Back in the drop zone – but don’t worry, the next installment of embarrassment is half price!

I’ve been coaxed out of my general malaise of writing about Forest thanks to an email from Marc, so thanks Marc, I think!  It’s not really that all things Forest are THAT bad, well, they are – but I’m well versed in writing about Forest in attempting-to-find-the-positive ways during times of slim pickings.  What I’m finding incredibly disheartening is the general mood of my fellow fans at the moment, who seem to be on a relentless quest to self-destruct and undermine as many people’s confidence as possible.

So anyway, I digress.  It was interesting to see Billy Davies state in no unclear terms that Forest fans who had travelled to Burnley deserve better.  Undoubtedly that is true – and now they get to have an opportunity to repeat the experience for half price.  Because Forest are footing the bill for discounting Barnsley tickets for those unfortunates who travelled to Burnley.  A nice gesture, kind of, but it sets an interesting precident.  This chap has a very negative take on it, and that somehow helped me to validate my own generally negative feelings towards this ‘incentive’.

Initially I thought I was underwhelmed by the offer because despite being a fairly frequent traveller with the Reds, I didn’t go to Burnley so don’t get to ‘benefit’.  I did go to Wolves, where we shipped 5 goals, I went to Oldham once on a blisteringly cold new years’ day and saw us lose 5-0, in fact, if I totted up the miles I had done on thankless pursuits following Forest around the country, I would probably end up in a mental hospital!  So why now?  Hell, I saw what I am convinced was a Forest team throw a match against Chester in the cup during Megson’s reign.

And then, as the linked blogger does, if you quantify the discount – it’s actually pretty poxy.  The one thing a football club doesn’t need to do is unleash poxy gimmicks to ensure loyalty or brand equity.  Football clubs are lucky enough to have a pretty much unconditional loyalty from their customers – so really this gimmick is as transparent as it is ill-conceived.  As the chap in the linked story states, there would be no need for such things if we’d not bungled another transfer window in January and given Billy the squad members he wanted rather than pinching pennies and failing to land them.

I don’t think it is down to me being missed out of the offer that drives the negativity.  In his email with the linked story, Marc likened it to the fairly shameful “We’ll only charge you a fiver, then!” ‘incentive’ offered to us when we’d already paid full price to watch a replay of an aborted cup game against Leicester City.  Well that was a fiver well spent, wasn’t it?  Admittedly that was motivated out of ‘well, you’ve only seen half a game’ rather than ‘we’ve been rubbish’ – after all, Forest actually played very well in that game that never got beyond half time.

And, as if to rub salt into the wounds, Barnsley won one of their games in hand this evening – against Crystal Palace – which pushes us back into the relegation zone.  Billy – that Jekyll and Hyde character – seems to think that part of the solution to this dilemma is laying into Lewis in the press.  I really can’t work out Billy, I liked him on arrival – but when the going gets tough, he does get a bit irksome – or at least that is how the press choose to portray him.  Then when the going’s good I find myself liking him again, I suppose that’s human nature.

Either way, it’s a bleak pastime chronicling the rises and more considerable falls of Nottingham Forest FC at the moment, I am feeling decidedly disillusioned with my subject matter, and not just because they don’t offer me half price tickets!

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  1. did’nt go to Burnley,wont be going to Barnsley!,Leicester this time last year-Milan Mandaric was dishing out free travel to all foxes fans to away matches to try and avoid the same no traveling support situation Forest will be finding themselves in over the coming weeks.Maybe sub 10,000 home crowds will make Mr Doughty and his puppet sit up and take note? Any way on to Billy Davies-said this before,as a derby fan quoted on this very blog,he will make sure regardless of results he at least in his own eyes will come up smelling of roses – he’s just making sure you dont blame him if things get tough !- patchwork reds cant hold of rivals 5th feb 2009 comment from superaardvark.

  2. I don’t believe how fickle you’ve become. I can’t believe that the knives are out again. When we got 7 out of 9 pts everyone was happy jumping up & down. I lie? 2 games later, 1 bad result, 1 insulting result & the knives are out again.

    We’re going down not because the players or management believe it, we’re going down as we have Jekyll & Hyde fans. Shame on you!!!

  3. Anybody want my half price tickets? as someone who occasionally watches forest when they are in the north west. This season i’ve been to preston- we lost but i wasn’t too despondant- Barnsley at home which was a poor match but i had a good weekend away, then experienced the highs of Man City! brought right back down to earth on saturday as i had an awful afternoon. I don’t want to repeat the experience at Barnsley. It wasn’t just the football, it was the moronic forest fans who got on the team’s back so quickly, and alright smith made a mistake for the first goal, but no wonder his confidence is shot when he gets his own fans calling him an effing cee. Try explaining that to my 8 year old nephew as we couldn’t do it! I have started going to watch my local team (Altrincham) where the atmosphere is always good even when we are getting tonked and there are only a few hundred there. I can see myself doing that more and more.

  4. Very good article. Yiannaki I think you have miss read NFFC views. I think it is fair to say that all football fans are fickle, and as the Telegraph article clearly states it smells of desperation. I read NFFC blog/views as “tell it as it is.” His views are on the whole constructive and balanced and not as you quote sticking the knife in.

  5. I just cant bare the chance of us going down again. Is there no pride left in the players? What a disgrace to lose 5-0 when you are fighting to avoid relegation. And I am sick of Billy Davies pointing fingers out and givving excusess all the time. We hired him to do the job and all he is doing is talking too much.
    The Wolves match is a must win game, if we lose it we are going down, if we pull the draw we buy ourselfs time. Come on you Reds, if not for us at least play for your pride….if you do have any left.

  6. Yiannaki – the club as a viable business has had plenty of time to do everything in it’s power to ensure a continued stay in the championship,which is if honest would have sufficed at the begining of the current season.Failing to rid the club of Colin Calderwood at least a dozen games to late was the 1st and probably the biggest mistake made by these so called business men,one which will ultimately cost us dearly come 3rd may.The mistakes have continued into an appointment of an already proven Billy Davies with obvious restraints put on him in the transfer market- so now we’re down to a run in of seven just about must win games with a defense/keeper leaking goals against like a bottom three sunday league div 12 side(-18GD)and still the club are trying to get it’s supporters to sign up for txt alerts at 25p a go for latest news,team line ups etc,jeckyl and hide your havin a laugh mate – £505 season ticket,£30 away member, £30 forest world subscriber,12 away games up to yet lets say £25 average each=£300 + travel !!have an opinion mate by all means but iv’e no shame in my anger at the mis-management of our club to the tune of about a grand from my pocket and the pockets of many others like me.

  7. The money extortianists at the City Ground are there I agree but no one is forced to sign on to them.

    Yet again, I must go back to previous articles to find & quote all those who were praising the team & now saying no. I’m not pointing fingers yet but I can if I want to but I don’t want to at this momenet. When I say management – I mean player management.

    The other management of the club is an entirely different topic which most of us (including me) think needs a good kick up their backsides (just like some other types of management – re FB & F1!!).

    Desperation is there because we let it be. 2 bad results & a combination of other results have seen us slip back into the bottom 3. If the team was performing rubbish week in week out I’d go with being desperate. At this moment it’s frustration just as the players & manager are feeling. CC need to be out start of December, not end. But fair play to BD – he’s got us results where some were feeling none.

  8. Calderwood should have gone 2 years ago. He cocked it up first time when he completely changed a winning team against Scunthorpe, got played off the park and lost 3-0 at home. Can’t see BD staying on when we get R he’s too much of a bad loser.

    I certainly won’t be going to Wolves, or any match until I know that Arthur is off. In fact, I often sit there thinking “is this my team?”. We should be going for Darren Ferguson … it’ll never happen … because it’s one of them bloody obvious decisions that Arthur will obstruct. He’s also obstructing many Forest fans from turning up … plastic.

  9. You guys are pissed off?? Imagine being out in Nottingham last night at BZR, seeing half the forest squad P*s*ed out their tree being arogant and ignorant despite 5 – 0 at Burnly only days before. To be told in their by players that they don’t give a sh*t about the club or BD. They were an embarasment and should all be sacked!

  10. I’d be pissed off if I was in BZR full stop!

    Which of our esteemed squad did you encounter?

  11. Adam – dont know the BZR,but i’d be inclined to let all know what you know and more importantly who?,the fact of the matter is you may save people time and money my friend and at the moment if it was me who witnessed Forest’s finest up to no good days before a game of such magnitude i’d be shouting it from the rooftops – yiannaki read and weep that’s the state of our club through no supporters fault but the twats that run it and the one’s they employ….

  12. I’ve reached the point of saying “I can not be bothered” with the current, squad, management, prices, empty promises etc. and now feel like getting on with something more worthwhile and not giving them any more cash until somebody sorts it out. Will someone let me know when it’s worth paying any attention to the Reds (beyond this fine blog of course) please?


  13. Breckin
    Maybe Moussi (couldnt recognise face)

    Plus Leon Best, basically also telling them they were all a disgrace (he wasn’t drinking)

    I don’t know how or who to get it to! or i would shout from roof tops! have got it on forest mad and am waiting for the photos to appear on Facebook from the night!

  14. Surprised at Morgan, but frankly not the rest.

    The 2 best players we’ve had this season, the 2 who have tried the hardest and seemed like they’d run through a brick wall for the cause, even when you can see they were knackered….? Cohen and Tyson. Notably absent from the list.

    My surprise is that we are surprised. Still, if Mark Arthur was my boss I’d want out, too.

  15. Shameful if those muppets were on the lash; can’t believe people condemn Davies for criticising them. If I had my way they’d all be out of a job. Not only do they get over-inflated wages but they also have the temerity to show their faces in our city after “laying down & dying” @ the weekend. Adam your restraint is applauded for not throttling the tossers. Professionals “your having a laugh”.

    When will Doughty learn that he’s created an “easy-street” environment Trentside & these fools are taking us all for a ride straight back down to Division Three. Megson was spot on about the culture @ the City Ground & it appears nothings changed. How depressing… I’m just suprised Mark Arthur wasn’t heading the party!

  16. good on ya adam – would be interested to see if the club did or said anything about it if it was brought to there attention,i’d guessed at three of the names but morgan and breckin i’m suprised at but still mad as f*** all the same.

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