’s departure, he once again looked big and strong, yelling at his defenders and willing to come for crosses (not always effectively, but no worse than Mark Crossley in the nineties). However, unlike Big Norm, he has seemed unable to get off the abuse when he gets things wrong and the ironic cheers when he gets things right. Well done to the rest of the Trent End, you seem to have got your wish.

  6. Check article in mailonline its damming on our club and the incompetence of our board.

  7. Is there a link to the article on the mailonline?

  8. I agree there are some morons in the TE who pillory Smith no matter what. There are also others who recognise his shortcomings and gripe under their breath about them. Some of the ironic cheers recently have been more than deserved IMHO.

    What I do find odd though is the reticence to command the area for a keeper who has little confidence in the back line in front of him. You’d have thought it a grab-the-bull-by-the-horns situation.

    Personally, as much as I hate to say it, I think the fella is just out of his depth in this league, just like 80% of his teammates.

  9. Stats Time:

    Camp 25/10 – 31/12: 14 games, 4 Clean Sheets (2 were wins), 4 Wins total, 6 Draws, 17 Goals conceded. High Point: Pen save in League vs Derby Away. Low Point 4-2 drubbing by Doncaster letting in 5!!

    Smith 10/8 – 24/10 & 1/1 – 2day: 25 Games (& 5 Cups), 5 Clean sheets (3 were wins)(& 2 in Cups, won both), 6 wins total (& 2 in Cups, both wins), 4 draws (& 1 in Cup), 42 Goals conceded (& 4 in Cups). High points: Reinstated & beat Man. City 3-0 followed by 2 more clean sheets. Low Points: 5-0 & 5-1 drubbings vs Barnsley & Wolves. Losing his spot to Camp.

    How much better is Camp really: Not that much. Camp also had a settled defence in front of him whilst on loan too. Smith hasn’t been so lucky.

  10. Paul Smith was a major factor in last seasons promotion and I have said all season that his form dipped when Wilson plays in front of him. Wilson’s poor form has contributed to Smiths poor performances.

    Anyway, good luck to the new lad !

  11. Arguably, stats don’t lie & Camp seems to be better but let’s not forget the 2 5 goal drubbings effect Smith’s stats badly too as well as injuries.

    The biggest problem is our other goalkeeper’s are too young & inexperienced to trouble Smith in the 1st team. In a few years we’ll have a lot of competition but for now it’s irrelevant.

  12. Turners deal is now official. Guess what – he’s a former U-21 Scottish international.

  13. My fellow Toffee mate says that Turner is a good goalie, and will help. However, BD insistence that Smudge is to blame is fair from helpful. Yes he’s made errors, but you have to remember what’s in front of you. The whole team have to perform better, and you wonder how BD can actually motivate them enough following on from his slating comments. Seven games left, I fear the worst.

  14. Whilst I agree that the muppets who heap abuse on Smith haven’t helped his cause, what has undermined his position even more is the farcical decision not to provide him with any competition for his place for almost three years.
    However rather than blame the manager/supporters for his demise (which can be traced back 18 months) shouldn’t the lad take a little responsibility. The fact he has failed to rectify his poor distribution & postional awareness can only be his failing.
    If a few more of the players accepted responsibility instead of shrugging your shoulders & looking @ others to blame we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  15. Some of the comments on the blog beggar belief cant you guys get it round your heads that a large chunk of the current forest team are simply not good enough.

    They are leage 1 players and some of the crap you spout about them is hilarious.Billy davis has got the CV at this level he is a proven manager.And has come in at a very hard time he is 100% right to have a go at the underachievers and even if we go down clear the decks and start again.

    Twats like chambers and mccugan even though he has talent are very replaceable in bars in nottingham gobbing off they are tossers and dont deserve a forest shirt.

    There ive said it !

  16. Redric: I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but isn’t that what we were saying four years ago under Megson? The parallels are scary.

  17. […] but given Smudge’s unpopularity with a section of the Reds’ support, maybe he has seen his last action for […]

  18. Spot on RedRic

  19. I remember a lot of Forest fans booing Harewood and when he went even more said good riddance!

    Not sure where all this negativity is leading really.
    If he was that bad he should be on the transfer list, and I thought he made a great save against Swansea late on.

    We ought to be far more positive …. Arthur, now there’s a tosser.

  20. The biggest embarrasent for me was when the club thought that having 40+ Barry Richardson on the bench/as back up keeper was adequate. Are we just a complete bunch of amateures both on and off the pitch?! If so (which you can’t really dispute with that kind of decision), why are ticket prices so high?!

  21. Please can you put a spell check on this site?

  22. Good article by Moxley, Daily Mail. Found in Newsnow the midlander…

  23. The article is titled Forest chopped down by their own incompetence.

  24. BBC says Marlon is off to Wolves instead of us- don’t blame him- but I know what will happen if he plays for them tomorrow!

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