Team full of pissheads?

Did anybody else encounter our drunken team out for St Patrick’s day celebrations in Nottingham?  Far be it from me to deny the lads the opportunity to go out for a drink of an evening, and a tuesday night doesn’t seem too bad given we have no game until Saturday – however reports of poor attitudes being shown towards folk (from commenter Adam on the previous post) are disappointing.  Although, of course, there are a number of sides to any story.

Of course, the team running rampage in the city is not exactly a new phenomenon – although something that tends to rear its head when things are going badly on the pitch.  To be out in a group, and displaying attitude, just days after a 5-0 battering at the hands of Burnley does seem rather foolish in the extreme.  Equally, upon having a few drinks it might be quite easy for an emotionally charged fan to say something perhaps they wouldn’t ordinarily upon encountering our players.

I rarely see our players out and about their daily business – but have encountered a couple of them at times, and whilst I didn’t approach them they didn’t seem to be doing anything other than having a quiet drink/meal/etc.  When I was younger I would’ve been pretty excited at spotting a Forest player out about their daily business, I might even have approached them, asked for autographs and generally been a pain in the arse.  If I encountered most of our current squad I’d be incredibly underwhelmed, maybe others are the same – or worse, given them grief.

So, anyone else out having a few cheeky pints of Guinness?  Anyone head to BZR?  If so, what did you see?  Was it a case of a storm in a teacup, or will the bars of Nottingham have to prepare to get their mops and buckets ready?  Is this the lifestyle problem Billy was referring to, if so, does the number of players named in the incident report worry you?

Oh, and in lighter news – thanks to your kind voting (and whoever nominated the site originally) the site has been shortlisted into the final ten blogs in the Football Fans Census football fanzine awards for Best Blog.  Which is really rather gratifying, so thanks to all of you who took the time to vote.  It’s in the hands of the judges now!

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  1. You can see Billy problem with the tossers he has to pick from,they have been in a comfort zone far to long just, keep us up Bill then get rid next season.Most of them no they wont be with us next season and dont give a F@@K.

  2. […] looks as though Through the Seasons Before Us has got something of an exclusive, as a reader reports that several Forest players were out on the […]

  3. Quite right MICKF. They know they’re on the way out (Billy told ’em so in numerous interviews), so don’t give a sh1t.
    Doesn’t help our cause until May though, sadly.

  4. Your -tivity is effecting the reserves (general – not personal NFFC) as they go crashing to their 2nd defeat in two games to Mansfield. 😦

  5. fed up,out of pocket, wish i could get back four games worth from my up front season ticket shell out-not happy one iota.

  6. i was at bzr last night (for paddys day) and i confirm this was pretty much the case. maybe too much of the happy ale, but from what they said they really didnt give a shit..chambers and mc gugan were the worst, arrogant cocks. get rid of the bloody lot of them

  7. Sad to hear 😦

    It’s interesting that Chambers at least usually is one of those who appears to care most on the pitch (in celebrations etc – not when letting wingers dance past him with ease).

    His position must also be amongst the most precarious. Either way, disappointed.

  8. is billy davies a de-javu to gary megson ? did’nt he warn us of much the same problems with overpaid players seeing out contracts or sitting pretty on the injury list whilst milking the club for untold thousands ? what’s the connection ? you’ve got it Doughty,Arthur,Pleat,suckers paying week in/out to watch overpaid,dont care take the p*** big time charlie’s. !!!!!!!

  9. How can anyone who comments on the sight give davis a hard time including you nffc.There is players in our team ( rephrase imposters who call themelves footballers).

    Billy is battling hard to save the club from a nightmare these guys apart from the bevvy incident are a joke they are spineless.

    Mark Arhtur is also a joke and you better believe it that most of them already know they are on there way out.

    So please guys give davis a break hes been handed a bum steer in the job we need to go down and regroup and build a decent proffesional team.

  10. I didn’t give Davies a hard time in the above piece, but regardless of that I don’t think the fact his players go out on the razz excuses him from any criticism at all.

    He can take it.

  11. Fook the lot of them, biggest game of the season this Saturday and this is how they prepare.

    It is going to be interesting summer on trent side. I would get rid of the bloody lot. Who cares anymore. like NFFC said in the earlier post, you see a Forest player in the street and you use to get excited about seeing one of your heroes, not anymore because these are not heroes or someone who you aspire to.

    Maybe this is us getting older and wiser but somehow I doubt it, football stinks at the way it’s gone and I for one don’t miss going down on Saturdays anymore. Gone are the days of me paying over the odds prices to watch shit week in week out just to feed this pisspoor excuse of footballers extravagant lifestyle.

    RIP Notingham Forest

  12. well we will see how the players perform on saturday eh!!… i saywe give them what they deserve !! and it won’t be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mattyboy: interesting comment, because if you look at it another way, maybe the players would give a sh*t if they hadn’t been publicly told that they have no future?

    I am not defending them, just playing Devil’s Advocate…

  14. forgive me being cynical but i’m not surprised Chambers was out havin a drink or five….he’s probably had a flashback to the september game against Wolves where he played a blinder and Jarvis skinned him every time..Chambers of horrors/errors part II coming up this saturday folks…book your seats now to *ahem* avoid the rush!!!

  15. For my sins, I sponsor the away kit of one of our players and therefore had the pleasure (in my case) of going to the “Kit sponsors lunch” and meeting the players.

    Now, based on that event (and call me old-fashioned if you like) there are clearly some players who understand their responsibility, treat and therefore get treated by the fans with respect and then there are the others.

    Those who clearly are full of themselves and don’t (yet) understand how to behave and earn the respect of the people around them (in my opinion) would include Chambers, McGugan, Wilson and Garner.

    Those who clearly did understand on that day included Bennett, Earnshaw, Perch, Cohen, Anderson, Breckin, Reid, Smith, Morgan, Tyson.

    It tells a story doesn’t it, but then hindsight is a rich commodity!!

  16. I began a long post but then deleted it all. That’s the real problem ~ I don’t care any longer.
    Getting angry about something shows you care but I’m past that.
    I’m old & have followed Forest since I was about 10. I use “followed” rather than “supported” because I stopped going to all away games in the South East where I now live after that Woking match.
    I’ll always follow them but scrub my Forest World subscription next season and reclaim my precious Saturday afternoons from listening to the web commentary and paying high prices for 90 mins of wifi access when working abroad.
    I will however keep looking at TTSBU and thanks NFFC for that. Hopefully you can find it in yourself to continue.

    That’s it really, I just don’t care any more.

  17. if you have facebook, this pic of last night may intrest you:

  18. I’m afraid the Facebook link didn’t work for me, possibly it requires you to be a friend of the person whose photo it is?

  19. Did we have these type of stories surfacing when Calderwood was in charge? Or is it only when the players are being shouted at?

    TBH I’m sick of the entire club at the minute.

  20. Can anyone be a bit more specific about what happened on this st paddy’s day shindig? I’ve heard that the players were giving attitude, but how so? Would be interested in hearing about derails, not just hearsay or circumstancial stuff. For example, was anything said to them first to kick it off? What were some of the things said by the players? TBH, I’m not a fan of chambers at all I think he’s a tosser and Lewis is fast going down that road too, which is a shame to see. If anyone can be more specific about what happened though, I wouldnt mind hearing it because I want to know who at forest is professional and who is not, so that I dont end up cheering some tosser who doesnt deserve to be cheered.

  21. What a mess, what a team. When you think of all the effort, money, time and support you give it makes you sick. Too much has changed; the days of supporting men proud to wear the jersey that represents an area are long gone. Football has changed, the players have changed…….us football fans have not though. We still care and believe it is worth it. My god we are stupid, why didn’t anyone tell us ? Oh yer, cos we pay these twats wages.

  22. hi

  23. In response to SB Steve…
    “Those who clearly are full of themselves and don’t (yet) understand how to behave and earn the respect of the people around them (in my opinion) would include Chambers, McGugan, Wilson and Garner.”

    From what I hear, this seems to be he case. One of my friends, who is Forest mad, told me a story a few months ago about when he was out in Revolution in town, and the aforementioned players were in having a ‘few’ drinks. He was going to the toilet and to get there, had to squeeze his way past the group, who stared daggers at him, Garner, in no uncertain terms, told him to go the other way. My mate tried once more to squeeze past and the players began to swear at him. No way for anyone to behave, least of all professional footballers. I don’t begrudge them having a night out, team spirit and all that, but it seems their attitude is all wrong. I’d like to tell them that they are not half as good as they think they are.

  24. The worrying thing for me is that Lewis could become a really good player in the future – but he will never fulfil his potential with w@nkers around him. The frustrating thing is, you just know he cant see this for himself….too busy enjoying life with his mates to see the obvious. Damn shame. You dont get anywhere in life by coasting through it….if you want success, you have to make sacrifices….everyone knows that. Thats why England never do any good…because its full of players like Gerrard who like the ale too much. Yes, good on his day, but could be so much better if he dedicated his time to a more wholesome cause (i.e, success on both domestic and international fronts). Another player who cant see the obvious, but because people idolise him, he’ll never be allowed to realise the obvious for himself. Less time in the pub, more time on the training pitch = more success than you’d get from just sitting around, drinking and playing PS2 in your spare time. Players like Stuart Pearce were reknowned for extra training, practising his free kicks and penalties… you think you’d see that kind of commitment from our current lot? No chance.

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