Team full of pissheads?

Did anybody else encounter our drunken team out for St Patrick’s day celebrations in Nottingham?  Far be it from me to deny the lads the opportunity to go out for a drink of an evening, and a tuesday night doesn’t seem too bad given we have no game until Saturday – however reports of poor attitudes being shown towards folk (from commenter Adam on the previous post) are disappointing.  Although, of course, there are a number of sides to any story.

Of course, the team running rampage in the city is not exactly a new phenomenon – although something that tends to rear its head when things are going badly on the pitch.  To be out in a group, and displaying attitude, just days after a 5-0 battering at the hands of Burnley does seem rather foolish in the extreme.  Equally, upon having a few drinks it might be quite easy for an emotionally charged fan to say something perhaps they wouldn’t ordinarily upon encountering our players.

I rarely see our players out and about their daily business – but have encountered a couple of them at times, and whilst I didn’t approach them they didn’t seem to be doing anything other than having a quiet drink/meal/etc.  When I was younger I would’ve been pretty excited at spotting a Forest player out about their daily business, I might even have approached them, asked for autographs and generally been a pain in the arse.  If I encountered most of our current squad I’d be incredibly underwhelmed, maybe others are the same – or worse, given them grief.

So, anyone else out having a few cheeky pints of Guinness?  Anyone head to BZR?  If so, what did you see?  Was it a case of a storm in a teacup, or will the bars of Nottingham have to prepare to get their mops and buckets ready?  Is this the lifestyle problem Billy was referring to, if so, does the number of players named in the incident report worry you?

Oh, and in lighter news – thanks to your kind voting (and whoever nominated the site originally) the site has been shortlisted into the final ten blogs in the Football Fans Census football fanzine awards for Best Blog.  Which is really rather gratifying, so thanks to all of you who took the time to vote.  It’s in the hands of the judges now!